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Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder
Measurement of roughness of a road is of vital importance to a highway engineer and this is the reason that we have come up with a superior quality range of automatic road unevenness recorder.An even surface of road is important because of the following factors:
  • For a comfortable ride to users
  • For minimizing stress to vehicles
  • For minimizing fatigue to user
  • For determining the vehicles speed
  • In the interest of road safety
Low maintenance cost of pavement and vehicles, Increase in the load carrying capacity of the vehicle Prolongs the working life of the vehicles and the driver., Comfortable ride to road users., Less fatigue to drivers in the interest of road safety., minimize stresses in both road structures and vehicles.

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Axle Mounted Roughness Measuring Device
We design and develop an axle mounted roughness measuring device that is essentially the known as an integrating unit provided in the ARUR machine.
  • Accessories
  • Integrator unit (fitted in the dicky of the vehicle which is Ambassador / Tata Sumo)
  • Distance-measuring device with pulse generator (fitted in the front through vehicle gearbox and instrument board fitted with counters, switches)
  • Reduction gearbox (For distance indication after every 1 -meter run of the road length)
  • Cables
Salient Features
  • Helps in assessing and improving the riding quality of pavement.
  • Gives unevenness index value of pavements
  • Data obtained with various units is inter comparable
  • The degree of surface finish or the, riding quality of the road/runway pavement can be assessed.
  • The system will record surface irregularities of highways and runways. which can be immediately attended to for rectification.

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Merlin Low Cost Surface Roughness Tester
For measuring roughness of roads by keeping in mind the factors of cost, speed, and regular calibration, we have come up with a superior performing range of Merlin roughness measuring machines. MERLIN or called as Machine for Evaluating Roughness using Low-cost Instrumentation, is an easy to operate machine that is designed for use in developing countries. Merlin is used either for direct measurement or for calibration of other instruments like towing wheel bump integrator and vehicle-mounted bump integrator. This machine computes the vertical displacement between the road surface under the probe and the centre point of an imaginary line.

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Pavementcore Drilling Machine
We offer our clients with a qualitative range of pavement core drilling machines that is extensively used for conducting field studies. This machine is driven by Greaves air-cooled diesel engine and is thus known for its stability and dependability in harsh conditions.
Offered in the model 5520, the specifics of this range are mentioned below:
  • Parts of the drill
  • Water pump (for circulating water for cooling)
  • Gear reduction
  • Suitable arrangement for hand feeding the core bit
  • Drill is mounted on a suitable trolley having three wheels with two jacking screws

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Portable Soil Impact Tester
We have in store for our clients, a calibrated range of portable soil impact tester that is used in measuring the impact of the soil. This portable instrument is manufactured in accordance to the industry recommended standards and guidelines, thus making it high performing and durable.

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Vertical Profile Meter
Besides surface roughness, there are two other vital aspects that govern the operating cost of a vehicle. These are horizontal curvature and vertical gradient, which combined with surface roughness, is called geometry of roads. Horizontal curvature is a factor that ascertains consumption of fuel and vertical gradient governs wear and tear of tyres and certain spare parts.

To find out and record vertical gradient of highways, we have come up with a vertical profile meter that is quicker and more accurate in all terms. Widely used in assessing and improving the vertical profile of roads, this machine is fitted in a car or suitable vehicle for a quantitative measurement.