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  Powder Acid Cellulase,Textile Sequester Agents  
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Neutral Stone-Wash Enzymes
The popularity of denim garments increased as new garment wet processes changed denims look and feel from the hard, dark blue garments used as work wear into soft and smooth fashion items with an abraded look. Surprisingly, this look earlier achieved by using pumice stones. Nowadays, also can be attained using cellulase enzymes. Cellulases loosen the surface fibers of the denim garment so that mechanical action in a washing machine breaks the surface to remove the indigo dye, revealing the white core of the ring-dyed yarns. The most denim garments are "stonewashed" using Cellulases, either alone or in combination with a reduced amount of stones.

The Cellulases resulted in increased washing capacity for the power laundries, and reduced damage to garments as well as to washing machines, in addition to diminish environmental effects from pumice stone mining and disposal of used pumice.
  • Bio Green NS2035
  • Bio Green NS3025
  • Bio Green NS4015
  • Bio Green NS5050
  • Bio Green NC3070
  • Bio Green NC6040
  • Bio Green NC1225
  • Bio Green NC1522

  Powder Acid Cellulase,Textile Sequester Agents  
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Concentrated Enzymes
Textile processing is a growing industry that traditionally has used a lot of water, energy and harsh chemicals, starting from pesticides for cotton-growing to high amounts of wash waters that result in waste streams causing high environmental burdens. A wide variety of chemical based processes are in use today in the textile industry and a majority of them have drawbacks from economic and environmental standpoints. Virtually all these drawbacks of chemicals can be eliminated by using enzymes. Thus enzymes are logical tools for supporting new fashions as well as improving basic processing steps during the manufacture of textiles. The use of enzymes is attractive because enzymes are highly specific and efficient, and work under soft, mild conditions. Furthermore, the use of enzymes results in reduced process time, energy and water savings; improved product quality; and potential process integration. Nowadays in textile industry enzymes are being used for denims and cottons for desizing, bio-stonewashing, biopolishing, scouring and bleaching for garment processing in cost effective and environment friendly manner.
  • Bio Green BL Conc.
  • Bio Green BS Conc.
  • Bio Green DL Conc.
  • Bio Green DS Conc.
  • Bio Green NL Conc
  • Bio Green NC Conc
  • Bio Green AL Conc
  • Bio Green CL Conc
  • Bio Green BLA Conc

  Powder Acid Cellulase,Textile Sequester Agents  
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Textile Auxiliaries
We are having following range of textile auxiliaries…

• Silicone Softeners
• Cationic Softeners
• Non-ionic Softeners
• Liquid Cationic softeners
• Wetting agents
• Lubricants etc.

  • Amino MC 9
  • Amino C 2
  • Amino MC 6000
  • Wax of T
  • Biosoft
  • Bio Green Lub (997)
  • Wetting-OT
  • Supersoft-1111
  • Green-C
  • Bio Green CSL Conc.