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Logo Tilting Commercial Wet Grinder - M.S.Version

Rishab-India's first Tilting Commercial Wet Grinder

Superior Features

It sports a host of features superior not only to its predecessors but also to its competitors. This gives it a distinct commercial desirability and advantage.

•No spillage due to twin roller construction
•Low space usage due to vertical construction
•Unique cylindrical roller construction for fast grinding
•Tilt and tilt lock facility for greater maneuverability
•Quick grinding mechanism for high efficiency
•Detachable drum & roller system for greater convenience
• Lid cover for drum for improved hygiene
•Push button control system for easy access
•High capacities available for heavy load

Optional Attachment:
•Coconut Scraper

MODEL MUG500 MUG700 MUG1000 MUG1500 MUG2000 MUG4000
Capacity 5 Ltrs 7 Ltrs 10 Ltrs 15 Ltrs 20 Ltrs 40 Ltrs
Motor 0.5HP 0.75HP 1HP 1.5HP 2HP 3HP
Voltage 220V 220V 220/440V 220/440V 220/440V 440V
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Rating Continous Continous Continous Continous Continous Continous
Size 450WX
30min 30min 45min 60min 80min 90min
Max.Qnty can be put(Rice) 3Kgs 5Kgs 7Kgs 10Kgs 14Kgs 25Kgs

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Logo Tilting Commercial Wet Grinder - SS Version

We present best quality tilting commercial wet grinder in stainless steel. Our grinder offers safe, hygienic and easy to use operations. Our new 40 litre model allows the luxury of a single, better machine in place of multiple smaller units. It is highly capable of volume grinding. It is ideal for commercial caterers. A host of advantageous features makes it a must-have for all commercial kitchens.

Optional Attachment:
•Coconut Scraper

MODEL MUG500 MUG700 MUG1000 MUG1500 MUG2000 MUG4000
Capacity 5 Litres 7 Litres 10 Litres 15 Litres 20 Litres 40 Litres
Motor 0.5 HP 0.75 HP 1.0 HP 1.5 HP 2.0 HP 3.0 HP
Voltage 220 V 220 V 220/440 V 220/440 V 220/440 V 440 V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Rating Continous Continous Continous Continous Continous Continous
Size 450W 450W 600W 600W 600W 1000W
660 L 660 L 750 L 750 L 750 L 1000 L
1100 H 1100 H 1270 H 1300 H 1400 H 1680 H
Weight 115 Kgs 120Kgs 160Kgs 175 Kgs 180 Kgs 450Kgs
GrindingTime 30min 30min 45min 60min 80min 90min
Max.Qnty can be put(Rice) 3Kgs 5Kgs 7Kgs 10Kgs 14Kgs 25Kgs

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LogoCommercial Wet Grinder From 3 L to 15 L Cap.
We present Rishab Commercial Wet Grinder which is ideal for hotel industry and is specially designed to tackle the tough wet grinding operations. It saves time and consumes less power. Besides grinding rice & pulses, Rishab commercial wet grinder can also be used for preparing chutney, kurma, masala and dal for preparing crispy and yummy vadas. By using coconut scraper, coconuts can also be scraped. It is strong, durable & easy to clean. With little care our Rishab commercial grinder will run as good as new, year after year.
•Available in 5, 7 & 10 litres
•12 months guarantee
Optional Attachment:
•Coconut Scraper

Model RCG500 RCG700 RCG1000
Capacity 5 Litres 7 Litres 10 Litres
Motor 0.5 HP 0.75 HP or 1 HP (light) 1.0 HP (heavy)
Voltage 220 V 220V 220/440V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Rating Continous Continous Continous
Size in inches 31"(L) × 19"(B) × 34"(H) 31"(L) × 19"(B) × 34"(H) 32"(L) × 21"(B) × 39"(H)
Weight 150 Kgs 175 Kgs 200 Kgs
Max Quantity 3 Kgs 4 Kgs 7 Kgs
Belt A41, Single Belt A41, Single Belt A41, Single Belt

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LogoTilting Commercial Wet Grinder- 100 Litre
We have designed 100 litre capacity tilting commercial wet grinder for first time in India, with indigenous technology and with 100% indigenous materials. This 100 litre tilting commercial grinder is designed mainly for preparing Idly, Dosa batter in bulk quantities. It provides the output in a very short time i.e. 100 litre of batter will come in single charge within 60 minutes without compromising on taste and aroma in the Idly and Dosa. Moreover, this grinder saves on power bills. It saves about Rs.1.40 lakhs in the electricity bill per year, when compared with normal conventional type grinders available in the market. By grinding the batter to the quantity of 100 litres at a time, wastage of batter is avoided while putting in small batches in the lower capacity grinders. A single person can easily use this grinder.

Technical Specifications:
•Capacity: 100 litre in single batch Motor
• H.P: 7.5 HP 3 Phase 400 V 50 Hz
• Rice Quantity: 60 to 70 kgs soaked rice or Dhal per batch – 25 kg
• Size (L) - 1500mm (W) - 1500mm (H) - 2100mm
• Weight: 1250 Kgs(Approx)

Optional Attachment:
•Coconut Scraper

•Consumes less power, almost 40% less than the conventional grinders of same capacity
• Occupy less floor space
• Wastage of batter is less and discharge is easy
• Mass production with single charge to cater market demand
• Less handling and less man power
• 50% time saving during grinding

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LogoCommercial Coconut Scraper
Standing Type Coconut Scraper

This Standing type Coconut scraper is a floor model and it need not require any support during operation. It has got a collection vessel at the bottom and can be taken out after usage. Thus machine is sturdier one and operates smoothly for continuous operation.

S.No. Description Percharge
1 Motor Capacity ¼ HP, 1440 rpm
2 Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
3 Scraper Speed Approx. 400 rpm
4 Rotation of Direction Clockwise
5 Mounting Floor Type
6 Size 930(L)X 700(W)X 390(B)mm

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LogoPotato Peeler
We manufacture durable potato peeler which is designed aesthetically and is used to peel the skin of potatoes in faster way. Our potato peeler has many salient features. It is made up of full SS materials including rotating disc at the bottom. The emery powder sticked to the bottom disc and side portion of the drum will facilitate fast peeling of potatoes. This machine has simple locking mechanism in the door for easy discharge of material. Double groove pulley used for power transmission from motor to disc enhances the life of the drive system. Level mounting screws helps to adjust according to the floor level. Water circulation provision given in the machine removes the peeled skin outside.

Three available capacities are: 5 kg, 10 kg & 15 kg.

Machine Specification

S.No. Description Percharge Percharge Percharge
1 Capacity 5 kg 10 kg 15 kg
2 Motor 0.5 Hp 1.0 Hp 1.5 Hp
3 Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz 220 V / 50 Hz 440 V / 50 Hz
4 Size (mm) 500 (W)
500 (L)
800 (H)
550 (W)
500 (L)
925 (H)
600 (W)
600 (L)
1000 (H)
5 Mounting Floor Type
6 Material Full SS material except - motor, pulleys &inner frame

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LogoBatter Mixer
We present precisely designed batter mixer to mix the rice batter and dal batter together within two minutes. The batter mixer's height is kept low in order to accommodate the batter directly from the 10, 15, & 20 litre tilting grinder and for convenience in mixing. After positioning the mixer, the grinder can be tilted and rice batter is collected in the drum and moved to next grinder for collecting dal batter. After collection of batter, water can be poured in for cleaning the residue batter sticking in the machine blades and this water can be drained out by opening the cap at the bottom.

•This machine is portable to any place and avoids unnecessary transfer of batter to so many vessels.
• Machine mixes the rice and dal batter very quickly without any manual work
• Machine is movable to packing area for direct packing Transfer of batter to other vessel facility is also available in the machine
• Compact in size and occupies less space
• Rice washing is also be done in small batches

Technical Specification:

• Capacity: 50 Litre in single batch
• Motor: 1HP , 1440 rpm, 220 V, 50 Hz , AC
• Rating: Continous
• Power Source: 15 Amps , 220 V, AC
• Machine Type: Portable to any
• place Size: 1175(L) × 565(B) ×1025(H)
• Weight: 96 Kgs

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LogoRice Washer
We offer optimum quality rice washer which offers unique attributes unmatched elsewhere. No electricity is required to operate the equipment and also no high pressure pump is required, instead, it operates with over head tank water connection. The equipment is semi automatic and discharges the rice after washing automatically by simple turning of lever. Washing operation is very quick and does the job within 5 minutes, for larger quantities it may vary little bit. There are no moving parts like blades, stirrer, etc. therefore, very less maintenance is required except for cleaning the equipment after washing. The equipment is small in size comparatively less weight, therefore portable and there is no need of skilled labors to operate the equipment. It saves on power bill and its cost is less comparatively, almost 1/3rd the cost for same capacity.

Technical Specification:

• Capacity: 25 Kg- Rice/ Wheat/ Maize, etc.
•Water Requirement: From over head tank, tap connection with min 10 psi water pressure
• Operation / Batch Quantity: Batch Type. Max- 30 Kg, Min- 03 kg
• Weight: 12.5 Kgs without packing
• Size: 750(L) × 570(B) × 770(H)mm
• Material & Construction: Stainless Steel & Plastic Material

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LogoInstant Rice/Masala Grinder
We present, for the first time in India, our instant rice/ masala grinder for instantly grinding rice batter, dal batter, chutney, ginger paste, chilly paste & other masala items. It gives instant output within seconds of the feeding as it starts at the top side. Output is continuous, non-stop, according to the total quantity to be ground. The capacity of our grinder can be varied from 1 kg to 100 kgs/ hour.

Our grinder provides better features like power saving, less grinding time and space occupation, low noise level, less maintenance and manpower requirement. Our instant rice/ masala grinder is a big boon for the entire hotel industry, since this machine alone can do all type of grinding operations in the quickest possible time. This model is exclusively designed for the present hoteliers who are looking for grinders with less space occupation, man power and this design does not require enormous cleaning work like other grinders.

Technical Specification:

• Capacity: 1 Kg to 100 Kgs per hour
• Operation: Continuous(not batch by batch)
• Motor H.P.: 2 HP to 5 HP, 1440 rpm, 3 Phase AC
• Rating: Continuous
• Machine Type: Stationery on request we can mount on a trolley wheel
• Machine Size: 700 mm(L) X 700 mm(B) X 1100 mm(H)
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LogoDough Kneader
We manufacture 5 kg. capacity dough kneader with brake systems to change the speed of the vessel. It offers soundless working, easy greasing and oiling for all parts. Our dough kneader has two belts. Its drum and arm are made up of 100% stainless steel. This machine is fitted with 0.5 H.P electric motor in single phase. A belt guard is attached with the machine. Its length is 40 inch, width is 19 inch and height is 37 inch. Our dough kneaders are also available in 10 and 25 Kg capacities

Dough Kneading Machine- 10 Kg Capacity
•Brake System to change the speed of the vessel.
• Soundless working
• Easy greasing and oiling for all parts
• Two belts
• Drum, arm – 100% Stainless Steel
• Fitted with 1 H.P electric motor in single Phase or 1 H.P. three phase
• Length 45 inch Width 15inch Height 38 inch

Dough Kneading Machine - 25 Kg Capacity

• Fitted with 0.5 H.P electric motor in single phase or 2 H.P. three phase
• Belt Guard attached
• Length: 63 inch, Width: 24 inch, Height: 47 inch
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LogoSemi Automatic Chappathi Pressing Machine
We offer semi automatic chappathi pressing machine with electronic counter facility and auto collector tray for recycling die cut dough. It has the facility of auto feeding to conveyor when dough put on top side. Thickness & size of chapathis can be changed as per need. The production speed can be varied upto 2500 chapathis per hour. We have used food-grade rollers & conveyor belts. This machine is completely covered for safe operation. Our semi automatic chappathi pressing machines are ideal for the canteens of industrial houses, college hostels, big hospitals, hotels, catering contractors, etc.

Machine Length (mm) Width(mm) Heught(mm) Power
RISHAB Semi Automatic Chapathi pressingmachine 2500 680 1220 1.0 HP Single Phase
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LogoTable Top Wet Grinder
We manufacture reliable and durable table top wet grinder having excellent finish. It is extremely convenient and is available in ABS plastic body. Its tough motor runs in low voltage and consumes less power. Made up of 100% stainless steel detachable drum, our grinder has got smooth grinding rollers for easy grinding & long life. It has a see through lid and can be used for preparing chutney, kurma masala and dal batter for vadas apart from idly & dosa batter.

Technical Specifications:
•Capacity: 2 Litre
• Motor: 150 W, 920 rpm
• Voltage: 220 V, AC, 50 Hz
• Weight: 21 Kgs (Approx)
• Size: 1.1’(L) × 1.1’(H) × 1.3’(W)
• Power Cord: 5 Amps 3 Pin plug

Also available in 110 Volts

Tilting Grinder- 2 Litres

• India’s unique two-in-one wet grinder, tilting cum tabletop grinder.
• Complete with detachable drum and rollers for easy cleaning
• The tilting drum has a tilt lock & collection bowl kept at the middle to collect the batter with ease.

Two-in-One Grinder (Pedestal)
•Ideal for people with back ache.
• No need to bend for operating grinder.

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