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Sun exports is a firm which believes in creating such an atmosphere which gives a real picture of home by their products. Since 1991 Sun exporters are their in this field and now the company had come up with a wide range of home textiles, home - furnishing products. The company is a premier exporter of home furnishing products and mainly manufacturer of100% cotton fabrics.
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We manufacture 100% Cotton Fabrics and made - ups, in Rayon and Linen Fabrics and made - ups.
Sun Exporters
Table Linen          :          Table Cloths, Runners, Place mats, Napkin and Napkin

Bed Linen             :          Bed sheets, Bed spread, Pillowcases, Duvet Covers, Quilt                                         Covers, Quilt etc.,

Kitchen Linen       :          Kitchen Towels, Tea Coaster, Gloves, Aprons, Pot Holders,                                          Bread Basket, and Mitten

Furnishings          :           Chairpadslips, Cushion Covers, Window Curtain, shower                                          Curtain
Sun ExportersSun Exporters
CONTACT US:- Company

Contact person         :        Sathishbabu. R

Company                  :        SUN EXPORTERS

Address                    :        4 Muthu Nagar
                                           Karur – 639002
                                           Tamil nadu

Sun ExportersSun Exporters
Telephone                :        00 91 4324 659856

Fax No                     :         00 91 4324 234935

Mobile No                 :        00 94 434 35462

E – Mail ID               :

Our Bankers           :         The Lakshmivilas Bank Ltd.,
                                          Karur Main Branch
                                          Karur 639 001
Sun Exporters
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