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Natural Stone Manufacturer, Natural Stone SupplierAAA Stones & Stone DesignsNatural Stone Manufacturer, Natural Stone Supplier AAA Stones is a leading player in different works mentioned below having work units in Bangalore since 1990. We are manufacturing, doing wide range of products, works in the field of construction industry. We give the services across the India.
Natural Stones
Stone Designs
• Land Scaping
Layout Formation
Construction Services

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AAA Stones & Stone Designs A Group of MHN
Bangalore Layout Formation Service Provider, Layout Formation Services In Bangalore Stone Designs
We deal with all types of INDIAN NATURAL STONES of different shape and colors for the modern construction world.
- Cladding
- Rough Blocks
- Paving
- Copings
- Making Of Monuments
- Cobbles
- Pebbles
- Globe Stones
- Mushroom & Umbrella Designs
- Water Falls Designs
- Light Pillars
- Fountains
- Swimming Pools
- Pyramid Structure
- Pergolas
- Stone Arches
- Pillars And Pier Caps
- Granite Sign Ages
- Animal Sculptures
- Figurative Sculptures
- Balusters
- Briks
- Flower Vases
- Garden benches
- Garden Lamps
- Garden Miniatures
- Garden Obelisks
- Garden pedestals & Plinths
- Garden Planters
- Garden Statues
- Garden Tables
- Garden Troughs
- Garden Urns
- Garden Wall Fountains
- Hand Dressed Sandstone
- Indoor Wall Fountains
- Paper Weights
- Religious Statues
- Sandstone Blocks
- Sandstone Coasters
- Sandstone Cubes
- Sandstone Handicrafts
- Sandstone Pebbles
- Sandstone Setts
- Sandstone Slabs
- Sandstone Tiles
- Stone Ashtrays
- Stone Balls
- stone Balustrades
- stone Bird Baths
- Stone Candle Holders
- Stone Decorative
- stone Finials
- stone Fountains
- Stone Garden Fountains
- stone Garden Ornaments
- stone Garden Sculptures
- stone Indoor Fountains
- Stone Jewelry Boxes
- Stone Landscaping Products
- Stone Outdoors Fountains
- Sira Stone

Natural Stones

- Sadara halli Grey granite
- Koira Blue granite
- Chamaraja nagar,chittoor Black granite
- Mysore/horohalli Yellow granite
- Bush hammerred,polished and flamed granite
- Magadi/kanakapura Pink granite
- Kanakapura/ilikal Red granite
- Sand stones/slate stones
- White granite
- Marbles , granites
- Wave Stones
- Zebra Stripes
- Taandoor Blue / taandoor chackolate
- Narasapur granite,mulbagal granites
- Cotta Green
- Cuddapah Black
- Betham Cherla
- Sand Stones
- K.Raddish Blocks
- Pebbles
- Rounded Forest Stones
- Random Stones
- Natural, Semi Polished, Flamed
- Natural Stones For Claddings
- Floorings
- External Finishing stones
- Land Scaping
- Paving/Cladding
- Signages/name boards

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About Us

The MHN Group was conceived and started by Mr M Hanumanthu Naidu in the year 1990. The core activities of MHN Group encompass sourcing and supply of
1) Natural Stones
2) Stone Designs
3) Landscaping
4) Layout formation
5) Construction services
The aim of the MHN group is to simplify the process of construction/procurement by being a one stop shop for all construction related materials and activities.
MHN actively partners with the best in the industry and is continually looking to build new as well as nurture existing relationships with leading industry houses and professionals all over India.
MHN is known for its professionalism, quality work and timely delivery and has become its trademark in all its activities. We have good tie-ups with many importers across the world.
MHN have developed a niche of its own export and import business in the stone and stone designs and currently is in the process of expanding its operations all over world.
In line with its vision of becoming a major player, MHN will soon open offices in Chennai, Mumbai , Pune, Hyderabad and Cochin in the near future.

We are the manufacturers, dealers for all types of natural stones like granites [polished,flamed,bush hammerred, sand blasted], slates, marbles like: sadara halli -sira grey, chittoor-chamaraja nagara- krishna giri black, hassan green, raw silk, pink, ruby red, cuddapah, taandoor, bethamcherla and many more in all sizes and thickness.

Layout Formation

We (MHN Group) are experts in the formation of layouts with state of the art facilities. We have done many projects for numerous companies successfully before schedule. We have experienced engineers, supervisors and workers along with our own infrastructure.
MHN group forms the layouts with the following amenities.
- Leveling of soft and hard land.
- Formation of roads with concrete/asphalting.
- Making of drains with stone slabs like box and L types.
- Making of drains with P.C.C or using solid blocks or size stones.
- Providing the water lines and for every site.
- Providing the sanitary lines with man holes for every site.
- Design and construction of Septic tanks with choke pits.
- Chiseling of rocks by rock breakers.
- Making culverts with size stones/P.C.C and covering by stone slabs/P.C.C
- Revetment works to ponds and down areas.
- Laying of roads with soling stone and metaling.
- Construction of foot paths with kerbs and pavers by stone slabs.
- Construction of foot paths with precast concrete kerbs and interlock pavers.
- Demarcation and numbering of sites.
- Direction boards with concrete/stone slabs.
- Construction of play ground and parks.
- Construction of compound walls with concrete blocks/bricks/stone slabs.
- Making bore wells.
- Construction of overhead tanks.
- Fixing of electric poles.
- Construction of ponds and pools with greenery landscape.
- Developing of plants on road sides and in parks with tree guards.
- Fencing with stone poles/M.S. angles using wire mesh / bar bending wire.

Construction Services

MHN Group is one of the leading suppliers for all building materials. We undertake bulk orders for the below mentioned materials.
Table mould Bricks/Country Bricks
Plain wire cut bricks
Lined wire cut bricks
Light weight partition bricks
Clay mixed cement bricks
Hallow blocks
Solid blocks
Inter lock pavers (concrete)
Concrete kerb stones
Size stones
Stones soling
All types of jelly
All types of sand
All types of chappidi slabs
Roofing coal(sinder)
Building demolishing
Earth works
Rock chisseling works
Stone poles for Fencing
Stone slabs for compound wall & coverings
Tandoor blue
Tandoor chocolate
Betham cherla

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