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Monolene Surgical Mesh,Surgical Mesh Hernia RepairPolypropylene Surgical Mesh,Advanced Polypropylene MeshSNP Surgicals

About us

is a manufacturer and exporter of sterile and non sterile monofilament polypropylene mesh under the brand name MONOLENE Mesh used for hernia repair.

MONOLENE Mesh is made of non absorbable monofilament polypropylene using world class machines in a class 10K clean room maintaining high quality standards. Every batch of mesh is tested for its quality. Our non absorbable monofilament polypropylene mesh is constructed of knitted filaments of extruded polypropylene .This material is reported to be non-reactive and retain its strength indefinitely. These Meshes are ultrasonically cleaned and packed in internationally acceptable standard EO sterile proof pouches. Further all edges of the mesh is laser sealed to avoid post surgical inconvenience. Our Mesh has excellent tissue integration and abdominal wall reinforcement. MONOLENE Mesh is an advanced polypropylene mesh with a smooth surface, composed of ultra pore knitting pattern, known for its biological inertness and high tensile strength. The Pore size of MONOLENE Mesh optimizes the mechanical attachment of fibrous tissue in growth. In addition, the knit structure chosen for MONOLENE Mesh has a significantly lower profile that makes the mesh more form able, easier to handle & ultimately more comfort to the patient. MONOLENE Mesh is thinner, smoother & easier to position than other high profile Polypropylene mesh products.

Material Specification.
Material: 100% non absorbable extruded
monofilament polypropylene.
Thickness: 0.3mm to 0.6mm
Specific Gravity: 0.91
Melting Point: 168 C (230 F)
Maximum Temperature: Continuous use 110 C (230 F)
Intermediate use: 135 C (275 F)
Water Absorption: %0.01
Porosity: 1.2mm to 2.5mm.
Filament Diameter: 80 microns to 160 microns.
Burst Strength: 12kg/cm2 to 14kg/cm2.
Sterilization: EO Pass


Pre Cut Sizes: Can be readily       customized.
Price: Economical.
Delivery: Maximum 2 weeks.
Offer OEM.
Light Weight Construction: Less Foreign mass
         & flexible scar tissue.
Ideal Porosity: Macro porous for high visibility
        & colonization.
Customer specific packing. Peal Open Pouches.
Flexible: Recovers to original shape for
       any anatomic placement.
Resist Bacterial Colonization: Construction
        allows fluid flow through.
Long term stability: No Shrinkage.


Size Dimension


MM 611 6cm X 11cm 6 sheets / box
MM 715 7.6cm X 15cm 6 sheets / box
MM 115 10cm X 15cm 3 sheets / box
MM 151 15cm X 15cm 3 sheets / box
MM 303 30cm X 30cm 1 sheet / box

 Sizes other than standard can be given depending on requirement.

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Peenya II Stage, Bangalore - 560058, INDIA.
Mobile No.: +91 9845223838, +91 9902549221.
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