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Silk Fabrics Manufacturers Silk Fabrics Manufacturers Silk Fabrics Manufacturers

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Silk Fabrics Manufacturers
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About Us

Silk fabrics manufacturers company in the market of 100%silks fabrics for home furnishings,garments.madeups.The silks fabrics manufacturers artisans at A.S.Silks use traditional techniques of hand embroideries with sequence, beads, gold and silver threads and many other variant exclusives. Special designs are executed keeping the clients silks fabrics choices and the latest trends in silks fabrics clients mind. The excellent ambience of hand-made embroidery on fabrics of all types with appliqu? ork on garments, keeping in mind export quality silks fabrics standards is the prime concern of the silks fabrics manufacturers company.

The silks fabrics manufacturers company follows the rule of simplicity over complexity. The quality silks fabrics of the drapes and falls of the silks fabrics have luxurious bands and boasts exquisite craftsmanship. A.S.Silks is known for in-time productions. Thesilks fabrics products undergo high quality silks fabrics standards checks for the ultimate satisfaction ofsilks fabrics clients across the world. One of the valuable assets of the company is there high quality packaging system for every silks fabrics product manufactured. We have an excellent infrastructure to meet various requirements of our silks fabrics customers.

Our Silks Fabrics Quality

We offer Our silks fabrics finish and silks fabrics manufacturing quality are the subject of admiration worldwide both fromur expertise in developing silks fabrics customized designs that bear an unmistakable silks fabrics mark of individuality and finesse. Oursilks fabrics executions bear the hallmark of our silks fabrics quality and silks fabrics design standards.Consistent attention to detail is given in every area of embroidery to create the highest quality finished product. Creating a design that will not only look nice but will also run successfully and efficiently is our ultimate goal. Each of our team member is trained to recognize and achieve the highest silks fabrics quality work.


We are driven by fashion oriented manufacturing and are focused on building strong silks fabrics customer relations through professionalism. Our silks fabrics work team is well experienced and trained in handling the finest of silks fabrics design requirements. They are given additional training in silks fabrics quality control in order to ensure consistency in the execution.

The silks fabrics production, planning, processing and packaging all are taken care under the supervision of silks fabrics experts. The silks fabrics products are checked right from silks fabrics raw materials to the finished goods.

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Head Office
A. S. Silks
Mr. Asad Ansari
Radhanagar K. Amkhorla,
Bhagalpur (India)
PIncode - 812006
Ph. No. +91-0641-2326931
Mobile No. 91-9934702606
Email: assilks@rediffmail.com
Delhi Office
A. S. Silks
Mr. Menhajuddin/ Mr. Gufran Ahmed
1656/15, 1st Floor Govind Puri Kalakji
Mb:9899783282, 9311783282
Ph: +91-011-32560898
Email : menhajpappu@yahoo.co.in

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