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Who are we?
Quantum Heat Treaters India Pvt. Ltd. founded in 1999 is a BVQI Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Company specializing in Hydrogen Annealing Process which is essential for imparting optimum Magnetic properties in ferrous & ferrous based alloys. We provides hydrogen annealing services bright annealing services, controlled atmosphere annealing services, inert gas annealing processes, inert gas heat treatment, heat treatment in hydrogen atmosphere, stress relieving processes in hydrogen atmosphere and also provides hardening on electroless nickel, brazing in hydrogen atmosphere
Why us?
With Quantum Heat Treaters India Pvt. Ltd., a BVQI Certified ISO 9001: 2008 company you are assured of superior quality products manufactured with carefully and systematically designed process achieved through rigorous research and development.
Who will need us?
Hydrogen Annealing of all electro magnetic components of ferrous based, Nickel    based and Cobalt based components.
Hydrogen Annealing of Relay Components.
Magnetic Shielding Covers for automobile instrumentation and for sensitive    instruments

Hydrogen Annealing

Hydrogen Annealing
Our distinctive hydrogen annealing process is carried out in highly standardized and automated furnaces specially designed by us. These furnaces are capable of accommodating components of various sizes Our in-depth knowledge about material and continuous research and development has enabled us to achieve a standardized and suitable temperature cycle period for different types of material. Our 11 years of experience has made us one of the pioneers in direct hydrogen atmosphere annealing

Why Hydrogen Annealing?

Hydrogen Annealing
Produces improved Surface Crystalline.
Eliminates scaling, usually a result of conventional annealing process.
Achieves optimum magnetic characteristics.
Removes impurities like surface carbon, phosphorous, Sulphur by de-carburization.
Retains brightness for a prolonged period.
Produces a highly granular surface for high permeability and low coercivity.

Our Standards

Our Standard Annealing process is carried out in direct hydrogen atmosphere with a very low due point, heated to a suitable temperature, soaked and cooled to room temperature according to the specification of the material.

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic Shielding
We do hydrogen Annealing for automobile instruments These magnetic shielding covers improve attenuation, i.e., the ability to absorb and redirect magnetic fields which ensure the functioning of the instruments correctly.
Why Magnetic Shielding?
Functioning of sensitive and sophisticated electrical and electronic instruments tend to get disrupted due to electro-magnetic interferences from various sources. Magnetic shielding works by diverting the magnetic flux into itself.
How to Provide Magnetic Shielding?
Shields fabricated with suitable material are annealed in an oxygen free dry hydrogen atmosphere to get maximum softness and optimum magnetic and electrical properties. Due to annealing the components attain very high permeability and very low coercive force thus becoming suitable for magnetic shielding applications

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