About Us
Precise Alloys Pvt Ltd. incorporated on November 1989 & became active in the year 1991 with the production capacity of 1200 MT per annum of MS wire only. We have taken out our 1st production in the year August 1991. Gradually we have started growing and expanding our production capacity and technology with a future need. With the above preview of future requirement of market demand to convert into a reality we had started our expansion phase by phase.

1st PHASE: Increased production capacity from 1200 MT per annum to 1800 MT per annum means increased capacity of 600 MT per annum of MS only in the year 1993.
2nd PHASE: We have added new grade of MS wire for fastener industry with the increased capacity of 1200 MT per annum in the year 1995.
3rd PHASE: Came in the year 1998 when we have installed new machine to increase production capacity by 1800 MT per annum.
4th PHASE: We have increased heat treatment capacity by 1800 MT per annum in the year 2001. Developed new grades after 6 years from 1995 in the year 2001 to fulfill the need of market for
  • MS
  • High Carbon
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel (Magnetic)

5th PHASE: Now the time was for improving other areas of operation and that was to improve management system as organisation was growing gradually hence in this Phase we had decided to implement Quality Management System though there was no requirement from our customer. We had started implementing the system in the year 2003.
6th PHASE: We have achieved our ISO 9001:2000 certification in the year 2004 for the period of 3 years. In the year 2004 we have started meeting the need of our customer by providing section between 12mm to 17mm wire.
7th PHASE: Now after increasing production capacity, adding new grades and achieving certification to ISO 9001 12000 we found that we need to improvise our laboratory as our goal is to provide Pure, Reliable, Economical and competitive product to our customers and hence we had started concentrating towards the Laboratory to provide quality assured product and minimize the threat of the wire industry. Laboratory has been modernized with the State - Of - Art technologies in the year 2008 under the supervision of well experienced & technically competent professionals. Today our laboratory is one of the best laboratories in our industry which has LITM, microscope with image analyzer, specimen mounting machine etc.
8th Phase: Purchased our own vehicle to improve delivery process in the year 2009. We have installed horizontal thicker section wire drawing machine of 1000 mm drum diameter which has increased production capacity by 3600 MT per annum. It was not sufficient for us to meet market demand, hence new machine of 300 mm drum diameter for fine wire up to .70mm installed which has increased production capacity by another 1000 MT per annum.
9th Phase: 2010 is the year of concentrating on atomization of our plant. As a need of improvement we have installed thyristor control panel board with PID Temperature Controller, Mechanical Soap Applicator in the various areas for process improvement.

Appointed authorized distributors in other states e.g: Chennai.
Looking towards the global warming we have constructed new modern ETP under the guidelines of pollution control board, developing green belt near by the factory boundary wall. We have upgraded our ISO 9001 certification to ISO 9001:2008 version and renewed CRISIL rating certification.


» Quality Assurance
Precise Alloys Pvt. Ltd. has in-house state of the art testing laboratory with latest modern instruments, in order to ensure to provide the best quality product. Earlier, we had a small laboratory of 6ft x 3ft with the old technology, such as
  • Tensometer 2T
  • Biological Microscope
  • Titration (Burette, Pipette)
  • Computer

Our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Sharad Jain showed a keen interest in up grading the laboratory to determine and ensure to enhance customer satisfaction.

QA department ensures that the customers received 100% quality assured products as per their requirements. Precise Alloys achieving the target since last few years together due to following product wise, customer wise process control plans. We have qualified and skilled team of independent professionals to perform day to day laboratory work under the administration of qualified, well experienced, skilled and competent leader. Our Quality Assurance team works independently to guarantee that, there is no compromise on the quality of wire that are delivered, and that is the reason why years together our relationship is maintained with the customers. We assure that once you use our product you will also not leave us and work with us year after year.

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Contact: Mr. Sharad Jain
Address: 301, 3rd floor, Siddhachal, Link Road, Malad (w), Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: +(91)-9821233381
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