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Neelam Engineers are located at ludhiana, Punjab, industrial state became introduced in 1997 under the managementship of Mr. shalesh kumar Nahar a self made consultant who has rich experience in automotive engineering products & industrial automotive products and he always believes in quality. We here manufacturers and supplies various auto engineering products popularly known as industrial automotive products. Our range of engineering products involves automotive studs, industrial automotive bolts, industrial studs, cylinder head studs etc. These automotive engineered products / automotive engineering products are manufactured & supplied at very reasonable price from Ludiana, Punjab.

Automotive Studs Manufacturers,Industrial Studs Wholesale Supply,Cylinder Head Studs Suppliers
Cylinder head stud leyland 370 std
Cylinder head stud leyland 370 Ist oversize
Cylinder head stud leyland 370 IInd oversize

Bell crank pin leyland 3516 big.
Bell crank pin leyland 3516 medium.
Bell crank pin leyland 3516 small.

Automotive Bolts Manufacturers Ludhiana,Industrial Automotive BoltsBOLTS
Third arm bolt leyland 370 small.
Third arm bolt leyland 370 big.
Third arm bolt leyland TUSKAR.

Tail pinion nut leyland 370/comet super.
Tail pinion nut leyland 3516/2214.
Tail pinion nut TATA 1210/2515.