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About Us
Megha International is a leading supplier and exporter of reactive dye manufacturers, industrial textile dyes, liquid acid dyes manufacturer, basic dye colors wholesalers, industrial chemical suppliers, basic dyes suppliers, liquid basic dyes exporters, industrial chemical dyes manufacturer, textile reactive dyes suppliers, organic pigments exporters for the past fifteen years. We export our pigments and dyestuffs to traders, distributors, importers and major end users for variety of applications such as textiles, paper, leather, silk, wool, inks, paints, plastics and textile emulsions. Our company is also exporting to various countries across the globe and our main focus has been on Latin America, Western Europe and South East Asia.
A Wide Range of Dyes & Pigments

Megha International is an organization exporting dye intermediates, dyestuffs, reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, solvent dyes, organic pigments and textile auxiliaries to various countries across the globe.

Megha International