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Posted on
07 Feb
Lavender oil is a multi-purpose oil enriched with linalool and linalyl acetate. Scientifically known as a Lavandula officinal belongs to family of Lamiaceae. A.G. Essential Oils is one of the leading Lavender Oil Exporters in India.
Posted on
06 Aug
We are looking for instant drink and beauty products. Please contact me immediately.
Posted on
12 Feb
Want to buy 5 ton Washing & Bathing Soaps.
Posted on
11 Sep
We are in urgent need of focussing lens to with stand high pressure nitrogen gas suitable for aluminium cutting on LASER CO2 Cutting(The machine assembled at M/s Balliu , Belgium and the LASER Cavity is from M/s Rofin Sinar). The details available with us for the earlier supplied lens are as follows. The details are as follows. P/N LMZ1.5-7.5-7070N/R S/N 174514-25 REF# S1 Reflect 0.05% S2 Reflect 0.05% 010118-14-18 010117-14-17 Absorption 0.17% Transmission 99.3% Focal Length=7.5" Kindly suggest us the suitable lens and quote the charges for the same.
Posted on
25 Aug
I need Ghati herbal oil for hair ......

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