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Korea is a very beautiful country with a history of over 5,000 years. This is one country which has such a tremendous history and all the histoical sites hve been preserved for the future. These buildings, stone pagodas and lanterns, and other pieces of sculpture are known as National Treasures and are numbered. Seven sites have been selected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Although the history is from the past, South Korea is considered as a progressive and modern country. The people of this country are very hospitable and friendly.Everybody in this country, make an effort to learn proper english o that they can keep pace with the world.The Korean people want foreign investors to come to Korea to help their economy. Korea will become a major tourist destination as Americans begin to learn about the beauty of Korea.

This county is a very mountainous country with every square inch of flat ground being used for agriculture or for the cities. With nearly 50 million people, the population is very dense. Seoul, the capital, has over 10 million people in a very small area. Major festivals of south korea are Jinju Namgang Yudeong Festival,Pusan Internatinal Film Festival,World Calligraphy Binnale and many others. People of this country are very hospitable and enjoy all these festivals with a lot of pomp and show.

Business and Economy

The business and economy of this country is growing over the years and this country has done quite well during the last some years.As a nuclear power this country has attained quite some status and as a major expoter also in the field of electonic products.Its also famous for its agricultural growth amd exports in that field too.All in all, this country is doing quite well on the business front.

Major Cities

The major cities of this country are Incheon, Kwangju, Pusan ,Seoul ,Taegu ,Taejeon and these countries play a major role in the development of the country.Be it tourism, or be it economic growth, these cities have a major role to play and its because of these cities that the economy of the country is galloping.There are a lot of beautiful sights to see in these cities and the tourists flock these cities for this very reason.

Fact Sheet

Official Name: Republic of Korea (ROK)
Capital : Seoul
Total Area: 99,434 Km2
Population: 48,300,000
UNDP Human Dev Index: 28/177
Currency (2003 Average) :1 CAN$ 855.57 South Korean Won (KRW)
National Day: National Foundation Day, 3 October; Liberation Day, 15 August
Language(s) : Korean
Ethnic Group(s) : Homogeneous (except for about 20,000 Chinese
GDP in country: (billion) $886.95
GDP per capita in country: $18,349
GDP Growth rate: (%) 4.6
Inflation: (%) 3.6
Country unemployment: (%) 3.5
Canadian imports from country: $ 5,822,166,399
Canadian exports to country : $ 2,255,655,100
Main imports from country: Machinery, mechanical and electrical products; vehicles and equipments; base metal products; textiles products
Main exports to country: Paper products; mineral products; base metal and chemical products
GDP in Canada: (billion) $ 1,296
GDP per capita in Canada: $ 40,620
Canada GDP growth rate: (%) 2.8
Inflation in Canada: (%) 1.8
Canada Unemployment: (%) 7.2
FDI in Canada: (million) $342
CDI in this country: (million) $686

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