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The country of Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country about three times the size of Texas, consisting of 31 states and one federal district. The capital is Mexico City. Mexico has a rapidly developing economy, ranked by the World Bank as the twelfth largest in the world. The climate ranges from tropical to desert, and the terrain consists of coastal lowlands, central high plateaus, and mountains of up to 18,000 feet.

Many areas of Mexico are popular tourist destinations for U.S. citizens. Travelers should note that location-specific information contained below is not confined solely to those areas, but can reflect conditions throughout Mexico. Although the majority of visitors to Mexico thoroughly enjoy their stay, a small number experience difficulties and serious inconveniences.

Mexican law recognizes dual nationality for Mexicans by birth, meaning those born in Mexico or born abroad to Mexican parents. U.S. citizens who are also Mexican nationals are considered to be Mexican by local authorities. Dual-nationality status could hamper U.S. Government efforts to provide consular protection. Dual nationals are not subject to compulsory military service in Mexico. Travelers possessing both U.S. and Mexican nationalities must carry with them proof of their citizenship of both countries. Under Mexican law, dual nationals entering or departing Mexico must identify themselves as Mexican.

Business and Economy

The Mexican economy has undergone a major transformation since the 1980s as a result of economic liberalisation and joining the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA, a free-trade bloc with the US and Canada). Having relied heavily on oil for foreign-exchange earnings in the late 1970s, manufacturing quickly became the main source of export earnings. In 2003 the sector accounted for around 20% of GDP and around 85% of export earnings, according to estimates. Almost half of total exports was produced in maquiladoras (in-bond assembly for re-export plants). Services, however, are the most important contributor to national output. During the first three quarters of 2003 the sector accounted for 66.6% of GDP. Agriculture has declined in importance economically (it accounted for just 4% of GDP in 2003) but remains an important source of employment (around one-fifth of the workforce is involved in agricultural activities). Mining is estimated at just 1.4% of GDP in 2003 but this heavily understates the importance of oil production to the economy and, particularly, to the Treasury. Oil exports represented 11.3% of total export earnings in 2003. The average price of oil during the year stood at US$24.78/barrel, a significant increase compared with US$21.58/b recorded in 2002.

Major Cities

The country of Mexico is very famous for its beautiful locales. This country is one of the most beautiful countries as far as scenic beauty is concerned. visitors from across the world come to this country to have a glimpse of the mind-blowing locales of this country. This country has also grown economically over the last few years. This is only because of the liberal policies of the govt. Due to this liberal policies, investors from across the world find this place a very potent place to invest.The major cities of this country serve as the prime place of revenue collection.Some of the major cities of this country are San Francisco Coacalco,San Pablo,Mexcico city,Xico,Buneavista and many others.These cities are all the major places of revenue generation as these are the places where investors invest and tourists come.

Fact Sheet

Population (m) 105.0 Population growth 1.3
GDP (US$ bn; market exchange rate) 676.5 Real GDP growth 2.6 GDP (US$ bn; PPP) 1,027.4
(b) Real domestic demand growth 2.9
GDP per head (US$; market exchange rate) 6,445
Inflation 6.0 GDP per head (US$; purchasing power parity) 9,789
(b) Current-account balance/GDP -2.1
Exchange rate (av) Ps:US$ 11.3 FDI inflows/GDP 2.8
Exports: 7.6%
Imports: 4.3%

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