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Whether you're travelling alone as a solitary person who wants to discover the best of things all alone or even if you are with a group or your family, plan all aspects of your trip to Lebanon down to the smallest detail all for the fact that this country has a lot to offer to all its customers and visitors who come here to discover and enjoy their holidays. Everything you need to know about accommodation, transportation, sight seeing places and also shopping and entertainment one can have it all and even more with the communications and other facilties being so very updated and appropriate. The artistic and cultural scene in Lebanon is exceptionally rich and dynamic. Discover the institutions, artists and events that make it so remarkable.And if are lucky enough to be a part of the country during the festive sesaon then there you go with all the good festivals, art galleries, literature. Lebanese cuisine enjoys a world-wide reputation for its diversity and sophistication.

Business and Economy

Lebanon is considered to be an economic centre for almost all the things that a business man would look for whether you’re looking for a brief overview of the Lebanese economy, fairs and exhibitions, economic news, or investment opportunities you would be able to learn the economy. In addition to a free-market economy based on a long tradition of government-supported liberalism, a sophisticated banking system has come about in this country that makes the entire financial front very effective as well as very efficient, a developed legal framework, a superbly skilled workforce, and an exceptional lifestyle, Lebanon offers a large number of investment opportunities in all sectors of the Lebanese national economy.

Major Cities

The major cities located in Lebanon are Beirut, Bekaa,El Nabatieh, Mount Lebanon both North and South.These places are a perfect blend of all that one needs to find in a good location.From good cultural and traditional places to good entertainment and shopping and night life as well to accompany te perfection.

Fact Sheet

Political System: Parliamentary Democracy
Total Area: 10,452 km2
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Religions: Islam, Christianity
Population: 4.3 Million
Urban Population: 86.6 %
Population Growth: 1.7 %
Workforce: 1.2 Million
Literacy Rate: 88.4 %
Currency: Lebanese Pound (LBP)
GDP: $ 16.4 Billion
Imports/Exports: $ 6.5 Billion/$711 Million
Industries: Food processing, jewelry, cement, textiles, mineral and chemical products, wood and furniture products, oil refining, metal fabricating and others.
US Trade with Lebanon in 2001
In millions of U.S. dollars

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look to buy Clear Pvc Pipes about about 3 inches long.

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