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It is s country of diverse options and choices.From a nation of pearl divers and spice merchants to one of the worlds' largest oil exporters, Kuwait has undergone many exciting transformations and now it is in a position to boast of its natural resources and wealth that controbute a lot to the development of the economy and get good revenues out.They are rich countries in the Arab because of its natural oil resources that constitute the major part of the resouces.. Kuwaiti society is truly a cosmopolitan and modern and yet it remains true to its heritage and traditions because it has a lot of populations that comes in on a daily basis for whatever resaons the country sees a lot of migratory populations.A highly urbanised state, Kuwait offers a host of attractions and services to its visitors and tourists to the country. It offers a world class experience in hospitality through its small yet strong hotel chain that can be compared to the best of accomodations and stay places.Kuwait has a very rich cultural tradition and heritage. Visitors to the country can get a glimpse of these at the fascinating places of significance.

Kuwaitis are warm, hospitable, friendly and helpful, which makes a visit to the country a very enriching and memorable experience.And if you want to shop and enjoy through out your vacation then there are other shopping places that give you the perfect scope to do so.Arab culture and traditions, anchored by Islam, are the secure foundations upon which the modern State of Kuwait is built.

Business and Economy

Like most countries all over the world even in Kuwait it is the same condition as Agriculture and livestock do help in contributing to the country's ecenomy.However there has beem a change in this scenario in Kuwait and they donot dominate the condition here now so they do not play a significant role in Kuwait's economy because of the country's physical conditions: its location in one of the most arid spots in the world and a shortage of fresh water. It is estimated that only one percent of Kuwait's land is under cultivation. In 1997, agriculture only contributed 0.5 percent of the GDP. Kuwait has undergone many exciting transformations and now it is in a position to boast of its natural resources and wealth that controbute a lot to the development of the economy and get good revenues out.They are rich countries in the Arab because of its natural oil resources that constitute the major part of the resouces.

ECONOMY: Gross National Product; USD $34,120,000,000 (1993). Public Debt; USD $792,000,000 (1991). Imports; KD 1,988,200,000 (1994). Exports; KD 3,311,000,000 (1994). Tourism Receipts; USD $83,000,000 (1993). Balance of Trade; KD 1,331,000,000 (1994). Economically Active Population; 722,495 or 37.2% of total population (1990). Unemployed; 1.9% (1988).

Major Cities

There are four major cities that are located in Kuwait and they are as-Salimiyah, KuwaitJalib, as-Suyuh, Kuwait City.

Fact Sheet

Inhabitants: 2.75 million (2005 estimate).
Census April 20, 1995: 1.58 million (58% male, 42% female).
Kuwaiti nationals: 900,000.
Non-Kuwaiti citizens: 1.9 million.
Population growth rate: 3.3%
Total area: 17,820 km²
Density: 154 per km²
Border: 462 km
Coastline: 499 km.
Highest point: 306 m
Arable land: 0.3%
Capital: Kuwait
Ethnic groups: Kuwaiti , other Arabs, Iranian peoples, peoples of South Asia, Europe and America.
Languages: (official), English.
Religions: Islam,Chrisatnity

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