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This country is one of the most famous country not because of good things but because of a lot of bad things like getting side lined by the U.N because of nuclear weapons , chemical weapons and a lot of other humananitarian problems.This country has been facing a lot of hard times for the last some decades.Either the President of this country got this country into problems or the situation of of this country was bad because of the U.N decisions.

Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq was occupied by Britain during the course of World War I; in 1920, it was declared a League of Nations mandate under UK administration. In stages over the next dozen years, Iraq attained its independence as a kingdom in 1932. A "republic" was proclaimed in 1958, but in actuality a series of military strongmen ruled the country, the latest was SADDAM Husayn. Territorial disputes with Iran led to an inconclusive and costly eight-year war (1980-88). In August 1990, Iraq seized Kuwait, but was expelled by US-led, UN coalition forces during the Gulf War of January-February 1991. Following Kuwait's liberation, the UN Security Council (UNSC) required Iraq to scrap all weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles and to allow UN verification inspections.

Business and Economy

The economy of this country is dominated by the oil sector, which has traditionally provided about 95% of foreign exchange. When Iraq captured Kuwait in August 1990, subsequent international economic sanctions, and damage from military action by an international coalition beginning in January 1991 drastically reduced economic activity. Although government policies supporting large military and internal security forces and allocating resources to key supporters of the regime hurt the economy, implementation of the UN's oil-for-food program beginning in December 1996 helped improve conditions for the average Iraqi citizen.Then this country was allowed to export limited amounts of oil in exchange for food, medicine, and some infrastructure spare parts. In December 1999, the UN Security Council authorized Iraq to export under the program as much oil as required to meet humanitarian needs. The drop in GDP in 2001-02 was largely the result of the global economic slowdown and lower oil prices. Per capita food imports increased significantly, while medical supplies and health care services steadily improved. Per capita output and living standards were still well below the pre-1991 level, but any estimates have a wide range of error. The military victory of the US-led coalition in March-April 2003 resulted in the shutdown of much of the central economic administrative structure. Although a comparatively small amount of capital plant was damaged during the hostilities, looting, insurgent attacks, and sabotage have undermined efforts to rebuild the economy. Despite continuing political uncertainty, the Iraqi Interim Government (IG) has founded the institutions needed to implement economic policy, and has successfully concluded a debt reduction agreement with the Paris Club. The high percentage gain estimated for GDP in 2005 is the result of starting from a low base.

Major Cities

The cities like Baghdad,Karbala,Ar Rutbah, Ar Ramadi,Mosul, Kirkuk, Al Basar,Al Kut and an Najaf are some of the most important cities of this countries that bring a lot of revenue to this country. Although this country is primarily dependent on oil for its survival, still then, there are a lot of other factors that bring a lot of money to this country. Tourism is not that high in this country as there is always a threat of war in this country.But in times when the country is in proper conditions, then tourists from different parts of the world do come and enjoy the few beautiful sights in this country.

Fact Sheet

LOCATION: Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait
AREA: total: 437,072 sq km
land: 432,162 sq km
water: 4,910 sq km
CLIMATE: mostly desert; mild to cool winters with dry, hot, cloudless summers; northern mountainous regions along Iranian and Turkish borders experience cold winters with occasionally heavy snows that melt in early spring, sometimes causing extensive flooding in central and southern Iraq
POPULATION: 26,074,906 (July 2005 est.)
BIRTH RATE: 32.5 births/1,000 population (2005 est.)
DEATH RATE: 5.49 deaths/1,000 population (2005 est.)
POPULATION GROWTH: 2.7% (2005 est.)
RELIGION: Muslim 97% (Shi'a 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christian or other 3%
LANGUAGE: Arabic, Kurdish (official in Kurdish regions), Assyrian, Armenian
LITERACY: definition: age 15 and over can read and write
Total population: 40.4%
male: 55.9%
female: 24.4% (2003 est.)
GDP REAL GROWTH: 52.3% (2005 est.)
GDP PER CAPITA: purchasing power parity - $2,100 (2005 est.)
GDP PER SECTOR: agriculture: 13.6%
industry: 58.6%
services: 27.8% (2005 est.)
LABOUR FORCE: 6.7 million (2005 est.)
UN-EMPLOYMENT RATE: 25% to 30% (2005 est.)
IMPORTS: $9.9 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)
EXPORTS: $10.1 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)

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