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Iran is located on the south-western edge of Asia and is almost at the centre of the Eurasian landmass. It is also considered as a major part of the famous MIDDLEAST region. Iran is 1,648,912 sq. km in area and has a population of 67 million (1996, Iran Institute of Statistics). The Capital is Tehran and the official language is Persian.This country is very famous for its oil business and is one of the major exporters of oil in the world.The people of this country are very friendly and at the same time very warm in thier behaviour.The people of this country are very daring and never shy away from the name of war. The country has a lot of beautiful sights which the tourists can visit.This country is mainly famous for its oil exports.The people of this country are also very hard working too.

Business and Economy

The economy of Iran is a mixture of central planning, state ownership of oil and other large enterprises, village agriculture, and small-scale private trading and service ventures. President Khatami has continued to follow the market reform plans of former President Rafsanjani and has indicated that he will pursue diversification of Iran's oil-reliant economy although he has made little progress toward that goal. The strong oil market in 1996 helped ease financial pressures on Iran and allowed for Tehran's timely debt service payments. Iran's financial situation tightened in 1997 and deteriorated further in 1998 because of lower oil prices. The subsequent zoom in oil prices in 1999 afforded Iran fiscal breathing room but does not solve Iran's structural economic problems.But nonetheless,the economy of this country is growing at a fast pace because of the escalation in the prices of the oil prices.There are foreign investors ready to invest money in this country because of the growth in the economy.

Iran's major export is unprocessed petroleum. After petrol, petrochemical products, natural gas, and machinery, as well as Persian Carpets, Saffron, Pistachio, fresh fruits, and other agricultural products are the major export items. Although having extensive tourist potentials, from beaches to hunting grounds, exotic bazaars, and ancient monuments, due to the political system and lack of proper organization, Iran's tourism industry has had a hard time catching up with leading countries in the industry.

Major Cities

The major cities of this country areTehran, Khorasan, Esfahan, Tabroz, Shoroz, Karaj, Sistan-e Baluchestan, Gilan, Hamadan and these cities are instrumental in the growth of the country both financially and education wise.there are a lot of beautiful sights in all these cities and they add a lot of revenue to the tourism industry.These cities are the hub of activities for the tourists and all the festivals are celebrated in great pomp and show by the people of these cities.

Fact Sheet

CURRENCY: Iranian Rial
GDP: $516.7 billion
GDP BY SECTOR: agriculture (11.2%), industry (40.9%), services (48.7%)
EXPORTS: $38.79 billion
IMPORTS: $31.3 billion
Agriculture - products: wheat, rice, other grains, sugar beets, fruits, nuts, cotton; dairy products, wool; caviar Industrial production growth rate: 3.5% excluding oil (2005 est.)

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