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What does a traveler look for when he packs his bags for a destination of his choice? Well a proper place that has a lot of places to visit and explore, some good beaches sight-seeing places, some wildlife to compliment the entire tour. So we welcome you the country that is a specialist and encompasses all that one would look for in his travel package. Finland is an interesting Scandinavian destination to visit. Finland is known for its arts and crafts tradition. Why not plan to witness the midnight sun in Helsinki sometime? This is the most wanted things that anyone who visits this country wants to do.Whether you are looking for a self-guided Finland tour or want to join a guided tour, you will find everything under one roof. Finland tours available for everyone suiting their needs and budget. Many of these Finland tour packages feature unique.

Business and Economy

Finland has a highly industrialized, largely free-market economy, with per capita output roughly that of the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. The free market that allows a lot of players in the country and also allows you FDI has proved as a boon for the folks OF Finland and the revenue is thus generated. The basic industries that are there are the wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Trade is important, with exports equaling one-third of GDP. This country like most countries too has a large chunk of revenue coming from the agriculture sector that also contributes to the GDP of the country. Because of the climate, agricultural development is limited to maintaining self-sufficiency in basic products. Forestry, an important export earner, provides a secondary occupation for the rural population.

Major Cities

There are a lot of cities in Finland but if you are looking for the best and have time only for the best then there are a few cities that stand out in this lot and they are Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa from Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Tampere and Turku from western Finland and Oulu from the north.These cities are also known all over for the netwaork team that they have formed here. These large cities are the nation’s population and workplace clusters.

Fact Sheet

Name: Suomen Tasavalta / Republiken Finland [ Fi / Sw ]
Telephone country code: 358
Area: 338,127 km² / 130,125 sq mi
Terrain: mostly low, flat to rolling plains interspersed with lakes and low hills; fjells and some mountains in the extreme northwest
Highest mountain: Haltiatunturi (1,328 m).
Natural resources: timber, copper, zinc, iron ore, silver
Land boundaries: Russia, Sweden, Norway
Population: 5,147,000 [year-end 1997]
Population density: 15.1 persons per km²
Capital: Helsinki/Helsingfors (pop. 532,053), metropolitan area ca 1 mill.
Languages: Finnish (92.7 %), Swedish (5.7 %) (both official), small Sámi and Romani minorities.
Currency: markka (Finnish mark, FIM). for the current exchange rate,

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07 Mar
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