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Welcome to the country of the pyramids that are stationed on the strong foundation of this beautiful country. The country of the river Nile that is a wonder to most as the meandering river takes you to a different world together far from all your tensions and worries. So come to discover this beautiful country and experience the best of the Egyptian culture and tradition in its totality. The Nile river splits into the Rosetta and Damietta branches, Cairo is the capital city of the country. One of the largest and oldest cities on earth, it has been under Greek, Roman, Turkish, Libyan, French and British domination in the past. The Egyptians are very much known fro their warm hospitality that they display to all their people whether insiders or outsiders. Its been a part from Biblical times when the Holy family from Bethlehem came looking for a room. Legend has it that the Holy Family had stayed in Cairo during their flight to Egypt.To the Egyptians, Cairo is known as Misr, meaning 'capital' illustrating the importance of Cairo to its country .

Business and Economy

Economic front in Egypt is not at all up to the mark for various reasons and the FDI flow in this is very less due to this reason. Lack of substantial progress on economic reform since the mid 1990s has limited foreign direct investment in Egypt and kept annual GDP growth in the range of 2-3 percent in 2001-03.Privatisation has been a complete no no and the government officials pursue these initiatives cautiously and gradually to avoid a public backlash over potential inflation or layoffs associated with the reforms. There has been a lot of borroeing from other countries too and this has led to the country’s balance of payments to be in a deficit condition that will take some time to recover and be on the tracks.There is a high amount of unemployment and it will be some time When Egypt recovers from this.

Textiles, food processing, tourism, chemicals, hydrocarbons, construction, cement, metals.

Agriculture - products
Cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruits, vegetables; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats

Major Cities

The major cities of Egypt that are worth visiting and noticing are Cairo, Suez, Mahalla al-Kubra Tanta ,Mansurah,Assyut, Zagazig.Ismailia,Fayoum,Damanhur,Minya,Sohag,Beni Suef,Luxor,Al Arish

Fact Sheet

Population: 54.8 million
Growth rate: 1.8 %
Fertility rate: 4.1
IMR: 57/1000 births
GNP/head: US$630
Total area: 1,001,450 km²
Water: 6,000 km²
Density: 72 per km²
Border: 2,665 km (Palestine 11 km, Israel 266 km, Sudan 1,273 km, Libya 1,115 km).
Coastline: 2,450 km
Highest point: Mount Catherine 2,629 m
Arable land: 2.9%
Capital: Cairo

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Posted on
03 Jan
---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Shabbir Vajihi PRODUCT: Square billet for the production of armature Dimensions: 100mm x100mm or 130mm x 130mm Length: 6 m or 12 m ORIGIN: -UCRANIA-RUSIA MONTHLY AMOUNT: 1) 5.000mt batch 2) 25.000-30.000mt X 11 months annual contract with the possible extension of the contract term. LENGTH OF CONTRACT: 360.000 TM A YEAR PRICE : 390 $ / TM CIF PACKAGING: A BULK O CONTAINERS DESTINATION: PORT Saudi Arabia, Port of Dammam PAYMENT: -SBLC-ARDLC (As a bank guarantee, one type or another will be used depending on the buyer) the value of a month, irrevocable and confirmed, non-transferable,top 50, the value of a month and during 13 months during the period of the contract payment by MT 103 against shipping documentation and SGS 100% at sight ( TOP 50)
Posted on
19 Sep
I want detailed specifications with quotation for microcrystalline cellulose plant in Cairo Egypt
Posted on
29 Apr
I Want to buy Circular Saw blade Immediately.
Posted on
15 Mar
We are looking to design more than one application for different libraries for different organizations. Library contains audio books, text.
Posted on
14 Jan
We need to coated abrasives products as a sample of 198 cm long 4 cm width 40 or 36 degree of abrasive.
Posted on
22 May
I need to Import Masking Tape for general Propose.
Posted on
17 Mar
We require of sewing machines which compete factor for men trousers jeans denim fabric, capacity of production 1500 pcs/day. Industrial sewing machines must be in good condition and the line production included cutting machind and band knifes. Please your answer asap.
Posted on
12 Mar
Pure nickel tube (r.F.Q)- very urgent on 11 th march. 2012 dear; we would like to seize this opportunity to introduce our company to you, we are mega power for engineering & international trade co one of the biggest agents & importers companies in egypt has specialized in petrochemical stations includes (pumps, motors, valves and tubes different materials).
Posted on
14 Feb
We are EL-Alamia for medical equip. we need Urgent to buy a whole line of Machines of Surgical Sutures, Surgical needles & Dialysis filters for our factory we need urgent response with catalogs and prices and the early time for deliver line in our country with trainers.....machines we need not products name of machines line is: 1- chemical Reactor 2- Extrusion machine 3- Roller machine 4-laminating Roller machine 5- Braiding machine 6-Annealing Oven 7- Tipping machine 8-Crimping machine 9-sterilizar machine Sterilization must be Extra please send offer today Urgent
Posted on
13 Feb
We are el-alamia for medical equipment. We need urgent to buy a hole line of machines of surgical sutures, surgical needles & dialysis filters for our factory we need urgent response with catalogs and prices and the early time for dilever line in our country with trainers.

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