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Like most islands cook island may not be all that famous through the world tourism that a visitor looks forward to while traveling but definitely the kind of peace and harmony one looks out for during the vacation amidst the green surroundings and nature definitely is there present in this island and small country.

Business and Economy

Like many other South Pacific island nations that are there, the Cook Islands' is another island where the economic development is hindered by the isolation of the country from foreign markets, as the country lacks any kind of resources that attract the foreign investors there are absolutely no investments and doors are closed in this sector the limited size of domestic markets, lack of natural resources, periodic devastation from natural disasters, and inadequate infrastructure. Agriculture is one sector that seems to be providing the economic base with major exports made up of copra and citrus fruit. Manufacturing activities are limited to fruit processing, clothing, and handicrafts.

Major Cities

The major cities of Cook Islands are Avarua, Omoka, Roto, Tauhunu Village, Tuko Village, Tamarau, Ivirua, Avaitu, Papapapaiti, Ngatangiia, Arutunga

Fact Sheet

GDP-purchasing power parity - $105 million (2001 est.)
GDP - real growth rate: 7.1% (2001 est.)
GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $5,000 (2001 est.)
GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 17%
industry: 7.8%
services: 75.2% (2000 est.)
Population below poverty line: NA%
Household income or consumption by percentage share:
lowest 10%: NA%
highest 10%: NA%
Inflation rate (consumer prices): 3.2% (2000 est.)
Labor force: 8,000 (1996)
Labor force - by occupation: agriculture 29%, industry 15%, services 56%
Unemployment rate: 13% (1996)
revenues: $28 million
expenditures: $27 million, including capital expenditures of $3.3 million (FY00/01 est.)
Industries: fruit processing, tourism, fishing, clothing, handicrafts
Agriculture - products: copra, citrus, pineapples, tomatoes, beans, pawpaws, bananas, yams, taro, coffee; pigs, poultry
Exports: $9.1 million (2000)
Exports - commodities: copra, papayas, fresh and canned citrus fruit, coffee; fish; pearls and pearl shells; clothing
Exports - partners: Australia 34%, Japan 27%, New Zealand 25%, US 8% (2000)
Imports: $50.7 million (2000)
Imports - commodities: foodstuffs, textiles, fuels, timber, capital goods
Imports - partners: NZ 61%, Fiji 19%, US 9%, Australia 6%, Japan 2% (2000)
Debt - external: $141 million (1996 est.)
Economic aid - recipient: $13.1 million; note - New Zealand continues to furnish the greater part (1995)
Currency: New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Currency code: NZD
Exchange rates: New Zealand dollars per US dollar - 1.7229 (2003), 2.1622 (2002), 2.3776 (2001), 2.1863 (2000), 1.8886 (1999)
Fiscal year: 1 April - 31 March

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