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This island is a small country that shapes the towns in the country. Organised social activities are held there according to a complex hierarchical order and this one of the most famous activities that one can witness here in this country and which recognizes the many groups, such as clans, neighbor hoods and age sets, which still govern public life. Otherwise also it is a place worth visiting and experiencing what it has to offer.This is a country with a difference.

Business and Economy

This country is considered to be one of the world's poorest countries, Comoros is made up of three islands that have virtually no or one can say very inadequate transportation links, a young and rapidly increasing population that seems to be the only striking feature here in this country and apart from it being very poor in its resources. The low educational level of the labor force contributes to a subsistence level of economic activity, high unemployment, and this acts as a vicarious circle as it leads to poverty and then again unemployment leading to no money to sustain, a heavy dependence on foreign grants and technical assistance. Agriculture, including fishing, hunting, and forestry, contributes 40% to GDP, employs 80% of the labor force, and provides most of the exports.

Major Cities

The major cities in Comoros are Domoni,Fomboni,Mitsamiouli,Moroni,Mutsamudu.

Fact Sheet

GDP-purchasing power parity - $441 million (2002 est.)
GDP - real growth rate: 2% (2002 est.)
GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $700 (2002 est.)
GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 40%
industry: 4%
services: 56% (2001 est.)
Population below poverty line: 60% (2002 est.)
Household income or consumption by percentage share:
lowest 10%: NA%
highest 10%: NA%
Inflation rate (consumer prices): 3.5% (2001 est.)
Labor force: 144,500 (1996 est.)
Labor force - by occupation: agriculture 80%
Unemployment rate: 20% (1996 est.)
revenues: $27.6 million
expenditures: $NA, including capital expenditures of $NA (2001 est.)
Industries: tourism, perfume distillation
Agriculture - products: vanilla, cloves, perfume essences, copra, coconuts, bananas, cassava (tapioca)
Exports: $28 million f.o.b. (2002 est.)
Exports - commodities: vanilla, ylang-ylang, cloves, perfume oil, copra
Exports - partners:
France 31%, Germany 17.2%, US 17.2%, Singapore 10.3%, Netherlands 6.9% (2002)
Imports: $88 million f.o.b. (2002 est.)
Imports - commodities: rice and other foodstuffs, consumer goods; petroleum products, cement, transport equipment
Imports - partners: France 34.1%, South Africa 11.4%, Japan 5.7%, Kenya 5.7%, UAE 5.7%, Mauritius 4.5%, Thailand 4.5% (2002)
Debt - external: $232 million (2000 est.)
Economic aid - recipient: $10 million (2001 est.)
Currency: Comoran franc (KMF)
Currency code: KMF

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