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Cambodia is a country that is very rich in tourism resources and therefore attracts a lot of tourists through out the year and yearlong. Angkor Wat is one of the wonders of the world and it is a feeling of pride that sweeps into the hearts of the people of Cambodia when they think of this name they say “for us it symbolizes and the heart and soul of the Cambodian nation, and illuminates our unique culture, civilization and the past history of the ancient Angkor Kingdom of Cambodia”. This country apart from the natural beauty that it possesses it also has a lot of other wonders in monumental forms that can be explored and visited by the visitors who come here for the first time. It provides the tourists with a variety of additional cultural and historical attractions throughout the country. Because the dual theme guiding Cambodia tourism is “Culture and Nature”, and it sure does live up to that.

Business and Economy

Cambodia's economy has been on a down track since the year 1997-1998 due to the regional economic crisis, civil violence, and political infighting.

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Posted on
19 Jan
We are in need of Humatrope Injection. Please contact us with price and full details.
Posted on
18 Nov
We are looking for New SUPPLIERS of PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS that can supply Cancer medications, Men's health products, Anti- diabetes products, Bipolar disorder and Nutritional products. We are also interesting in API and generic of these products. Products include Cialis, Alimta, Strattera, Humalog Kwipen, Zyprexa. Please email at us info att fountainconfection dot com
Posted on
18 Feb
Supplier/manufacturer who can be able to handle a contract supply of 5100 pieces of Bed Sheets Sets and 5100 pieces of Pillowcases for Hotel Rooms with the follow characteristics: SPECIFICATIONS *Sheet Sets : # Set includes: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases # Sizes: Cal-king, king, queen, extra long twin, and twin sheets # Colors: Cream, white or Green Tea # 100% Poly Microfiber # Fitted sheets have deep pockets to accommodate up to 17 mattresses & elastic all around for a secure fit # Machine washable Pillowcases: # 2-pack # Sizes: King and standard # Colors: Cream, white or green tea # 100% Poly Microfiber # Machine washable * Regarding the contract, this contract is a contract supply of 5100 pieces of of Bed Sheets sets and Pillowcases for the Ministry of Tourism.These Bed sheets and Pillowcases will be used in all the State control Hotel rooms in majors cities sponsored by the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement(C.P.D.M). The duration of the contract is 14 months (Fourteen months) from the date of acceptance. Supplier/manufacturer that fulfills the contract conditions. I am contacting you in this business on personal basis because I am interested to make personal profit out of the contract. I would like to know from you about these three things mentioned below. 1) I want to know if you will be interested in this contract. 2) If you will be able to handle the supply within the time frame. 3) I want to know if you will be interested to co-operate with me in over-invoicing the total contract in my favor as I want to make a personal profit from this contract. Let me know your response in the few questions then I will explain to you more about the contract and how we can proceed.

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