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Welcome to the world full of coffee that scintillates ones senses with its aroma and freshens up the mind of every guest who visit this state full of happening events and a culture that is worth seeing and cherishing. The culture and tradition of Brazil is very conventional and also is carried forward by all the generations that come and go and they are proud to be a part of this state and its culture. Apart from being famous for its coffee growing abilities and coffee exports Brazil has a lot to see and enjoy. It has a lot of places that really take you apart to another world and the beaches that it has are just too mind blowing. With a long coastal line, most of it in inter-tropical zones, Brazil has many beautiful beaches. Several major Brazilian cities were built by the sea, like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Natal, Fortaleza, Recife and others. Due to the growth of these cities the tourism industry saw a boost with the growing tourism infrastructure and with plenty of hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc to serve the tourists. Besides these capital cities, several other medium and small towns have nice beaches.

Business and Economy

Business and economy in Brazil has not had its time as yet as they are yet to grow from the basic mode of revenue that is agriculture. There has been a slump and a downfall, as the markets are not looking good for them. However a survey and a report that has been launched recently says that, the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached approximately R$ 1,184 billion, equivalent to US$ 503 billion (NOT adjusted by Purchasing Power Parity); by economic sector, Brazilian economy was so distributed: 7.5% Primary Sector (agriculture and cattle raising), 35.8% Industry and 56.7% Services. The Brazilian economically active population was estimated at 76 million people. GDP per capita, averaged over the entire country, was R$ 5,648; however, big differences are observed between the rich Southeast (R% 7,706) and the poor Northeast (R$ 2,603).

Major Cities

There are a lot of cities in Brazil that constitute this country as a whole and form its nationality. The major cities that are there in Brazil are Contents are Ceara,Rio je enerio,Maranhao,Paraiba,Pernambuco,Piaui,Seripe and a lot many to see and enjoy.

Fact Sheet

Official Name Federative Republic of Brazil
Area 8.51 million sq. kms. (about 2.6 times that of India) Capital Brasilia (Since 1960)
Major cities Sao Paulo (17.14 m), Rio de Janeiro (10.39 m),
Belo Horizonte (3.98 m), Salvador (2.8 m),Fortaleza (2.7 m), Brasilia (2.0 m). Population 180.6 (UN, 2005) Language Portuguese (unilingual country) Administrative Divisions 26 States and the Federal District of Brasilia Life Expectancy 68.9 (2001)
Infant Mortality 28.7 per 1000 births (2001)
Literacy 86.7 per cent (1999)
G.D.P. US$ 493.3 bn (2003)
G.D.P. Growth
Per Capita Income- 0.2% (2003)
US$ 2710 (WorldBank 2003)

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