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Latest Buy Leads in Agro, Marine & Other Food Products and Beverages
Posted on
11 Jul
Grade Cashew Nut: WW 210, WW 320, WW240, LP, WS, W450, LBW, SW320, SW, WB, SS 1. Grade: W240, W320 – Moisture: 5% Max – Broken: 5% Max – Melasma: 3% Max – Mould and fungus: 0% – Admixture: 1% Max – Silk sell: 3% Max – Dent rate: 3% Max 2. Grade: WS – Moisture: 5% max – Foreign matter : 1%max – Broken: vertical broken – Live insect and larvas: Negative – Coliforms, salmonella: Negative 3. Grade: LP – Moisture: 5% Max – Melasma: 3% Max – Admixture: 1% Max Live insect and larvas: Negative – Coliforms, salmonella: Negative Other Details: Packaging : In vacuum bag or tin box Delivery : 25 days after down payment Color : White light ash Style : Dried
Posted on
22 Mar
Cotton (Raw) Not Carded or Combed Suppliers, Exporter, Manufacturing, Traders, Producers, Merchant Export, Distributor, Wholesale in India. Rangel Exim is leading Traders, Producers, Merchant Export, Distributor, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Suppliers, Exporter from India. We provide best quality product all over the world. We supply our product to Vietanam, Malasiya, Indonesia and all over the world. COTTON (RAW) BOTANICAL NAME: Gossypium Arboreum FAMILY: Malvaceae ORIGIN: Gujarat CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Cellulose: 91% Water: 7.80% Pectins: 0.6% Mineral salts: 0.20% SHAPE: Fairly uniform in width, 12-20 mm, length 1-6 cm LUSTER: High DENSITY: 1.54-1.5 g/cm3 DEMENSIONAl STABILITY : good Length: 28 -31 mm, Mic: 3.7 - 4.8 ncl, Strength: 29-31gpt, Trash: below 3%, Moisture: below 9%, Superior export quality TYPE STAPLE STRENGTH MIC Sankar:-06 Grade: SM 1-5/32" 29 GTP 3.5-4.9 Sankar:-06 Grade: SM 1-1/8" 29 GTP 3.5-4.9 Sankar:-06 Grade: SM 1-1/8" 28 GTP 3.5-4.9 Packaging: Uniform bale weight: 160 kg Standard size: (24"x18"x48") We also send the COA to the buyer. The inspection is conducted by reputed companies like SGS, Geo-Chem International Independent Inspection etc.
Posted on
04 Jul
we are a reliable company looking for supplier to contact us with their product details for our study and commerce businss with them
Posted on
17 Jul
Dear sir/madam, We are looking to find reliable suppliers who can supply to us Agriculture and food and harbel prroduct and rice garment frozen chicken food and beverage with consistent quality on a regular basis. Detailed Product : Chicken Style : Frozen Product Type : Poultry Top Grade AA Bulk Packaging Quantity : Initial : 1x20'-40' FCL Shipping Terms : FOB or CIF or Ex work Destination Port : ASWP Payment Terms : Thanks as we wait for your quick reply Edwin
Posted on
17 Mar
we seeking reliable Rice supplier in large quantity for a long term business, Offer is from Mali West Africa

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