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Computer Peripherals & Hardware

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Keyboard   Mouse
Key board / Mouse
We supply a variety of custom, standard, wireless, programmable, and ergonomic computer keyboard products. Computer Keyboard is one of the main input devices essentially used on a computer. We deal in a wide range of Computer Keyboards of globally renowned and popular brands including the Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba, etc. All these types of Keyboards are new and most elegant with twelve months warranty unless otherwise stated.
A computer Mouse (Plural-Mouses or Mice) is an input device that enables an individual to control the mouse pointer in the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Mouse is a pointing device which functions by directing two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. We provide computer mouses and laptop mouses of globally popular brands at reasonable prices. The Wireless Laptop Mouses just seem to go impressive when using the wireless Internet access, and are great while traveling. Always keep spare batteries by hand and remember that shiny or reflective surfaces can interfere with the optical mouses.

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Motherboard   RAM
Mother Boards
Computer Motherboard is a printed circuit which facilitates the transfer of information among the various hardware components of the computer. Today, motherboards are available in a variety of form factors including the Full-AT, Full-ATX, LPX, NLX, Mini-ATX, and Baby-AT. We supply Computer Motherboards both by Processors and Interface. We also supply computer motherboard accessories such as Data Cables, Tools/Testers, Cases, Processors/Coolers, etc.

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UPS   Pen-Drive
Computer Cases
A Computer Case, also called the Computer Chassis or Cabinet, is the enclosure which contains the main components of a computer. These Computer Cases are generally constructed from steel, aluminum, and plastics, but other materials like wood is also used. We offer a wide range of robust, elegant, and aesthetic Computer Cases made of these materials in a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes. These reliable computer cases are available at reasonable and competitive prices.

Computer Peripherals Devices,Computer Cases   LCD monitors,TFT monitors
Moniter   CPU
Desktop Computers
We deal in a wide variety of Desktop Computers having varied features of power, speed, and size, in order to fit exactly and elegantly your diverse requirements. We deal in the Desktop Computers based on AMD, Intel, Mac, and various other PCs. A Desktop Computer is a personal computer (PC) designed specially for regular use at a single location. Desktop Computers are available in a variety of styles ranging from large vertical tower cases to small form factor models which can easily be tucked behind an LCD monitor. Today, most modern desktop computers have separate screens and keyboards, and specialized form of desktop case is used for the Home Theater PC System.

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TFT Moniter   Laptop
TFT Monitors
A TFT Monitor employs the thin-film transistor technology for the ultimate LCD display. Today, almost all LCD monitors, LED monitors, LEds, LCDs, LCD monitors, also called flat panel displays, use the TFT technology. A TFT Monitor provides crisp text, vibrant color, and an improved response time for various multimedia applications. For video editing, gaming, or many other multimedia applications, buy a TFT Monitor with a response rate of 16ms or less. The exclusive advantage of a TFT Monitor is a separate, tiny transistor for each pixel on the display, requiring lower amount of charging for controlling the transistor. This facilitates fast re-drawing of the display, since the image is re-painted or refreshed several times per second. A typical 17-inch TFT Monitor employs approximately 1.3 million pixels and 1.3 million transistors. This fact leaves a significant chance for a malfunctioning transistor or two on the panel.

A Laptop Computer, also known as the Notebook Computer, is a small Personal Computer designed specially for mobile use. It integrates all components of a desktop computer into a single portable unit. Usually shaped like a notebook, the thickness of the laptop computers varies from 18-38 mm, and the dimensions range from 10x8 inches (27x22cm, 13" display) to 15x11 inches (39x28cm, 17" display) and up. These weigh 3 to 12 pounds and even heavier. Generally, most of the laptop computers are designed in the Flip Form Factor to protect the screen and the keyboard when closed. We supply globally popular Laptop Computer brands like ACI Laptop, ASUS, Acer Laptop, Apple Laptop, Compaq Laptop, Dell Laptop, HCL Laptop, Lenovo/IBM Laptop, Sony Laptop, Sahara Laptop, Toshiba Laptop, Wipro Laptop, Zenith Laptop, and many more Laptop Brands. We also deal in Laptop Accessories such as Adapters & Chargers, Laptop Batteries, PCMCIA Cards & Devices, and various other accessories.
Used Laptops Computers
We also deal in Used Computer Laptops, LEds, LCDs, LCD monitors, LED monitors, of various world-famous brands. These used laptops are available at rather reasonable prices, together with the guarantee of long and reliable service life.
The wide range of used laptop computers we deal in encompasses the brands of ACI Laptop, ASUS, Acer Laptop, Apple Laptop, Compaq Laptop, Dell Laptop, HCL Laptop, Lenovo/IBM Laptop, Sony Laptop, Sahara Laptop, Toshiba Laptop, Wipro Laptop, Zenith Laptop, and many more.

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Mobile   Mobile
A Mobile Phone, also called Wireless Phone, Cell Phone or Cellular Phone, is a long-range electronic devices, employed for the communication of mobile voice or data over a network of Cell Sites. We deal in both GSM Handsets and CDMA Handsets. The GSM Handsets includes the brands of Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Apple iPhone/iPhone 3G, Bird, Dopod, Fly, etc. The CDMA Handsets include the brands of Reliance, Tata, and many other connections. These Mobiles are available in the varieties of Flip-phone, Slide, Standard, and Smart-phone. We also deal in the Mobile Accessories including batteries, blue-tooth, infrared devices, car kits & chargers, cases, pouches, etc.

Electric Kettle
Concealed heating Element, Germany schott glass jar body and other controller, 360 cordless Jug kettle, Dry boil protection, Auto off after each cycle, On/Off switch with light indicator
Material:-Glass Jar
Wattage [W]:-Glass Jar
Capacity:-Glass Jar

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Electric Kettle   Electric Kettle

Hand Blender


Sandwich maker

Coffee Maker

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