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» Policy Assessment & Design
» Sectoral Analysis
» Market Research
Industrial Techno Economic - Services Pvt. Ltd. Industrial Techno Economic - Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Industrial Techno-Economic Services P. Ltd
Incorporated in 1973

Industrial and Management Consultants operating for over Three Decade in the league of trusted and specialized Strategic and Consultancy Firms
"Knowledge constantly makes itself obsolete, with the result that today's
advanced knowledge is tomorrow's ignorance"

- Peter Drucker
(in Harvard Business Review)
Industrial Techno Economic - Services Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial Techno Economic - Services Pvt. Ltd.
Your partner in building and sustaining successful business goals Creating Value for the Value Creators.

incorporated in 1973.
has served Small and Large, Corporates, MNCs, Governmental and
International Institutions.

Industrial Techno Economic - Services Pvt. Ltd.
Focus Areas of Research-driven Goal-oriented Consultancy

• Management and Industrial Consultancy
• Market Research and Forecasting
• Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis
• Corporate Strategic Planning
• Turnaround Strategies
• Knowledge Management

INTECOS provide services are carefully designed to the minutest detail. Recognizing that each client's needs are unique, it works closely with the clients to develop and execute a sound strategy, utilizing its over three decades of pool of expertise and databases.

Through its team of leading professionals and networking, INTECOS delivers a wide range of specialized, cost-effective and result-oriented industrial and management consultancy services. The team is led by an eminent economist and management analyst who has served institutions like United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and as head of other professional institutions in the fields of management consultancy, industrial economic research and human resource management. The Leaders diverse areas of specialization and life-time experience constitute a rich repository of knowledge.

Some Highlights

» Operates in close association with Center for Industrial & Economic Research (CIER), an NGO engaged in research and knowledge-creation. CIER    celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2005.
» Has promoted a world-class organization, "QAI (India) Ltd", focusing on quality management in software engineering, with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai,    Bangalore, Singapore, Malaysia, China and the UK.
» Has assisted CIER in the production and maintenance of the most comprehensive industrial database in India, since 1986, now disseminated on CDs,    online and hard copy forms.
» Jointly with CIER, has organized international seminars, workshop, round tables, with participation of international agencies, such as the United Nations    Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank, OECD, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.
» Has produced a pathbreaking research-based multi-client study - MARKET FORECASTS and INDICATORS with forecasts on industries manufactures    products for succeeding decades.
» INTECOS, in association with CIER, has produced another innovative reference document CONCISE ENCYCLOPAEDIA of MANAGEMENT and ECONOMIC    SCIENCES.

The Spectrum of Industrial Consultancy Services

• Market and Marketing Research
• Tecno-Economic Feasibility Studies
• Management and Financial Evaluations

INTECOS in association with CIER has carried out about 100 projects and sectoral and macro studies.
Studies conducted for organizations from Japan, UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, apart from those from India


Range of industries covered

Edible Oils * Processed Foods * Sugar * Cattle Feed * Agro Industries * Fruit Juices & Concentrates * High Fructose Syrup * Baby Foods * Creamer * Multi-product Forecasts

Rubber * Inorganic Chemicals * Heavy Chemicals * Foam Plastics * Plastic Products * Decorative Laminates * Soaps & Detergents * Cu-Clad Laminates * Plastic Intermediates * Laminates * Decorative PVC Doors * Multi-product Forecasts * Sulphuric Acid * Leather Industry * Plastics and Polymers


Instrumentation * Domestic Appliances * Auto Ancillaries * Aluminium * Aluminium Products * Steel Tubes * Watches * Engineering Infrastructure * Construction Equipment * Steel Strips * Steel Castings * Catalytic Converters * Automobile Silencer/Exhaust Systems * Multi-product Forecasts * Hydraulic Systems and Components * Total Automobile Industry


Heavy Electrical Accessories * Consumer Electronics * Cables * Electronic Instrumentation * Electronic Complex * Multi-product Forecasts


Writing & Printing Paper * Paper Boards * Speciality Papers * Particle Boards * Fibre Boards
* Multi-product Forecasts


Asbestos Products * Glass Reinforcements * Insulation Materials * Building Materials *Gypsum Boards * Multi-product Forecasts


Cotton Yarn * Leatherite * Synthetic Yarn * Industrial Yarn * Multi-product Forecasts


Superhard Metals * Leather Products * Packaging Materials * Printing Media * LPG * Explosives * Small Hydel Projects * Multi-product Forecasts * Nursing Home



• based on extensive research
• industry, product or country-based

has produced, in association with CIER, for the last 20 years, the most comprehensive and articulated India’s Industrial Database with 700 tables covering some 100,000 data entries.

INDUSCOPE, was first produced in hard copy as INDUSTRIAL DATABOOK released in 1984 by the then Union Minister of Industry and updated from time to time. The Statesman called it “a Goldmine of a Book”.

INDUSCOPE is updated continuously coming out every six months a new version. The latest edition, Version 13.2. is the 26th in the series over a 13 year period.

INTECOS in association with CIER has carried out focused studies on Management of Public Enterprises. Followed a full decade of Workshops and Round Tables in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and in close association with Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), NewDelhi.

Assisted CIER in producing in 2003, a study titled REINVENTING THE PUBLIC SECTOR published by Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies.

Assisted CIER in identifying Reliance Industries, India’s First Fortune 500 private company, as the case of an Industrial Legend. That was in 1985-86. The company has now attained a Market Cap of over Rs. 200,000 crores (over one trillion) equivalent of over $ 40 billion after a historical split.

Produced Towards a New Global Order with contribution of over 30 international authorities and experts and carrying a Foreword by the President of India.


INTECOS-CIER' major milestone, a pathbreaking exercise MARKET FORECASTS and INDICATORS, 2005-15. Its conceptual innovation:
It computes MMV (Manufacturing Market Value) as distinct from MVA
• First produced in 1995-1996
• Spanning India’s epochal decade, 1997-2007
• The Second Updated Version for, 2002-2012
• The Third Updated Version for, 2005-2015
• covering 320 products
• across 18 industrial sectors
• Spanning 1200 Lead Players, and 2500 Lead Brands

The products span across capital goods, intermediates and consumer durables and non-durables, from machinery and equipment, electronics and appliances, automobiles (two, three and four wheelers) down to paper, rubber and polymer products and to medical equipment and accessories to entertainment electronics and cosmetics.

INTECOS in association with CIER forayed into Sub-Sectoral Analysis with the production of a pathbreaking comprehensive study:


INTECOS’ one more milestone in intellectual forays:


Carrying Delineation of 12,000 Contemporary Concepts, Techniques, Systems
• Corporate Management
• Human Relations Management
• Quality Management and Policies
• Technology Planning
• Infrastructural Development
• Marketing Strategies
• Economic Planning
• Project Planning and Evaluation
• Macro and Micro Economics
• Environment Protection
• International Business
• Project Management
• International Trade
• Monetary and Credit Policy
• Industrial Engineering
• Market Research
• Banking and Financial Services
• Information Technology
• National Accounting
• Material Management
• Statistical Analysis
• Stock and Commodity Markets
• Cost Accounting
• Financial Management
• Accounts and Auditing
• Consulting and Counselling
• Forex Management
• Human Resource Management
• Logistics Management
• Operations Research
• Fiscal Planning and Management.


Annexes with incremental value

Leading Economists, especially all Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who have contributed to basic economic thought.
Leading Management Thinkers and Strategists, on whose contributions the edifice of contemporary management science and practices has been built.
Leading Institutions and Associations, an introduction to leading internationally known economic and management institutions, such as IMF, World Bank, UNIDO, ILO, OECD, WTO.

Consultancy is not a substitute of good management.
It is one of its sharpest tool.
The Encyclopaedia
Its Intellectual Capital

Editor and Principal Contributor

Dr. S.R. Mohnot
Executive Chairman
Centre for Industrial & Economic Research

Editorial Contributors

Dr. P.C. Bansil
Techno-Economic Research Institute

Mr. K.L.Dalal
Former Ambassador and
Secretary, External Affairs
Government of India

Mr. S.a. Khader
Former Deputy Director General
National Productivity Council

Dr. Sushil Bhandari
Former Dean, Mining Engineering
J.N. Vyas University

Dr. Abhilasha Mehta
Director of Research
Gallup Robinson, Boston

Mr. K.L. Kaul
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Industrial and Economic Research

Mr. Suresh P. Singh
Research Fellow
Centre for Industrial and Economic Research

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr. M.B. Athreya (Chairman)
Sringeri Sharda Institute of Management

Dr. C. S. Venkat Ratnam
International Management Institute

Dr. Abhishek Singhvi
Eminent Jurist and Member Governing Council
Centre for Industrial and Economic Research

Dr. Ashok Chandra
Professor and Special Adviser
International Management Institute
Former Special Secretary
Government of India

Dr. Uddesh Kohli
Chairman, Engineering Council of India
Chairman, CIDC, CDC

Dr. Vinayshil Gautam
Professor of Management, IIT(D)
Founder Director, IIM(K)

Prof. Krishna C. Sethi
Director, Mangalmay Institute
of Management and Technology

Dr. J.D. Agarwal
Institute of Finance

Dr. Rajan Saxena
Director, ICFAI Business School

Mr. V.R. Mehta
Senior Expert
Asian Development Bank
Director, Tata Motors

Dr. K.M. Raipuria

Former Adviser, Economic Affairs
Government of India

  The Founder Managing Director
Dr. S.R Mohnot
Industrial Economist and International Consultant
» a former Industrial Economist and Team Leader with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),

» Executive Chairman, Centre for Industrial and Economic Research.
» Designed and directed consultancy services to over 100 public and private sector organizations in India and abroad and international institutions and organizations.

» Director of several well-known industrial and service companies.
» President Emeritus, Indian Society of Training and Development and Chairman, Graduate Diploma Programme on T & D. Honoured as Fellow. Is Member of the
   Executive Board and Academic Council of the National Academy of Training and Development (NATAD).

» Vice Chairman, Consultancy Development Centre, an organization sponsored by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.
» Was the Vice President, Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI). Honoured as Fellow.
» Authored and edited some 20 widely acclaimed publications: Concentration of Economic Power, Human Dimension of Total Quality Management, Market Forecasts
   and Indicators, Reinventing the Public Sector, Empowerment and Human Resource, Concise Encyclopaedia of Management and Economic Sciences, Towards a
   New Global Order, Reliance: An Industrial Legend.


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