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GEO-HYDROMECHS (INDIA) was founded way back in 1989 having its head quarters at Roorkee, the Engineering Town of Northern India. Taking Steady Start with development activities in the field of Hydro Logical Instruments, Hydro-meteorological Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Geo Technical Instruments Etc. We have now established ourselves as leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of high quality Hydro-meteorological instruments, Scientific Instruments, Survey Instruments, hydro-logical instruments, Soil Testing, Dam Safety Instruments, Gauge & Discharge Instruments for Laboratory and field requirements.

We have recently entered in the field of manufacturing and installation of Bank Operated Cableway Systems for Discharge Observations and for the transportation of material to inaccessible places. We got expertise for the ESTABLISHMENT, RUNNING AND MAINTENANCE OF GAUGE, DISCHARGE AND SILT OBSERVATORY STATION AS PER INDIAN STANDARD. In this short span of time, we have manufactured over 30 Cableways for government as well as private customers. NTPC, NHPC, KPCL, GMR, LANCO, L&T have selected us for the manufacturing and installation of Cableway at their project and some of them have contracts with us for the maintenance as well as GDS site operations.

Geo-Hydromechs India ’s hydro instruments, Gauge & Discharge Instruments, Weather Instruments, Engineering Instruments etc. are used by professionals, nationwide, in variety of applications, including Gauge & Discharge Measurement, Silt Observation, Gauge Recording, Rain measurement, Weather Forecasting , Soil Testing etc. With direct sales and support and with our distribution network, we are able to supply and service worldwide.

We have supplied our reliable Hydro Logical Instruments, Weather Instruments, Safety Instruments, Engineering Instruments etc. to various Government, semi Government and Private organizations such as Central Water Commission, Ground Water Board, Irrigation Department, Water Resources Department, KPCL, N.T.P.C Ltd., N.H.P.C Ltd., RITES Ltd., GMR Energy Ltd., Lanco Hydro Energy Pvt.Ltd., T.I.F.A.C.,THDC Ltd., L&T, UJVNL, SJVNL etc. To the best of our knowledge and information received from different clients, all the instruments, installed by us in different parts of India are working with good reliability. All our hydro, scientific and survey instruments matches the highest levels of precision. We are competent enough to deliver time bounded bulk orders.

Geo-Hydromechs (India) Products. .. why?
» There are numerous reasons that attract more & more clients to try our hydro, survey and scientific instruments. Some of the reasons are.
» Top quality and efficiency
» High precision
» Reliable & durable
» Excellent after sales services
» Competitive price range

Quality & Infrastructure

Our Company has a robust infrastructure with an experienced team of technocrats. All the equipment and instruments are fabricated using the latest technology. Geo-Hydromechs (India)' s vision is to provide the most effective business solutions in terms of competitive prices for various products, including quality, delivery-and services. a combination that would helps us to serve the requirements of our clients in the most effective manner Special care is taken to meet after sales queries and needs of the client.

All the geo technical instruments, meteorological instruments, hydro logical instruments equipments, gauge & discharge instruments etc. are rigorously checked by the quality control department as per Indian Standards, to ensure a 100% perfect product.

Warranty & Service Policy

This policy has been established to expedite the servicing of Our Geo-Hydromehs (India) instruments, regardless it is within or beyond the warranty period. Instruments returned to us for service or repair without prior authorization will be handled according to this Warranty & Service Policy.

Warranty :

Most Geo-Hydromechs (India) instrumentS' including Ground Water Instruments, Dam Instruments, Weather Instruments, Civil Instruments have a one Year Limited Warrenty. The Geo-Hydromechs (India) is not responsible for damage caused by physical & environmental factors.

Please check your specific instrument product page and / or contact the Geo- Hydromechs (India) if you are not sure of the status of your instrument. Instruments/Controls within One Year Warranty Period Failures due to materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced (our option) without charge if returned to us freight prepaid. If failure is deemed by the factory to have been caused by abuse or tampering, the prospective charges will apply.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Geo-Hydromechs (India) to provide quality Dam Instruments, Civil Instruments, Ground water Instruments, Weather Instruments and services in a manner which completely satisfies customer's expectations and requirements. To ensure effectiveness of our Quality Policy, we will seek continuous improvement by requiring everyone in the organization to recognize this as a personal objective. We will support this requirement with leadership, training and the opportunity to participate, and we will make contributions to continuous improvement a criterion of individual job performance.

"Our ultimate aim is the total satisfaction of our customers"

Our Products

Structural Monitoring Civil Engineering Material Testing Equipment


Piezometer for Pore Water Pressure
Inclinometer for lateral Movement
Settlement Measurement System
Water level & Co-ordinate Recorder
Readout Unit & Datalogger
Stress Meter for Stress in Earth & Concrete
Rebar Strain Gauge for Stress in Steel
Thermometer for Temperature Measurement
Extensometer for Soil/Rock Deformation


Bearing Capacity
Permeability Test
Moisture Content
Consolidation Test
Compaction & CBR
Tri-axial & Direct Shear
Sampling & Preparation
Particle Size Distribution

Hydraulic Instruments
Pneumatic Instruments
Mechanical Instruments
Electrolytic Instruments
Strain Gauge Instruments
Vibrating Wire Instruments
Vibrating Strip Instruments


Particle Size & Shape
Sampling & Preparation
Impact Value & Abrasion
Bulking, Voids & Density
Soundness & Chemical Tests
Water Absorption & Crushing

Weather Monitoring Station
Water level Indicator & Recorder
Tape Extensometer & Tilt Sensors
Strong Motion Servo Accelerometer
Goodman Jack, Pendulum & Track Monitoring
Automatic Crack & Automatic Convergence System

Total Station
Automatic level
Altimeter & GPS
Brunton Compass
Survey Accessories
Dumpy & IOP level



Level Indicator & Logger
Graph Water Stage Recorder
Digital Water Depth Indicator
Transducer Water level Recorder Water Discharge Recorder
Cup Pigmy Current Meter
Standard Cup Current Meter
Propeller Pigmy Current Meter
Standard Propeller Current Meter


Ordinary Rain Gauge
Transducer Rain Gauge
Non-Recording Rain Gauge
Graph Recording Rain Gauge
Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Digital Wireless Rain Gauge
Datalogger based Rain Gauge


Altimeter & Padometer
Air Velocity & Direction
Thickness & Barometer
Tachometer & Gear Noise
PH Meter & Conductivity
Lux & Sound level Meter
Gas Detector and Analyzer
River Bed Material Sampler
Suspended Material Sampler
Thermometer & Hygrometer
Earth Auger & Extension Rod
Water Sample & Observation
Depth Integrated Water Sampler
Sample Collection Bottle & Box

Field / On-Site Services
Demonstration & Installation
Data Analysis & Interpretation
Repairs, Modification & Upgradation
Drilling, Investigation, Sampling & Testing
Laboratory Layout, Design, Setup & Training
Rock Drilling, In-Situ Cast Pilling & Construction

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