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Personal Information

1. She specialized in Orthodontics, and an experienced Implantologist and Cosmetic dental surgeon.
2. She has 22years experience in various fields of dentistry.
3. She’s a gold medalist in operative dentistry and child dentistry.
4. She is called for talk shows on dentistry by various TV channels.
5. Her clientele include patients from various embassies,corporates, movie and TV personalities.
6. She has treated patients from various countries like UK, USA, France, Italy, Belgium etc.
7. She is the dental surgeon on panel of
Our Centre is a pioneer centre in providing comprehensive dental diagnosis and treatments under one roof. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art-equipment including computerized intra oral dental imaging and record system to provide highest standards of latest treatments and diagnostic techniques to the patients. Strict asceptic techniques used in the clinic with instruments being sterilized by autoclaving and chemical sterilization.

Dr. Seema Taneja Gupta B.D.S, M.D.S. (Gold Medalist) heads of the centre and is registered with the Dental Council of India. She is an active senior member of Indian Dental association (IDA), Indian Orthodontic society (IOS), Academy of oral Implantology (AOI).
Dental Implants
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Single Stage Implants which are bloodless, flap less, stitch-less & painless, can be given for immediate replacement of missing teeth.Some cases may need two stage implants.
Crown & Bridge
ceramic and porcelain crowns & veneers
Ceramic crowns can be given for discolored or broken teeth. If some teeth are missing they can be repl aced by a fixed ceramic bridge as an effective.
dental implants delhi
Children and adults. Now braces are possible even in patients as old as 45 - 50 years provided the gum condition is good. Various transparent invisible fibre braces can be given to achieve excellent results.

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