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Bright Star Cooler
Bright Star Cooler is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified company and reputed manufacturer & exporter of air conditioning filters, fresh air filters, air cooler filters, air curtains, cold storage doors & Insulated panels, sheet metal cabinet of All types.
Bright Star Cooler   Bright Star CoolerBright Star CoolerBright Star Cooler
Bright Star Cooler   Bright Star Cooler Bright Star Cooler

We, Bright Star Cooler, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, established in 1981 are a reputed manufacturer and exporter of air conditioning filters,air handling unit, fan coil unit air curtains, cold storage doors, sheet metal cabinets of all types and refrigeration system. We boast of an efficient work force, professionally qualified personnel and sound infrastructure appropriate for the production of superior quality filters & allied products.With our long-standing industry experience, we have accustomed the needs and requirements of our customers and of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) industry. Our commitment to excellence has taken us many miles ahead of our competitors. We have a worldwide presence and have been exporting our products to the cold storage & refrigeration industry across the globe.

We manufacture and export a wide array of HVAC products according the quality of ISO-9001-2000 certificate that are highly efficient as well as effective in their functioning. Their quality speaks volume about the high demand they enjoy. Here, we allow our clients to get a cursory glance of our products.

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Air Washer Air washer
Single skin horizontal floor mounted air washer unit (SINGLE BLOWER-BELT DRIVEN)
1. Wide range of26 models with an airflow capacity from1870 CMH to 57800 CMH
2. Self- supporting hollow extruded aluminum profile frame for robust construction.
3. High quality galvanized steel(powder coated) removal panels.
4. Single DIDW forward/backward curve indigenous/imported blower.
5. Optional component section.
6. Drain pan-built in dual slope(optional construction-S.S304
7. grade/Auminium)
8. Air Moving assembly fitted on V.I.pads.
9. Aluminum frame with non woven Synthetic/wxpanded Aluminum media filtes

Fan & Blower Fan & Blower
We manufacture a large range of various air moving devices, such as, Fans and Blowers. The main difference between fans and blowers is in their flow and pressure characteristics. Fans deliver air in an overall direction that is parallel to the fan blade axis and can be designed to deliver a high flow rate, but tend to work against low pressure. Blowers tend to deliver air in a direction that is perpendicular to the blower axis at a relatively low flow rate, but against highpressure.

Cold Storage Doors
Cold Storage Doors Our quality line of cold storage doors ( with hinges and sliding) come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any cold storage application. Our cold storage doors come chock full of innovations. Used in cooler,freezer and cold storage, applications and its time-tested durability and dependability have made it the best-selling high-speed door in the cold storage market.All the Doors are made according the standard of ISO 9001-2000 specification.We assemble cold rooms according to spatial and structural requirements, accurate to a millimetre.Meeting our customers´special requests is our highest priority.

Doors or inspection windows will be arranged exactly according to customer requirement. All sizes and types,
Thickness of insulation:60 - 150mm
For temperature ranges from -40°C to +40°C.

Air Curtains Air Curtains
Air curtains fabricated by us are made up of centrifugal forward curved blade. They are available in decorative, satin aluminum anodized finish as well as in stainless steel. Their cost-effectiveness makes them a preferred choice amongst others in competition.

1. Switch control
2. Fireproof metal body
3. Super slim design saves space
4. Available in decorative, satin aluminum anodized and stainless steel finish .

Cold Room Panels Cold Room Panels
Our range of cold room panels are engineered with utmost precision and sophistication. Normally used for cold room and freezer room construction, used to equilibrate refrigeration temperature.

Bright Star Cooler are the manufacturers of complete range of Cold Room and Refrigeration unit for the small and medium cold rooms comprising of Machine made prefabricated PUF insulated Panels of different thickness from 60mm to150mm thick. PUF insulation are covered with precoated G.I sheet /S.S sheet on both side or a combination of both. The Walk-In-Coolers are ready to assemble with the help of Cam locking arrangement provided inside the PUF panels and no need of any angle iron structure is required. The product of Bright Star Cooler have its quality and so we have gain the ISO certification 9001-2000.

Single Skin Air Handling
Single Skin Air HandlingFrame Pannel: Single skin-high Grade galranized steel frame\Panel duly treated for ourtdoor duly extruded aluminum profile as option for framework.

Double Skin: Self supporting extruded aluminum profile with PUF injected panels 25min thick precoated outersheet\G.I inner. sheet.

Fan \ Motor Deck: DIDW forward \ Backward curve indignous \ imported dynamically and statically balanced fans and motor assemble onextruded aluminum profile and mounted on vibrational isolations.

Air Conditioning Filters Air Conditioning Filters
Breath clean air while keeping yourself cool with our range of air conditioning filters

Permanent , washable furnace and air conditioner filter it is foamless , non-clogging , and has no harmful ozone emissions.Attracts airborne particles to protect your heating and cooling system keeps your heating or airconditioning system coils cleaner which cansave up to 15% on your energy bills .

Technical Specifications

Puf Slabs Puf Slabs
We also engage in the manufacturing of puf slabs.Widely used on the
ceiling to absorb sound.

1. Lightweight
2. Execptional buyancy factor
3. Excellent insulation properties
4. Compatiblity with various resing systems to give structurally stable
5. advanced structural composites
6. Easily transportable and rapidly deployable

Use of Anti Microbial Process to reduce growth of microbes. Availability of a comprehensive range of high quality products at competitive costs. Preference given to factory inspection before dispatch. A trained and experienced team of supervisors and technicians. Periodic Vendor Rating.

A quality centric company, we believe in ensuring the development of flawless products from our manufacturing facility. Every stage of the production process is strictly monitored, from the sourcing of the raw material to the final packaging and dispatch of the finished products. Moreover, in-house testing of the finished equipment are conducted, according to latest internationally accepted standards, to guarantee only the best to our customers and clients.
We are empowered by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with innovative machinery, to facilitate designing and fabrication of our machines. manned by experienced professionals and highly qualified engineers. Guided by their expertize, we have invested in sophisticated testing equipment to be absolutely sure about the reliability and efficiancy of our products, thereby establishing their distinct identity in domestic as well as international markets.