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A professionally managed organization, Real Green Engineers Pvt.Ltd., leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of world acknowledged industrial ventilators such as Wind Turbine Ventilators, Roof ventilators, Roof Extractors, Roof Top Ventilators, Air Ventilators, No Power Fans, Roof Extractor Fans, Industrial Ventilators, Rooftop Ventilators.
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 Wind Turbine Ventilators




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A globally acclaimed organization, Real Green Engineers Pvt. Ltd., is manufacturer and exporters of high performance Industrial Ventilators, Turbine Ventilators, Roof Ventilators, Roof Extractor Fans, Air Ventilators, Industrial Roof Extractors etc. Wind Turbine Ventilators.Our products are manufactured under stringent quality check at every state of production. The material used for manufacturing turbines major components are tested, treated, formed and assembled as per the existing industrial specification and standards. We focus upon delivery of high quality, durable products along with superior client services, which offers our clients a competitive advantage & create value for their businesses.

roof extractor manufacturers, roof ventilator suppliers, roof top ventilator


“Wind Turbo vents is a wind driven ventilator that is installed on the roof top to provide effective ventilation for all kind of industries. Air Ventilator works on the simple principles of wind assisted rotation and stack effect. Even the slightest wind causes Turbo ventilator to rotate which in turn sucks out and expels the hot and humid air from the building. Rooftop Ventilators have several advantages when compared to conventional ventilation methods. Empowered with excellent engineering skills and precision technology, we have captured a worldwide market for Wind Turbine Ventilators. Wind turbo ventilators are acknowledgement by industrial giants worldwide and most of world's most developed countries have moved ahead with wind turbine ventilators and found professional and ultimate solution for industrial air ventilation problems.


  • Doesn't require power or electricity
  • Totally Economical, environment & Eco – Friendly.
  • No Operating Cost
  • 100% Weatherproof & Storm proof
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Rigid Roll Formed Curved Vanes
  • Teflon Pre sealed or SKF ZZ Bearing
  • Light weight & Durable
  • Fast Depreciation under IT Act as it is a Non – Conventional Energy Product.

    The Vanes are made of bright Aluminum / SS material of double curved vanes are specially designed for maximum weather durability, maximum wind driven efficiency and rain spill deflection. Specially designed aerodynamic vanes are strong by structure and light in weight. It is designed to achieve maximum wind energy utilization and performance of exhaust suction. Vanes prevents water entering the turbine by means of under groves provided for water spill deflection.

    The turbine ventilators come with heat and friction resistant Teflon cap. The Teflon cap is for revolutionary free floating effect, air movements lift and separates the turbine from the central shaft, resulting in nearer friction free motion.

    The turbine ventilators come with SS Central shaft which maintains rigidity under heavy stress and load factors. SS Rods on four sides stabilizes the central shaft to ensure equal weight distribution and reduce stress on fastening joints. The turbine ventilators ducting parts like, Throat adaptor and base flange are made of aluminium material /SS Material/FRP Material/ Polycarbonate Material which is strength tested to ensure structural integrity. Powder coating, Anodizing or Epoxy Paintings in desired color can be done on request.”

Wind Turbine Ventilators

industrial ventilators exporters, rooftop ventilators suppliersTurbovent has several advantages when compared to conventional ventilation methods.
 Does not require Electricity. Runs due to wind and stack effect
 No Operational and Maintenance Costs
 Requires little or no maintenance
 Enhances the architectural and aesthetic appearance of buildings
 Available in different materials to suit different environmental conditions.

Choice of the Material (Aluminium or Stainless Steel), size, number and installation of AIR VENTILATOR depends on considerations such as wind velocity, temperature differential, environment conditions, size of the building and location of the building and profile of the roof. Different sizes of wind turbo ventilators ranging from 16" to 34" are available which are recommended after considering the above facts.

roof top ventilators, air ventilators exportersWind Turbo vents is a wind driven ventilator that is installed on the roof top to provide effective ventilation for all kind of industries. Turbovent works on the simple principles of wind assisted rotation and stack effect. Wind assisted Rotation: Even the slightest wind causes Turbovent to rotate which in turn sucks out and expels the hot and humid air from the building.

Stack Effect

wind turbine ventilators, roof ventilators manufacturersBecause of temperature difference, the air inside the building is more or less dense than the air outside. If there is an opening high in the building and another low in the building, a natural flow will be caused where fresh air will enter from the sides and the hot humid air will rise and exit through the opening at the top. Turbovent utilizes this air flow phenomenon to rotate, thus creating a higher rate of outflow of air. Wind turbovent is a combination of both natural and forced air ventilation system. It is a free spinning roof ventilator which works on wind energy. It functions as a natural ventilator when there is a difference in thermal or wind pressure between the inside and outside of the building which forces the air to move through the opening of the ventilator. It also acts as a forced ventilation system when the air ventilator rotates to create a negative pressure within the building. Cooler air from outside will rush into the negative space within the building in order to maintain an equilibrium condition.


During summer months temperatures in roof spaces can reach as high as 60°c.This heat radiates downwards causing discomfort in living areas and forcing air conditioners to work harder. Even the effectiveness of ceiling insulation can be reduced by the additional heat load.


During the colder months, water vapour from showers and cooking is drawn into roof spaces and can condense to form up to 12 litres of moisture per day. This can render insulation ineffective, cause mildew on walls and ceilings and contribute to a damp environment.

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air ventilators exporters, no power fans suppliers
Without Ventilation
Moisture Laden Air Rise
and condenses in roof
space. Dampness is
Without Ventilation, heat
from the roof space
Radiates into home and
can also limit the
effectiveness of

wind turbine ventilators,roof ventilator suppliers, roof top ventilator


 Located at the topmost point of the roof to give optimum ventilation.
 Strong Lightweight and anti-corrosive.
 Rainwater and bird proof, being made up of closely spaced profiled vanes.
 Prevents down draft in to the building allowing air entry from the side openings.
 Pleasant looking and enhances architectural looks.
 Prevents condensation at the bottom of the roof.
 Design to  withstand upto 140 Km/Hr wind speed
 Exhausts hot air due to stack effect even when there is no wind.
 Smooth and quiet operation.

Our Strengths


We have earned a commendable reputation for reliability and quality due to our adherence to uncompromising standards of quality. Total Quality Control is built into the organizational structure. We ensure that highest quality products are delivered to our clients for their total satisfaction. We possess a team of experts which maintains a strict vigil on the manufacturing process.

rooftop ventilators suppliers, roof top ventilator


We possess state-of-the-art production unit that is backed by hi-tech machines. We are constantly exploring new advancements in technology that provide real benefits to the products we engineer. The technical know-how coupled with the vast experience of our experts helps in culminating unrivalled products. We continually invest in technological up gradation to keep abreast of the changing trends.
To put it simply, ventilation is the act of moving air. Out with the hot, in with the cool, However, we're not talking about creating a breeze. Instead, we're talking about ventilat ion that creates year-round benefits.
So we've provided you with all the resources you need to make an informed decision. One that will save you time, money, energy and hassle in the long run.

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