Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda
Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda
|| An Effort with consciousness for holistic
approach to Disease - Healing - Health ||
Vedanta Ayurveda Vedanta Ayurveda
Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurveda

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Dr. Ramniwas Prasher

M.D. (Ay.) IPGT & RA, Jamnagar
Consultant Ayurveda & Panchakarma

Doing Ayurveda Consultancy and conducting Short Term Training Program on Ayurvedic Panchakarma for patients & aspirants of the system form almost all parts of the world. Developed some Herbal compounds by following the Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals and using them successfully in various obstinate modern life style generated†diseases.

Since1998 Dr. Prasher has treated about 34000 patients of various Chronic Disorders from all parts of the world, successfully with more than 90% patientsí satisfaction rate including 4 with AIDS, 34 Hepatitis-B, 54 Hepatitis-C, 67 Coronary artery diseases, 7 valvular heart diseases, 4560 Slip Disc. 150 Thyroid, 3570 Diabetic, 6250 Asthma/Chronic Bronchitis, 03 Liver abscess, 9 Prostate cancer, 2 Blood cancer, 2 Breast cancer, 6 Liver cancer,2 brain cancer, 6 lung cancer,1565 BPH,916 Hypertension, 1200 Chronic renal failure, 3670 Arthritis, 132 Infertility,875 Obesity, 235 Migraine, and a large number of others suffering from common ailments.† In addition more then 100 healthy persons avail general health care & Preventive health modalities like Ayurveda massage, Shirodhara and Panchakarma therapies, other esthetic methods of treatments every month.

Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatoid- arthritis, Gout, Spondylitis, Slip-disc, Osteoporosis,
Muscular dystrophy, Myasthenia gravis,
Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, Paralysis,
Diabetes, diabetic- retinopathy, diabetic -nephropathy, diabetic- neuropathy,
Chronic Renal Failure, Nephrotic Syndrome, Renal stones
Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, Cirrhosis of liver,
AIDS, Cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer disorder, Urine -incontinence, BPH
Infertility, Impotency, Psychological disorders, Migraine, Menopausal syndrome
Sinusitis, Asthma, Psoriasis & Vitilago (white patches)
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Madhumeha-Diabetes Mellitus

The term Madhumeha is used in Charaka Samhita [1000-1500BC], Susruta Samhita [100-500BC] for the multisystemic metabolic disorders effecting multitissues, Diabetes Mellitus. Incidences of Diabetes type-II, increasing along with the increase in materialistic orientation of society; the epidemic like situation is traced in the mutation of related genes & alterations in metabolic mechanisms by scientists of the field ; 230 millions of diabetics are living with disease. It is emerging seventh leading causes of mortality.
Increase in diabetes cases from 1990-1998 was 33%
For people between 30-39 years the increase was 70%
For people between 40-49 years the increase was 40%
Ayurveda concept of Health & Disease is based on natural Law of Panchamahabhuta; that are manifested in the form of three Doshas in Biological Systems.

The manifestation of any disease is the victory of disease causing factors in the on going fight with the autonomous defense mechanism available inside every sustainable biological system. The under/over/faulty-utilization of this autonomous healing mechanism weakens this natural wealth. The availability of this natural healing power depends upon our basic constitutions of 7 categories [vata, pitta, kapha, vata-pitta, vata-kapha, kapha-pitta, Sama Prakriti] with which we all born.

In Vedic Era the constitutions were diagnosed before the couple planned for having a child. Based on the findings of personality type of parents a diet& life style regimen were tailor made for before, during the pregnancy period as well as at the time of birth & there after throughout life to enrich the available natural healing power, so that every human being can lead a complete, healthy& purposeful life.

DM is caused either by a lack of Insulin [Type I] or body’s inability to use insulin [Type II] also known as maturity onset diabetes is often triggered by obesity stress& a

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NIDANA - Etiological Factors

In medical texts of Indian System of Medicine-Ayurveda Genetic susceptibility, Indulgence in- Excess intake of milk & its products,

• Sugarcane juice& its products,
• Meat of animals from marshland,
• Food products prepared from cereals that are less than one year,
• Recently prepared wines,
• Physical inactivity, excessive sleep, no day-to-day activity
• Related mental plannings,excessive mental worry ,
• Obesity& sedentary life habits&
• Faulty eating habits like eating food when earlier taken not digested, eating
food without any appetite,
• Overeating.

Twenty types of premeha, kaphaj [10 types ]-pittaj [6 types] –vataj [4 types] get manifested depending on the basic constitution on the patient , varieties of causative factors enlisted & type of tissues effected among the following-[Medas]adipose,[Vasaa]fat,[Rakta]blood cells,[Shukra]spermatozoa,[Ambu] cytoplasm,[Lasika] protoplasm ,[Majja]bone marrow,[Rasa]lymph,[Pishita] muscle , [Ojas]gene-proteins/ factors responsible for immunity.

The behavior of these Doshas in health & disease state depends on their quantum, quality which in turn behaves in accordance to our habitat, life style& dietary habits. The changes occurs in our genes & metabolic mechanisms can be reversed with the help of natural herbal compounds described in the authentic texts of Ayurveda along with required changes in our life style & related p


Polydypsia due to plasma glucose hyperosmolarity
Polyuria due to excess fluid intake and glucose-induced osmotic diuresis
Polyphagia due to glucosuria and negative calorie balance
General debility
Profuse sweating, dryness of the skin
Pain in thigh/calf muscles
Weight loss due to calories lost as glucosuria, leaving a negative calorie balance
Poor wound healing, gingivitis, blurred visio


Although patho-physiological point of view 20 types of diabetes are described in Ayurveda,but to select line of treatment only TWO types
1. Diabetes in lean persons.
2. Dia betes in obese.

Those patients who are strong Physical & mentally should be treated with suitable Panchakarma therapeutics along with herbal preparations, otherwise should be managed with only herbal along with life-style & dietary modifications.

Lot of research going on all over the world to find a reasonable good remedy for DM-type 2; but till date the efforts are going on with partial success. An herbal compound is prepared with consideration of constitution , state of disease & nature of herbal extract from Haridra, Daruharidra, Amalaki, Haritaki, Vijaysara


It is unique in the sense that it controls the blood sugar holistically without any side effect & minimizes the bad effects of disease process on almost all systems, vital organs& tissues. It’s a unique combination of herbs developed by Dr.Prasher for his patients; one of tMadhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta Ayurvedahe best counter products of Vedanta Ayurveda which helps the diabetics in the following ways -

Regenerate Beta cells to produce more Insulin
Works like Insulin
Checks the absorption of sugar from the food
Insulin sensitizer
Improve glucose uptake by peripheral tissues
Decreases the overweight
Restore the disturbs carbohydrates& fat metabolism
Reduce mental stress
Protect all vital organs & tissues involved
This formulation helps in reversing the


Madhumeha Herbal Treatment, Vedanta AyurvedaChronic complications may be due to mitochondrial superoxide overproduction in response to hyperglycemia. Atherosclerosis, Diabetic Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy [CRF], impotency, the Diabetic Foot.

Pathyapathya If you have family history of Madhumeha /in pre-diabetic state
(a) Manages your weight & stress level.
(b) Whole grain food items, fresh fruits & vegetables, walking, Yoga will help you to keep away the disease.
(c) If possible take food your food with concentration; try to start your meal with fruits/salads/heavy food items, not after.

Media comments about the Clinical & Educational Programs conducted by
Dr. Ramniwas Prasher:
1. BringingAyurveda to the common man, The Observer, New Delhi-2November1999.
2. Abhyanga[Ayurveda Massage] a new attraction to foreigner tourists Jansatta -9Nov.1999.
3. Ayurveda centre claims cure for Diabetes, Asthma and Infertility, Delhi Mid Day- 7June2000.

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