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About Us

PTFE Cables Manufacturers, PTFE Insulated Cables Suppliers, Cables Exporters, High Voltage Cables Manufacturers, Under Floor Heating Cables Suppliers, PTFE Sleeves Exporters, PTFE Tubes Manufacturer India.
Tanya Enterprises was founded by Mr. Subhash Chandra Tonk and Mr. Rahul Tonk in 1999-2000. Before that Mr. Subhash Chandra Tonk was an active partner in reputed organization since their beginning. We have an excellent experience of 23 years in manufacturing of PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables, Under Floor Heating Cables and PTFE Sleeves & PTFE Tubes. We have well-equipped infrastructure with latest machines and a separate testing lab for testing and to control the high quality of our PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables, Under Floor Heating Cables and PTFE Sleeves & PTFE Tubes. To produce high quality PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables, Under Floor Heating Cables and PTFE Sleeves & Tubes and to satisfy the needs & wants of our customers is our main motto. We are able to manufacture PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables, Under Floor Heating Cables and PTFE Sleeves & Tubes as per the client’s specific requirements. We always do R&D to improve the quality of PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables, Under Floor Heating Cables and PTFE Sleeves & Tubes Cables and due to high quality our PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables, Under Floor Heating Cables and PTFE Sleeves & Tubes; we have the clients in both domestic & international markets all over the world.

PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables

In PTFE Cables, PTFE Insulated Cables, Cables, High Voltage Cables and Under Floor Heating Cables normally Conductors are used, which are Silver Plated or Nickel plated Copper or as per the requirement in single (solid) or strain free true concentric, 7,19 or 37 strand or bunched special construction as per requirement. The insulation is of P.T.F.E. tape wrapped & sintered. By the unique type wrap insulation process remarkable perfect concentricity is obtained which normally is not possible in extruded wire. These wires contains better stripping, better flexibility, better tear resistant and dielectric strength than extruded wires due to tape wrap technique process. We make the all type of cables with insulation of P.T.F.E tape confirms to MIL-W 16878 or JSS-51034 or as per customer's specifications.
Few notable properties of P.T.F.E. Insulation are as under :
1.Non-Flammability: The Insulation is fire (Flame) proof i.e. non-flammable. It has excellent thermal stability-suitable for use from -65°C to 250°C
PTFE Sleeves Traders, PTFE High Voltage Cables Supplier2.Flexibility: P.T.F.E. wires are manufactured with best available stranded Copper/Silver Plated Copper wires giving better flexibility for comfortable use in the wiring.
3.Weather Resistance: The insulation have not shown any notable changes in mechanical or chemical properties even after outdoor exposure for over 20 years. It is also unaffected’ by exposure to ultraviolet rays.
4.Chemical Resistance: Insulation is inert to virtually all known Acids, Chemicals and solids.
6.Some Applications of PTFE Insulated Cables, High Voltage Cables & Cables:
Furnace and oven wiring, High performance motors, transformers and rectifiers, Thermo-couple and compensating cables, Air-field lighting equipment, Equipment for Aircraft, Radar, Research Equipment for Aerospace, Navy & Meteorology Electro-mechanical applications, Satellites, Process Control, Telephone Exchange Satellite Launching, Ground Control, Reactors and Control Equipment for Atomic Energy, Computers, Flight simulators, Electronic Test Equipment, Communication Equipment, Infra-red sensing equipment, High temperature lighting fittings, Neuro-surgical/ Electro-medical, X-Ray machine, Patient Monitoring equipment, Refrigeration equipment, Load cells and pressure transducers, Electro-mechanical applications, Satellites.
CAUTION :Thin-wall insulation is not recommended for higher soldering iron temperatures and forgauges larger than AWG 20.

PTFE Sleeves & Tubes

Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) Sleeves and Tubes are intended for applications involving High Frequencies, High Temperature or both. PTFE have excellent electrical properties, which does not change over a wide range of frequencies, temperatures and humidity. PTFE Insulated Cables India, PTFE Cables ManufacturersPTFE Sleeves and tubes are manufactured by Tape Wrapping Sintering (TWS) process that enables these high flexibility and excellent mechanical stability.
Few of the advantages ofPTFE Insulatio,n are as follows:
1. Extremely stable at high temperatures and can be used continuously at -65°C to +250°C. 2. Non-Flammable.
3. High Dielectric strength.
4. Virtually inert to almost known chemicals, UV radiation, oils, solvents and fluxes.
5. Excellent anti'-stick properties prevents the build-up of sediments and fungus.
6. Bio-compatible.
7. Extremely hydro-phobic and sheds water almost totally.

Applications of PTFE Sleeves and Tubes:

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1.Radars, Satellites and other defense electronics equipments.
2.Due to high temperature proximity widely used for heater interconnections. 3.Insulating cover for electrical joints, Motor winding leads and Transformer winding leads.
4.Protective cover over electrical leads in Air-conditioning sealed units.
5.RF Signal transmission, antennas.
6.For branching leads in harness/cable assembly.
7.In communications, control Instruments and professional electronics.
8.As carriers for corrosive, high viscosity chemicals or fluids, also under high pressure and temperature.
9.As protective cover over hoses for injection moulding machines Hoses (with or without braid of stainless steel wire / F.G. Yarn or Polyester Yarn) for hydraulic/pneumatic applications as capillaries for medical application. 10.Temperature sensors, Automobiles etc. 
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