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The success of State Enterprises has been and will continue to be based on a commitment to provide its customers with the best quality products and services available. As the needs of industrial customers have changed, State Engineering has invested in its people, equipment, and technology necessary to continue its tradition. Our expertise has enabled us to guarantee constant operational quality.
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State Enterprises is one of the largest manufacturers of Blind Rivets in India, with their head office and plant in Delhi. They provide a wide range of Blind Rivets, Bifurcated Rivets, Blind Rivets like aluminum blind rivets, aluminum alloy blind rivets, stainless steel blind rivets, steel blind rivets, sealed type blind rivets, multi-grip blind rivets, peeled type blind rivets, grooved blind rivets, Olympic mega grip blind rivet, blind rivets nuts, and riveting tools. We also provide industrial fasteners, and fastening systems to the automotive, aircraft, switchgear, white goods and electronics industries in India. In addition to it, we also have Authorized Distributors in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.
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Aluminum Alloy Blind Rivets
Stainless Steel Blind Rivets
Sealed Type Blind Rivets
Blind Rivet Nuts
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State Enterprises offers India's largest range of stainless steel blind rivets and aluminum blind rivets and permanently stock- 40 million stainless steel blind rivets.

Our Range of Products includes :
Blind Rivet Nuts
Blind Rivet Tools
Aluminum Blind Rivets
Aluminum Alloy Blind Rivets
Steel Blind Rivets
Stainless Steel Blind Rivets
Sealed Type Blind Rivets
Peeled Type Blind Rivets
Multi Grip Blind Rivets
Bifurcated Rivets
Grooved Type Blind Rivet
Olympic Mega Grip Blind Rivet
Open Type Blind Rivets
Close End Blind Rivets.

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The ability to set blind rivets without the need for access at the back of the work makes their use mandatory in many instances. However, there are many additional advantages that make blind rivets the most logical choice in numerous applications where blind-setting feature is not of primary importance. Following are some of these important blind rivet advantage compared with conventional fasteners.

Low in Place Costs- Real or “in-place” costs are often lower than those of other fasteners because of their speed and ease of application.

Fast Assembly- Because Blind Rivets can be set in seconds.

Low Cost, Lightweight, Easily Portable Tools- Manual or power tools are easy to take to the work place, reduce operator fatigue, and minimize capital expenditure.

Strong, Reliable Fastenings, Independent of Operator Skill- Blind rivets don't torque out like threaded fasteners, wasting time and material. Correct setting pressure is predetermined by the breaking point designed into the mandrel. So, you get uniformly strong, reliable fastenings the first time – all the time.

Vibration-Proof Assembly – Blind rivets won't back out or vibrate loose and fallout like threaded fasteners. No Surface Marring. Setting tool won't slip and mar polished or finely finished surfaces. No dents, dimpling or wrench marks.

Exceptional Versatility – Blind rivets hold securely in thin or thick, soft or hard materials, ideal for dissimilar materials. First choice for plastics and other easily damaged components.

High Grip ANO Pull Up Strengths – A blind rivet draws parts together, even when a gap exists between parts. TEMPERPROOF. Ideal for public transportation and other public facilities where tempering and vandalism are problems. Excellent for fastening limited-access panels; authorized personnel with correct equipment easily drill out blind rivets.


Our infrastructure is well equipped to meet the challenging needs of current market scenario. We employ some of the most modern manufacturing techniques available, and we have become pioneers in adapting international quality control systems. We have the best industry talent working for us to develop quality products using new age technology marvels.


We continually improve our products and services, which leads us to be more and more stringent in our pursuit for a better and more demanding quality control. We understand that excellence is synonymous with up to date quality control system ensuring the highest possible standard of quality in all our products.

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