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Veer Brazing alloys are the cleanest and brightest, free of oxide and surface impurities. These brazing alloys are extensively used for joining copper tubing in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, as well as in other application. Phosphorus acts as a fluxing agent due to its affinity for oxygen, therefore the usual application of a brazing flux may be omitted. However, this type of brazing alloys cannot be used on Ferrous or Nickel alloys because of brittle joints.
Leaks are caused by oxide and impurities. Contamination that enters the joint in the molten metal of an impure brazing alloy and impede the brazing alloy flow. Wherever there is contamination, the alloy flows around it, leaving pinholes in the joint. These pinholes are tiny doors which allow refrigerant gas to leak out. Leaks are expensive; the serviceman has to return to the job to re-braze the joint and must refill the expensive refrigerant that was lost from the leaks.

Product Composition % Melting Range Specifications
Silver Phos Copper Solidus
IS:2927 BS:1845 DIN:8513 AWS:A5.8
VE Copper Phos-A -   7.2  92.8  710   802   BaCuP-2   CP3 L-CuP7  BCuP-2 
VE Copper Phos-B 6.1 93.9  725  830  BaCuP-1 CP6  L-CuP6 -
VE 2% 2.0 6.6 91.4  643  788  BaCuP-3  CP2 L-Ag2P BCuP-6 
VE 5% 5.0 6.6 89.0  643  816  BaCuP-4 CP4  L-Ag5P  BCuP-3
VE 6% 6.0 6.5 87.5  643  774  - - BCuP-4 
VE 15% 15.0  5.0 80.0 643  804  BaCuP-5 CP1 L-Ag15P BCuP-5


CU Balance
PHOS 13% TO 15% 
CU Balance
MN 29% TO 31%
CU Balance
IMPURITIES ( MAX)  0.20% 0.40% 0.10%
DIMENSION APPROXIMATE 285 X 185 X 30 MM 285 X 185 X 30 MM 285 X 185 X 30 MM
OTHER FORMS Granules, Powder, Shots, Rods Also available on special request
HYGIENIC ASPECTS Dust, Vapour, Fumes of High "AS" content are toxic.
Care must for skin Irritation & for Damaging Of Respiratory. 
Dust, Vapour, Fumes of High "PH" content are toxic.
Care must for skin Irritation.
Should be preheated Before addition to Molten Metal, Gloves must for Sharpened tracks, Edges, Protecting Clothing.
THRESHOLD LIMIT VALUE  (OSHA )  Of "AS" is 0.01 mg/m3 Of "P" is 0.01mg /m3  
APPLICATION : In Non Ferrous Industries & Ferrous Industries, improves Corrosion. Resistance in Homogenous Bronze Alloys, Small addition In brass bit Inhibit Dezincification. In Non Ferrous Including  Brazing Alloy, Welding Electrodes, phosphor Bronzes, Refining of  Hypereutical Silicon Alloy, Deuxi Copper & Copper Alloy. For adding Manganese to Alloy Metals-High Tensile Brass, Nickel Silver Cupro-Nickel, Aluminium Bronze Steel etc.

Product Specification

Product  Specifications
IS:2927  BS:1845 DIN:8513  AWS:A5.8
VE Copper Phos-A  BaCuP-2 CP3 L-CuP7 BCuP-2
VE Copper Phos-B BaCuP-1 CP6  L-CuP6 -
VE 2%  BaCuP-3 CP2 L-Ag2P BCuP-6
VE 5%  BaCuP-4 CP4  L-Ag5P BCuP-3
VE 6%  BCuP-4
VE 15%  BaCuP-5 CP1 L-Ag15P BCuP-5
VE 20% Cd - L-Ag20Cd -
VE 25% Cd - - BAg-27
VE 25%  - AG17  L-Ag25 -
VE 30% Cd - AG12  L-Ag30Cd BAg-2a
VE 30%  - - -
VE 35% Cd BaCuAg-20 AG11  L-Ag34Cd BAg-2 
VE 40% Cd AG10 L-Ag40Cd -
VE 40%  BaCuAg-18 - - BAg-4
VE 43% Cd BaCuAg-16A AG2 - -
VE 43%  BaCuAg-16 AG5 - -
VE 45% Cd BaCuAg-15 - - BAg-1
VE 45% BaCuAg-14 AG15 L-Ag44 BAg-5
VE 49% - AG18 L-Ag49 BAg-22
VE 50% Cd BaCuAg-10 AG1 L-Ag50Cd BAg-1a
VE 50N-Cd BaCuAg-12 AG9 L-Ag50CdNi BAg-3
VE 50% BaCuAg-9 - - BAg-6
VE 55% BaCuAg-8 - - -
VE 60% BaCuAg-6 - - -

Product Characteristics & Applications

Product Melting Range Applications
Solidus 'c Liquidus 'c
VE Copper Phos-A 710  802  For Copper or Brass 
VE Copper Phos-B 725 830 For Copper, flow is more sluggish 
VE 2% 643 788 Sluggish flow, used for copper joints
with wider clearance
VE 5% 643 816 For Copper or brass. Used to bridge gaps
where close fit can't be maintained 
VE 6% 643 774 For Copper & Brass
VE 15% 643 804 For Copper & Brass. Good Ductility.
VE 20% Cd 603 755 Good filler forming properties.
VE 25% Cd 600 715 Good filler forming properties.
VE 25% 680 795 Moderate ductility limits joint design.
VE 30% Cd 610 700 Excellent capillary floe with better ductility
for filling gaps.
VE 30% 690 760 Use with ferrous and non-ferrous base metals.
Flow suitable bridging gaps.
VE 35% Cd 610 702 Good flow characteristics for wide range of
VE 40% Cd 593 628 Good flow characteristics for wide range of
VE 40% 660 779 Good flow characteristics. Suitable for ferrous
& non-ferrous base metals.
VE 43% Cd 610 620 Excellent flow characteristics. Highest joint
strength can be obtained.
VE 43% 688 765 Electrical Applications.
VE 45% Cd 605 620 Excellent flow characteristics. Highest joint
strength can be obtained.
VE 45% 677 743 General purpose filler for steel alloys, copper
alloys. Melting range useful for wide clearances.
VE 49%  625 705 For brazing all kinds of Carbide-tipped tools.
VE 50% Cd 629 637 For Brazing Steels.
VE 50 N Cd 634 688 For brazing tungsten carbide tips to rock drills,
milling cutters, shaping tools etc.
VE 50%  688 774 Often used to  braze galvanized steel but
suitable for bridging gaps in other ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
VE 55%  620 653 For use on Steels, Copper, Copper Alloys,
Nickel & Nickel Alloys.
VE 60%  688 732 For brazing silverware or in step
brazing operations.

Gas Welding Wire IS : 1278
Silicon bronze wire Type SC 6 For bronze welding copper sheet and tubes,fusion welding of brass 875°C