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Incepted in 1996, RPPL is engrossed in supplying of medical equipment and devices which are used for producing and providing oxygen to patients in hospitals. Our product range includes Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Analyzer, Oxygen Conserving Devices, CPAP/BPAP Machines, Oxygen Outlet Pressure and Nebulizers. We are also the authorized distributor of Airsep Corporation USA- the world leaders in P.S.A. Based air separation technology. At present, we are exporting Airsep products to over 100 countries.

All our products require less maintenance and provide a higher output. They are used in highly hostile atmospheric conditions and are also durable. Established in Ambala, under the guidance and motivation of Mr. Ashwin Bansal, we have progressed in leaps and bounds. We have a team of exporters and traders, who have complete market understanding and knowledge and accordingly provide clients with the products.

Our products have captured a wide market scenario due to their superior quality and unique features. Our wide distribution network and contacts with reputed manufacturers have carved a niche for our products.RPPL is a leading organization engaged in importing, trading and supplying of oxygen concentrator, oxygen analyzer, portable oxygen concentrator and oxygen conserving devices which are used in various hospitals. Our range includes:Medical Equipments Suppliers Distributors Oxygen Concentrator Exporters, Indian Distributors of Oxygen Concentrators, Wholesale Supplier of Oxygen Concentrator, Buy Online Oxygen Concentrator from India, Oxygen Concentrator Dealers Exporter in India, Medical Equipments Supplying Agency, Hospital Oxygen Gas Providers, Oxygen Concentrator Equipments Supplier in Haryana India, Indian Distributors of Oxygen Analyzer, Oxygen Conserving Devices Dealers India, CPAP and BiPAP Machines Equipment Supply from India, Medical Oxygen Gas Generator suppliers from India, Online Oxygen Gas Generator & Supplier, RPPL, Airsep's Dealer & Distributor in India, Newlife Elite Oxygen concentrator, Portable oxygen Concentrator supplier in India, Portable Oxygen Gas Generator supplier, Medical Oxygen cocentrator manufacturer in India, Importers of medical Equipment in India, Importers of Oxygen concentrator in India, Importers of Oxygen Generator in India, Importers of Oxygen Analysers in India, Suppliers of Oxygen Analysers in India, Oxygen conserving devices suppliers, distributors & wholesaler, Oxygen analyser for FiO2, Teledyne oxygen Analyser importers in India

Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrators with Exclusive Options
Building reliable medical and industrial oxygen concentrators is the foundation of AirSep’s global business. And with time-proven reliability,the worldwide manufacturer of NewLife now dares to offer you an even superior concentrator: the only one the industry will regard as ”Elite.“ NewLife® Elite brings incomparable performance and value to today’s price-sensitive market.

Expertly Designed Oxygen Concentrator
Exterior : A subtle exterior design with understated good looks, convenient patient controls and handles, safety features, and quieter operation. Styled to suit every patient’s home décor or any institutional setting.

Interior : AirSep’s technologically advanced design eliminates the maintenance
associated with extensive filter systems, enabling NewLife Elite to operate reliably in even the most severe environments.

Oxygen Concentrator Specifications
28.5 in. H x 15.7 in. W x 14.5 in. D
72.4 cm H x 40 cm W x 36.8 cm D

54 lb; Shipping Weight – 64 lb
24.5 kg; Shipping Weight — 29 kg

120 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.0 Amps
220–240 VAC, 50 Hz, 2.0 Amps
220 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.0 Amps

Power Consumption:
350 Watts

1 Year Warranty
Power failure
High and low pressure
Battery test
Low purity (Oxygen Monitor test with optional EcoCheck®)

LPM Concentration*
1–3 95% ±3%
4 92% ±3%
5 90% ±3%
6** 90% ±3% (120 VAC) 87% ±3% (220-240 VAC)
* Based on atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psia (101 kPa)
at 70° F (21° C).
** 6 lpm capability available with dual flow 6 liter option.

Oxygen Conserving Device Manufacturer Oxygen Concentrator
NewLife® Intensity delivers oxygen at 20 psig (138 kPa) for special applications that require more outlet pressure to drive various medical accessories than the standard 4.5–9 psig (31–62 kPa) output of all other concentrators. This one unit can replace the need for two or more devices, particularly where external compressors may have been required, or it can even eliminate the use of expensive liquid oxygen. Use NewLife Intensity to power your oxygen patients’ special or unique applications.

The dual flow version of the unit provides flexibility such as the following:
• Reduces equipment cost and electrical consumption when two patients on oxygen therapy in the same home share one NewLife Intensity unit. (Ideal if only one patient has insurance coverage.)

• Enables dual tubing setups, including usage by:
- patients who prefer a longer tubing setup during the day and a shorter tubing setup at night. (This is particularly helpful for arthritic patients.)
- sleep therapy patients to use supplemental oxygen from their NewLife Intensity unit through their sleep therapy device at night and a separate setup for the concentrator during the day.

Oxygen Concentrator Specifications
Performance :
1–3 95.5%–92.0%
4 92% ±3%
5 90% ±3%
6-8** 90% +/-3% (87 ±3% — 220-240 (VAC)

Oxygen Outlet Pressure :
20 psig (138 kPa)

Dimensions :
28.5 in. H x 15.7 in. W x 14.5 in. D
(72.4 cm high x 40 cm W x 36.8 in. D)

Weight :
54 lb (24.5 kg)

Power :
120 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.0 Amps
220–240 VAC, 50 Hz, 2.0 Amps
220–240 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.0 Amps

Power Consumption :
410 Watts

Alarms :
High temperature
Power failure
High and low pressure
Battery test
Low oxygen concentration
(with optional oxygen monitor)

Portable Oxygen ConcentratorPortable Oxygen Concentrator
Mobility Redefined
With AirSep’s new LifeStyle™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator, those who need the benefits of oxygen therapy can travel and vacation with ease,(including the logistics associated with extended cruises orairport connections) or unplanned,overnight stays.
Supplemental oxygen users can go wherever adventure calls — without the constant fear of running out of their liquid or cylinder supply.

No Refills, No Deliveries Ever Again!

For Active and Traveling Patients…

For Working Patients...

Or for Leisure Pursuits...

Convenience at Home…

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Specifications
Oxygen Concentration*:
1-5 pulse settings; equivalent to a
continuous flow of 90% oxygen at ±3

Dimensions :
5.5 in. H x 7.25 in. W x 16.31 in. L
(13.9 cm H x 18.4 cm W x 41.4 cm L)

Weight :
9.75 lb (4.4 kg)

Power :
LifeStyle unit — 13 VDC, 42 Watts
Power supply — 100-250 VAC,
50/60 Hz, 3.5 amps maximum
Battery pack — 12 VDC, nominal

Battery Duration:
50 minutes nominal for fully - charged battery

Battery Quick - Charge:
2 to 2-1/2 hours
Audible Alarms And Visual Indicators:
Start-up — Audible/visual (green)
Pulse flow — Visual (green)
Battery condition —
Audible/visual (yellow)
Cannula disconnect/No inspiration —
Audible/visual (red)
System overdraw —
Audible/visual (red)
High and low pressure —
Audible/visual (red)

2-year parts on unit; 90 days on rechargeable battery

International Approvals:
– CE 0459
– CSA-certified
– AirSep Corporation is ISO 9001-certified


Oxygen Conserving Device ManufacturerOxygen Conserving Device
Clinician’s overwhelmingly agree that the preferred choice in oxygen conservation technology is every-breath pulse flow delivery. AirSep’s ImPulse Elite offers two modes of every-breath delivery — depending on a patient’s medical assessment.

Unique, Modular Internal Design
Unit designed to be switched only by the clinician between two modes of operation:
• Average 6:1 conservation rate in mode A
• Average 3:1 conservation rate in mode B
ImPulse Elite combines convenience and portability for patients with therapeutic oxygen needs. Through advanced electronic features, the ImPulse Elite unit responds effectively to a patient’s respiratory cycle and delivers the precise amount of prescribed oxygen when it is most beneficial — at the beginning of inhalation.

Oxygen Conserving Device Specifications
Weight :
24 oz. (with “D” size battery) 682 g

Dimensions :
4.39 in. x 5.58 in. x 2.55 in.
11.15 cm x 14.17 cm x 6.48 cm

Power :
(1) 1.5V, “D” size alkaline battery

Battery Life Expectancy*
Mode A: 18 months Mode B: 10 months

Alarm/No inspiration – Audible/visual (red)
Low Battery – Audible/visual (yellow)
Pulse Flow – Visual (green); indicates good battery

Conservation Rate
Mode A: Every breath – 6:1 average
Mode B: Every breath – 3:1 average

Continuous Flow (Except Model OC006-2)
2 lpm oxygen; manual switch

Contents Gauge
Red/Refill Zone: 0 – 500 psi
Green Shaded Zone: 500 – 2,200 psi
Green Outlined Zone: 2,200 – 3,000 psi

Maximum Cylinder Pressure
3,000 psi
1 Year Warranty

International Approvals
CE 0459
APPROVALS AirSep Corporation is ISO 9001-certified.

Orderingin Formation
OC006-1 ImPulse Select Electronic Oxygen Conserving
Device Kit – ImPulse Elite electronic oxygen
conserving device, 1.5V “D” alkaline battery,
ImPulse Elite patient manual,
and 4 ft. nasal cannula.

OC006-2 ImPulse Elite Electronic Oxygen Conserving
Device Kit – ImPulse Elite electronic oxygen
conserving device (with no continuous flow-
switch), 1.5V “D” alkaline battery, ImPulse
Elite patient manual, and 4 ft. nasal cannula.

MI120-1 ImPulse Elite universal-style carrying case for
M6 cylinder usage.

MI121-1 ImPulse Elite tote-style carrying case for
ML6 cylinder usage.


Oxygen Analyzer Supplier IndiaOxygen Analyzer
From the innovators at Teledyne come two new oxygen analyzers that offer exceptional flexibility and reliability. Using state-of-the-art design concepts and manufacturing techniques, the new microprocessor based AX300 Oxygen Analyzer* and MX300 Oxygen Monitor* offer unique features that set these products apart from the competition.
The two models come with:
• LCD backlighting for easy viewing in poor light conditions
• 0-1 VDC or RS-232 signal output for use with recorders or computer
• Audible and visual alarms for sensor disconnect
• Auto diagnostics with error codes to simplify troubleshooting Calibration is made easy with the touch of a key and settings are secured when the lock key is pressed. The low power draw allows for 2000 hours of continuous operation on three AA batteries.

Oxygen Analyzer Specifications
Analysis Range:
0-100% oxygen

Full Scale Accuracy:
± 2% at constant temperature and pressure

Response Time:
90% of step change in < 8 seconds

Operating Temperature:
10 to 40° C

Storage Temperature:
10 to 30º C (continuous), 5 to 50º C (intermittent)

Power Requirements:
3 AA alkaline batteries

Battery Life:
Minimum 2000 hours in non-alarm, no output signal state

Sensor Type:
Teledyne class R-17MED

Sensor Life:
36 months in air (10 months in 100% O2)

Sensor storage temp:
0 - 40º C (continuous), 5 - 50º C (intermittent)
Sensor cable:
Extends to 10 ft. (3 m)

1 lb. (420 gr.)

12 Month Warranty

ISO 7767


We have a spacious warehouse spread in an area of 1000 sq. ft. Our warehouse if fitted with temperature controllers in order to maintain the temperature of the medical equipment stored within. Our warehouse is also segregated into various units so that all the products can easily be stacked with convenience. Our warehouse also has material handling equipment for easy handling of the medical devices with great care. Our warehouse experts and store keepers are responsible to keep a complete check on the warehouse and its maintenance.

All our products are packed in adequate strong cardboard boxes so that they reach their destination in a completely safe manner. We can also pack these products as per client's demand in order to prevent them from any damage during the transit process.

Quality has always been our major aim and we strive to upkeep it by all means. We have framed a quality management policy which is strictly practiced and followed throughout the procurement and supply process. Our quality analysts keep a strict check on the quality of the raw materials as well as the quality of the finished products so that only the flawless products reach our clients. The quality attributes are kept in mind by our analysts while procurement so that they can be tested on all the parameters laid down by IMA (Indian Medical Association) for their cutting edge technical features.

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