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Power Transformers
Jayco Electricals is a leading manufacturer of power transformers up to 10 MVA and the maximum voltage class is 66 KV. The oil filled Power Transformers are provided with externally mounted detachable type radiators for heat dissipation. Jayco Electricals is the manufacturer of Power transformers with other IEC specified cooling systems like cooling by fans (ONAF) and cooling by forced oil (ONOF). The Power transformers are generally provided with On load type of tap changers. These OLTC's will be either on tank 10 MVA POWER TRANSFORMER type or in tank type based on customer requirement.
Power Transformer

Distribution Transformers
Jayco Electricals is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of oil cooled distribution transformers. Our standard range is available from 10 KVA single phase and three phase to 5000 KVA with the highest primary voltage of 33KV. The smaller ratings are generally of pole mounted type and higher ratings are designed for platform mounting. The cooling media is generally mineral oil. Silicone or Midel liquid for cooling is also offered if specified by the customer. Distribution transformers will generally comply to international standards (IEC 60076) or with any other standards specified by the customer. The technical parameters and tapping ranges etc are designed strictly as per client's requirement. On specific requirement, instead of off circuit on load type tap changers can be provided in distribution transformers of 1000 KVA and above rating.
Distribution Transformer

Current Transformers
Jayco Current Transformers are available for outdoor and as well as indoor use. Outdoor oil-cooled Current Transformers are available in 11 KV, 25KV, 33KV, 66KV & 132KV class. Indoor Epoxy Resin Cast Transformers are available in 6.6 KV, 11KV & 33KV class. Outdoor oil-cooled CT’s are available in live as well as dead-tank design.
Railway Current Transformer

Potential Transformers
Jayco Potential Transformers are available for outdoor and as well as indoor use. Outdoor oil-cooled Potential Transformers are available in11 KV, 25KV, 33KV, 66KV & 132KV class. Indoor Epoxy Resin Cast Potential Transformers are available in 6.6 KV, 11KV & 33KV. 11KV three-phase Potential Transformers (Indoor and Outdoor) and 33KV (Outdoor Only) are also available.

Combined CT-PT Unit
Jayco 11 KV and 33KV CT:PT Combined Metering Unit is an oil cooled system. This system can be made in 3 phase 3 wire and 3 phase 4 wire configurations. CT:PT Combined Metering Unit is suitable to be mounted on single as well as double pole system. A meter box (sold separately) can also be attached under the unit with the help of LT gland and G.I. pipe (also sold separately). CT:PT Combined Metering Unit is widely used across the country for metering and check-metering purposes.
CT PT Transformer

Metering Cubicle
Jayco 11KV and 33KV pilfer-proof metering cubicles includes dry-type epoxy CT’s and PT’s housed in a partitioned Mild Steel Box. The lower partition comprises of the transformers. The upper partition contains slotted angle frame to mount the meter as per the client specific Requirement. Both the partition is provided with separate locking arrangement.
Metering Cubicle


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