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Ostrich Mobility InstrumentsOstrich Mobility InstrumentsOstrich Mobility Instruments
Ostrich Mobility Instruments Ostrich Mobility Instruments
Company Profile
Started in the year 2004 Ostrich Mobility Instruments is a technology company dedicated to design, develop and manufacture high quality mobility equipments in India.
Ostrich Mobility Instruments Ostrich Mobility Instruments
Our Products
Pristine Verve

Passive Toto

Little Rhino Previous Models

Rhino Galaxy
The tie up with SSS Industriess for manufacturing the products resulted in producing “verve”, a powered Wheelchair for indoor applications in 2006. The “Verve” is a result of long-term research, feedback from many users.

A new life style with Pristine e-wheels
Split Frame Chassis Technology
The split frame is an improvement over the conventional single frame chassis. The split frame improves the drive control and maneuverability of an electric Wheelchair (e-wheels) in almost all type of rough road conditions even where the ground level difference is 100mm. This is possible by allowing all the four wheels of the Wheelchair to be in contact with the ground in rough road conditions. A patent application has already been filed for this technology.

Old Age
Ostrich Mobility Instruments"People with physical challenges are a group of unfortunate citizen who need care and rehabilitation."
There are different types of challenges; spastics, autism, mental disability, physical disability, blind, deaf and dumb etc are some among them…. others being disabled due to accidents other natural and man-made calamities. When we look at the plight of these people
Ostrich Mobility InstrumentsThis is another area where we are trying to put our effort. In India, health consciousness is very poor particularly in the old age. We are people who walk till we fall down and then suffer the consequences.
We take it as our responsibility to give awareness

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