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» Multi Media Solutions

Clear presentation and communication of ideas, concepts, and information is essential for progress, prosperity and security. We will listen to your diverse requirements, develop solutions, and explain it clearly! MMS stays current with A/V technology developments and trends. We carefully and scrupulously assess and offer what we believe to be the highest quality products and components. We prefer to invest in inventory, facilities and training so that we can offer service, consultation, and technical support, beyond your expectations.

» Cable Connector Adaptor

Our adaptor for a bayonet type, multi-pin cable connector including male and female terminal parts, requires considerably decreased force to couple and lock the male and female parts. It is rather easy to bring the two parts into coupling position in axial alignment and in proper orientation without actually seeing the parts and by the sense of touch.

» Networking Wi-Fi & Blue Tooths

For the home user, wireless has become very prominent and popular due to the ease of installation, and location freedom with the increasing popularity of laptops. Public businesses such as coffee shops or malls have begun to offer Wi-Fi wireless access points to their customers.

» Computer Laptop Services & Repair

  We undertake impeccable repairing of Computers and Laptops of various world-famous brands, at rather competitive and reasonable charges. We offer repairing services for a wide range of functional problems. Replacement of spoilt parts is also undertaken promptly and punctually.

» Laser Toner & Refilling

We offer the best deals on printer ink cartridges for all major and popular brands including Epson, Canon, Lexmark and HP. Toner is a vital component of any laser printer, and the selection of the right toner cartridge provides the clearest and sharpest results for your printer. Toner cartridges are costly but by shopping online you can reduce expenses by up to 80%.

» Reflling of Ink Cartridges

Refilling inkjet cartridges includes topping up the ink in your almost empty ink cartridge. Refill kits are available for most brands and models of printer. Note that Printer inks differ between each printer type, so buy the one specific to your printer model.

» Soft Ware & Soft Ware Solution

Computer software is a generic term used to describe computer programs which perform some task on a computer system. Computer software can be Application software, Business software, or System software. Software can also include Internet applications such as the web browsers. The system software can also include the Security software and Utilities.

» Computor Consumerable( sale purchase of new & old computers)

We deal in the sale and purchase of new and old computers and laptops very fairly and generously. Old or faulty computers and laptops are repaired very scrupulously and sold at rather reasonable prices, much lower than the market value. New computers and laptops are offered fair prices. We can supply new and old computers in bulk quantities, very promptly and punctually.

» Rental System/ Laptop & Accessories

Computers, laptops, and the accessories of these are available on rental basis, at rather reasonable charges. We have computers, laptops, and their a wide range of accessories, manufactured by world famous companies. We also offer prompt dispatch of all these items for rental purposes. Contact us for more information about the terms and conditions of our rental systems.


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