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We are manufacturer and exporters of Sugarcane Juice Extractors,Orange Juice Machines, Pomegranate Juice Machines ,Retail Kiosks, Sale Counter,Push Carts,All Stainless Popcorn Machine
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Our Products

Sugar Cane Juice Machines

All sugarcane Juice Extractors extract Juice from sugarcane but Juice n Juice sugarcane juice extractor is different from other juice extractor because these are :-

1. Designed for Hi-end Juice bars for squeezing sugarcane juice at point of sale in front of customer.
2. Field Proven, Reliable
3. 100% safe
4. Presentable
5. Noise less
6. Made of stainless steel to avoid rust
7. Extract Maximum Juice in one go
8. Consumes minimum power ,1/2 hp 370 watt only
9. Easy to clean
10. Visible Juicing process
11. Covered Juicing chamber
12. Built in waste bin
13. Availability of spares & warranty
14. No periodical lubrication required
15. Direct geared drive provide extra power for squeezing, the sugarcane never gets jammed
16. Only Hi quality Bearing , Engine(Motor ) and parts used to make it durable
17. Built to last long,because in Asia people buy once in a life time.

Models Available

Model   Capacity Applications Speed Motor Drive Extraction*
SGT1, Table Top SGT 1, Table Top 400-500 Glasses a day For Indoor Kitchen (etc) 1kg Sugarcane in one Minute .5 hp Geared About 50%(Depends upon variety and freshness of fruit)
SG 1,With Built in waste Bin SG 1, With built in Waste Bin 400-500 Glasses a day For Shopping Malls Etc 1kg Sugarcane in one Minute .5hp Geared About 50% Depends upon variety and freshness of fruit)
HDT, Heavy Duty, Table Top HDT,Heavy Duty, Table Top 2800- 3200 glasses in a day Hi end/Hi Traffic Sugarcane Juice Parlors 4kg Sugarcane in one Minute 1 Hp Geared About 60% Depends upon variety and freshness of fruit)
Mini Kiosk with one SG1,Refrig ated Juice Dispenser, Counter & 2 Fiberglass Sugarcane , Signboard Mini Kiosk 400-500 Glasses a day For Shopping Malls etc 1kg Sugar cane in one Minute .5 hp Geared About 50% Depends upon variety and freshness of fruit)

Orange\ Pomegranate Juice Machine

We have designed our Orange \ Pomegranate Juice Machine extractor keeping in view that it should work efficiently, fault free, weather resistance(rust & brittle free).

(The material used for manufacture of this machine is based on our research, which derived that stainless steel is the answer to satisfy all that has been mentioned above. Further in order to ensure durability and long life of the machine Solid Food Grade rollers and squeezers, weighing 18 Kg. has been provided.

In order to drive such solid rollers equally strong driving mechanism has been provided to run these heavy rollers and that too with only .5hp motor (370 watt).

This effective system is capable of extracting juice out of Pomegranate also without any jamming of fruit.

his unique feature of the machine has become rather the main feature of the machine. A specially designed blade has been provided to ensure absolutely smooth and even cutting of fruit in two equal parts. This ensures no damage of the peel thereby meaning quality juice.

The mentioned features put this machine in different segment as compare to other juice machines which are manufactured with plastic mechanisms. Our emphasis is on running un interrupted business by our customers which is the key requirement of any business.

Our price is based on the quality of the material used and as such not comparable with machines where in most of the components are made of plastics etc.

The detailed features of the machine are as under

a Field Proven, Reliable & durable
b.. 100% safe
c.. Presentable
d.. Noise less
e.. All Components including rollers ,squeezers, frame and cabinets are made of stainless steel to avoid rust
f.. Extract Maximum Juice in one go
g.. Consumes minimum power
h.. Easy to clean with removable rollers
i.. Have Visible Juicing process
j.. Have Covered Juicing chamber
k.. Have Built in waste bin which also serve as stand
l.. Spares and after sales service is available if required
m.. No periodical lubrication required
n.. Without any belt and chain
o.. High Capacity to squeeze 24 fruits per minute
p.. Optional Attachments automatic feeder (10 Kg Capacity) and refrigerated juice dispenser.
q.. large Sieve
Presently many persons are satisfactorily using our machines at prestigious shopping malls, departmental stores, restaurants, bars, hospitals & schools.

For demo of the machines, please open the following links,

For pomegranate juice

The photographs of our products, few installations and machines areavailable at

Models Available

Model   Applications Speed Motor Fruit
Table Top Table Top Suitable for hi ends restaurants/ bars/homes where requirement is small 24 Fruits in a minute /Manual feeding .5 hp Mausambi Kinnoo Anar /pomegranate size 60mm to 80mm
OJ 1,With Built in Waste Bin OJ 1, With Built in Waste Bin For Shopping Malls Etc. The waste goes strength to waste bin
Manual feeding
Use fruit kept in refrigerator at 6 Degree overnight
24 Fruits in a minute /Manual feeding .5hp Mausambi Kinnoo Anar /pomegranate size 60mmto 80mm
OJWFC OJWFC Suitable for high Traffic Area ,Automatic Feeder with capacity of about 10/12 Kg fruit and refrigerated juice dispenser 24 Fruits in a minute ,
Automatic feeding
Serve Chilled Juice
.5 hp Motor and .5 for refrigerated juice dispenser Mausambi Kinnoo Anar /pomegranate size 60mmto 80mm

Other Carts

Steel Corn Cart Colddrink juice bending machines
Steel corn cart Non Carbonated Colddrink / Squash /
Roohafza wending machine
Ice Gola Cart Popcorn Cart
Ice gola cart Popcorn cart
Coin Scales Coin Scales 1

Retail Kiosks

Retail KiosksJuice N Juice P.O.P Merchandising Kiosks features a unique sales simulating shape that draws customers and increases sales of your products. With its distinctive appearance and high visibility presence, P.O.P Merchandisers Kiosks easly out performs conventional shops. Almost anything can be sold from these kiosks.

Operational Flexibility
Constructed of best quality fiber glass with a solid floor, P.O.P kiosk allows both indoor and outdoor operation. The large diameter top provides both visual merchandising and weather protection. Standard lighting enhances evening and night time operations, illuminating the serving and display area.

Off-hours security and protection are provided by lowering the telescopic upper section unless it encloses the equipment and sales area. This feature also produces a smaller oversize for shipping, storage and passage through entry ways. Equipped with castors, the kiosks are easy relocated around your site as needed.

Custom Outfitting
P.O.P. Merchandising kiosks are easly adapted to a variety of products with the installations of built in serving display and support equipments. Custom paints and graphics compliment the marketing package.

Let a P.O.P. Merchandiser increase your presence and your sales

Floor Area 7.2 Dia
Height when Closed 87.5
Height When Opened 108.5
Door 28.5 x 27.5
Open Area Inside 63 Inch Dia
Wheel 4 Inch

Fresh Coconut Water Merchandizing Cart

Coconut Water Merchandizing Cart with UmbrellaA real show piece to attract customers coconut water merchandizing cart is constructed in fiber glass stainless steel and aluminum, has differentiated design, and is unquestionably hygienic and easy to clean. The Coconut cart comes equipped with: stainless steel 304 coil and drain to store the coconut water. Tap, coconut drill and support in stainless steel . Cooler to store the ice and to cool the coil. Cup dispenser. Internal compartment to store coconuts. The Coconut cart already comes equipped with umbrella, and is excellent for sales in bus stands, railway stations ,squares, parks, academies, colleges, zoos, beaches, parties and events. Moments after the customer approaches the cart, the vendor pours tender coconut juice into a funnel-like part of the cart. It comes out through a steel tap located below. The customer gets coconut water in a glass, in chilled form. A key aspect of the system is that electricity is not required to cool the juice. The fresh juice runs from the funnel through a twisted coil below. The end of this coil is fitted to the tap. Food grade stainless steel is used in all these parts. Ice is kept outside the steel coil. As such, ice is not mixed with the juice. It takes only few seconds for the juice to reach the tap from the funnel by way of gravity. In this process, it gets instantly cooled. One filling of ice is suffice to cool about 200 glasses. This cart is perfectly designed to suite the requirements of the modern world. The basic features of this cart are:-

* The cart is made of high grade FRP
* The accessories are made of food grade SS
* The paints and polished are of high quality that is used in car
* The FRP is UV treated for a long life
* The umbrella is made of high quality fabric
* The cooling chamber
* Large space inside
* Ultra Modern Design
* Scooter wheels along
* Back wheel with suspension
* SS Handle to push the cart
* Branding can be provided

Height without umbrella 1240 mm
Width 865 mm
Length 1510 mm
Weight 55Kg
Rear Wheels 350 x 8
Front Wheels 8 Inch

A unique concept to sell vertually any thing with storage facility. Available in colour of your choice. Enough space for branding. High Visibility.Available without Wings /Roof Also

Food Stall Food Stall

All Stainless Steel Popcorn Machines

Stainless Steel Popcorn MachinesNow it is an established fact that selling fresh popcorn is a flourishing business. Hence many people enter into this business. Initially the do attract a good number of customers but remain unable to maintain their continuity and also do not attract new customers.

The main reasons for the above are:-
  • Wrong selection of machines
  • No training in popcorn making
  • Wrong selection of material

There is no reason that popcorn business will ever fail if the above mentioned points are taken care of

On our part we offers a GREAT variety of high performance hi quality, field proven, all stainless steel
  • Popcorn Equipment
  • Advice for sourcing and making butter, caramel and flavored popcorns
  • Pre mixed, ready to use portion packs If required.

All popcorn machines works on same principal, that is a heated kettle pops the corn which becomes popcorn.
Though Pik Tik popcorn machines operates on the same principal as that of other popcorn machines still it is different from other popcorn machines in many ways.
  • Only quality Stainless steel has been used in all channels, parts trays even screws .The machine looks nice & Sleek, Never Get rusted, Long Lasting Machine.
  • Specially designed Stainless Steel Heavy duty kettle distributes heat uniformly. Prepares excellent quality popcorns.
  • Makes caramel and butter popcorn in same kettle.
  • Removable Kettle makes Kettle cleaning process easy.
  • Electrical safety has been ensured in popcorn machines so that no one get shocks. Earth Leakage Circuit breaker, ensures safety against electricity
  • Kettle is placed on strong stainless steel hangers which makes emptying of kettle simple and easy.
  • Temperature control of kettle helps in preparing quality popcorns.
  • Strong Agitator geared motor ensures that agitator never gets gets jammed.
  • Superior Electrical accessories and wiring never get spoiled with spark.
  • Deck heater removes moisture , keeps popcorn crunchy.
  • Temperature control of deck increases keeping quality of popcorns.
  • Back Lit Sign attracts customer during night and make machine look elegant
  • CFL lights highlights the quality of popcorn and attracts customer.It also saves electricity.
  • Sieve on bottom sieves all un popped popcorn in a tray
  • Removable tray.All un popped kernels are collected in removable tray.
  • Exhaust fan keeps the machine free from smoke. Spreads aroma of fresh popcorns to attract customers.
  • We also provide full training to our customers in making "Best quality popcorns.

Stainless Steel Popcorn MachinesThe features mentioned above places this machine in a different upper segment as compare to other popcorn machines.

Popcorn Machines
Popcorn machines are available in different sizes to meet all requirements
Popcorn Mini 250- i.e.50 - 200 Packets a day ,
500 - 1200 Packets a day ,
1200-2000 pkts a day (1 Oz (22Gms Cone) Packing).

The features mentioned above places this machine in a different upper segment as compare to other popcorn machines.
Our endeavor has been to provide an excellent trouble free , noise less, durable machine without indulging in un healthy competition of cheap, cheaper and cheapest machine.

Rather we claim that if our price viz a viz the features of our machine if calculated, will work out to be the most economical.

This claim of ours has been fully endorsed by our customers.

Our asset is getting repeat orders from them, which confirms the satisfactory performance of the machine. Some of our esteemed customers are located in all parts of country. If desired we can provide you phone number of our customers in nearby area of you.

Warranty: The machines carries a warranty on one year on all parts.CFL bulbs and glass is not covered by warranty. A complete circuit diagram is provided. Any part required during warranty period is provided free of cost only freight charges as actual are charged. However if you require services of our engineer. Actual fare is charged .

Price as compare to other machines
Whenever the decision is taken based on the below mentioned parameters the Pik Tik popcorn machine is winner viz a viz both quality and price.
a.. Quality of material used,
b.. Design & power
c.. Engineering Skill Used
d.. Proven record of performance
e.. Successful installations.

Stainless Steel Popcorn MachineCOIN OPERATED WEIGHING SCALES
Coin operated weighing scales are being manufactured in following models /type
1 Stand on Platform, Drop Coin & Check Weight.
2 Drop Coin either before or after standing on platform, Check weight and
daily water intake .Voice Instructions.
3 Drop Coin either before or after standing on platform, Check weight and daily water intake .A printout with BMI overweight/normal/underweight comes out.

Ist two scales require minimum supervision.
The 3rd one requires supervision
The scales are solid, durable, attractive and field proven. Graphic and coin as per your choice.