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Haute CoutureHAUTE COUTURE, is a globally prominent and popular name in the world of fashion & fancy garments and also in the embroidery industry. It is a well-established and well-equipped, export-oriented unit, with a large pool of ingenious and well-experienced professionals, craftsmen, world-famous designers, and a large number of other ancillary personnel. Presently, we are one of the prominent manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, and exporters of high fashion and fancy garments and a wide variety of embroidery works, of not only of India, but also of Asia, East & West Europe, and North America. Moreover, our business is continuously expanding to other parts of the global market with a brisk pace. Our Fashion Designs and Embroidery Products have been rather striking and impressive since the very beginning, and have been the objects of special attention and attraction in the fashion shows of Milano and France.

Now, in order to utilize our in-depth knowledge of fashion & fancy designing and embroidery, esoteric expertise, and mellow experience, and cater to the diverse fashion requirements, we have ventured into the trendy but volatile world of Chokker Embroidery and Insect empressive embroidry. We are confident that our endeavors will be greatly appreciated and successful, in India and abroad.

Mr. Sayed Hidayat Abbas, the present proprietor, who has inherited this business from his forefather’s, has broad and exclusive knowledge of the finer points of the fashion & fancy designing, and the magnificent embroidery, besides the long mellowing experience of running Haute Couture successfully for over two decades. His creativity and keen acumen for fashion, daring, and innovation, helped him greatly in catering to the ever-changing requirements of the fickle world of fashion, and earned for him global prominence and repute. He has been working actively & productively in collaboration of many world-renowned fashion designers of Europe such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Gian Franco Ferre, Laura Biogotti, etc. and also with the people like Fendi, Sergio rossi, Bruno magli & Bottega Veneta. His vast experience includes working for renowned international brands like Solottis and lanvin, Givenchy, Kenzo of France.


Our ultimate vision is to prevail over the world of fashion and fancy garments, by dint of striking and enthralling embroidery & designing works. Consistent superior quality, elegant finishes and fringes, and numerous highly aesthetic and fashionable designs, have earned us immense popularity in the garment and embroidery world of India, Europe, and America. Our business has always been ever-expanding and exploring new markets. As we believe in excelling ourselves, our creativity, ingenuity, and innovation prompted us to introduce on a large scale, the chokker embroidery and insect empressive embroidry, utilizing our sophisticated knowledge, exclusive expertise and mellow experience.


HAUTE COUTURE, an eminent name in the field of high fashion & fancy garments and magnificent embroidery in India, East & West Europe, and North America, now presents an exclusive and impressive range of Chokker Embroidery and Insect empressive embroidry on fashion & fancy garments, fashion accessories and other plain clothes. Our innovative and striking Chokker Embroidery and Insect empressive embroidry are being greatly appreciated in India and abroad, adding aroma to our prominence.


Haute Couture Haute Couture Haute Couture


Bags, Haute CoutureWe also have the facility for Hand Embroidery on bags. that are created by our dexterous craftsmen. Our skillful craftsmen bring to life various themes and traditional designs & patterns into life. The embroidery skills of our craftsmen enables to incorporate glass pieces, beads, shells, etc. Our designs are used for shoulder bags, casual sling bags, with bamboo handles, etc. We also make designs for bags of jute, and cloth.

Embroidery on Western Formals

Western Formals, Haute CoutureBeing classy and elegant, Western Formals form an indispensable part of the men's and women's attire. The unique and fashionable embroidery styles on these Western Formals enhance their visual aspect and style to a great extent. The fine embroidery on Men's Formals is done at front, base collar, cuffs and shoulder back. These exhibit distinct empressive embroidry that subsist for generations. The elegant and stylish attributes of the Women's Formals are enhanced with an exquisite embroidery styles on formal shirts, skirts and others. The sleek designs of these Women Formals enamors women from all walks of life.

Embroidery on TOPS

Tops, Haute CoutureWe offer an exclusive collection of hand Embroidered Tops fabric for ladies and kids. The cloth are designed in most exquisite chikan embroidery, kantha embroidery and other styles and patterns. The embroidered patterns incorporated in Tops exhibit unique empressive embroidry. A variety of choice available in terms of fabric and design to suit distinct requirement. We also offer exquisitely hand embroidery fabric for Kurta's for men, embroidered in floral and classy empressive embroidry to befit the global demands.

Embroidery On Accessories

Handmade Embroidery, Haute CoutureWe have an ornate collection of numerous elegant Handmade Embroidery items. These Handmade embroidery products are hand-made very scrupulously and sedulously, using dexterous craftsmanship, esoteric expertise, and vibrant & striking color choices. These Handmade embroidery products are apt for beautifying ladies tops, formal dresses, plain clothes, ttand various other pieces of garment and objects of formal and domestic use. Produced from impeccable quality threads, and weaved & embroidered in various elegant designs and styles, in order to make them suitable for modern fashionable and aesthetic uses and looks.


Workshop, Haute CoutureOur Workshops are well-equipped with an adequate number of advanced equipments and machinery, and a large number of qualified and experienced professionals and supporting staff. We have many visionary fashion designers and creative draftsmen, employed on the full time basis. They are responsible for working out creative, bright, and innovative ideas, and also help us in materializing those ideas, with the help of our well-experienced professionals for designing and embroidery work. Quality of materials and durability & elegance of designs and embroidery works, are scrupulously checked repeatedly, and during the several stages of manufacturing and finishing. Equipments and machinery manufactured using the ingenuity of the latest technological advancements, enable us to meet elegantly the requirements of refined and complicated fashion trends of modern world.


Haute Couture has broad and exclusive range of Handmade Embroidery and tand vast knowledge and experience of fashion designing and embroidery.

Our Fashion & Fancy Garments and Embroidery Products are superior in quality, elegant in designs & styles, and enthralling in finish & look.

We are widely prominent as one of the leading and reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of fashion and fancy garment and other accessories of India, and also cover the bulk of Europe and North America.

We have a wide range of elegant designs, lavish & sleek finishes, and unique combination of comely colors, and above all, is our quite economical pricing.

We are well-equipped with various resources and all technologically advanced machinery, and therefore, we can very easily fulfill the huge magnitude of demands of embroidered garments, and handmadeLaces & swatches..

We are able to offer you numerous elegant designs of Embroidered handmade Laces & swatches., in a large number of color choices and also in various comely combinations of colors, besides various other garment products.

We have many full time designers & draftsmen, well-experienced personnel, adequate number of modern machinery, etc. in order to maintain the produce of our consistent superior quality of materials, designs, embroidery items, and up-to-date fashion requirements.

Our Product Customization facilities enable us to produce large quantity of specific embroidered product, promptly and punctually.


Mr. S.H. Abbas

Haute Couture

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