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Handicraft Buying Agent, Indian Handicrafts Buying Agency

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    Garden Decor Buying Agent
    Bathroom Accessories Agent
    House Wares Buying Agent
    Home Furnishings Buying Agent
    Floor Coverings Buying Agent
    Gift Wares Buying Agent
    Christmas Buying Agent
    Storage Accessories Agent
    Hardware Buying Agent
    Lighting Buying Agent
    Vintage Buying Agent




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Product Development
Order Negotiation
Quality Control & Inspections
Production planning and follow up
Shipping coordination
India, is well established company and known for our high quality standards and reliable services. Our long experience and background in the industry gives us access to the best of experienced and reputed Buying Agent in Moradabad India. Our well trained and professional team close monitors progress of all programs on daily basis to keep a watch and maintain high standards of quality product output. Such environment of working provides value for money to the customer at competitive prices and timely deliveries.

Bathroom Accessories &
Products Traders, Garden Decor Products Supplier
Garden Decor Products

We are a leading buying agent of Garden Torches, Garden Lights, Garden Lanterns, Hammocks, Watering Cans, Planters, Pottery, Trellis, Sticks, Bird Bath, Bird House Bird Feeder, Garden Accessories, Garden Animals, Mail Boxes, Baskets, Iron gates, ottery, Gazebos, Pot covers, Wire baskets, Planter stands, patio furniture, agodas, hydrogels, pots, Garden & Patio accessories, Fountains, lorists wholesale, Floral supplies, Clay flower pots, Ceramics, Bulb planters & portable flowers, Planters, Window boxes, Wicker pots, Cast Iron animals like dove, frog, tortoise, owl, bee, finch, deer, dolphin, fish, swallow, peacock, spider, birds, partridge, rabbit, butterfly, succulent, lily, orchid, flowered baskets, beaded flowers, nests, leaf, yarn flowers, tin niche.
Indian Handicrafts Buying Agency, Bathroom Accessories &
Products Suppliers
Bathroom Accessories &

Bath Accessories (Metals, Stone, Ceramics) | Bath Mirrors | Bath Mats, Bath Towels, Bath Robes. Moradabad, India, is a leading manufacturer exporter supplier wholesaler & buying agent of Bathroom Accessories. Tumbler holder, Soapdish holder, Toilet roll holder, loo roll holder, Towel ring, Waste bin, Towel rail, Self with glass, Mirror brackets, Bath mirror, Light pull, Cistern lever, Bath rugs, Bath bombs.

House Wares Products Wholesaler, Handicraft Bathroom Products Supplier
House Wares Products

Moradabad, India, is a leading buying agent of Stock Pots, Mixing Bowls, Colanders, Kitchen Tools, Cookware Sets, Plates, Pans, Dishes, Bowls, Trays, Mugs, Kettles, Wok, Strainers, Charger Plates, Glass Bowls, Bar Accessories, vases, urns, saucers, balti dish, take stands, rest spoons, serving jugs, measuring jugs, ice tongs, bottle stopper, tulip ice bucket, soda spoon, baby spoon, baby fork, baby knife, baby stainer, enameled mixing bowls, basting spoons, coffee armer.

Handicraft Products Buying Agent, House Wares Products Exporter
Home Furnishings Products

Moradabad, is a leading buying agent of Curtains, Cushions, Cushion Covers, Floor Cushions, Toy Cushions, Chair Pads, Tiebacks & Tassels, Throws, Woven Fabrics, Blinds, Trash Can, Interiorscape maintenance supplies, Casual furniture indoor & outdoor, Glass dome, Tassel, Baroque candle holder & accessories, Cushions cover beaded sequined crotched embroided patch work stitched flocked pillow covers.

Floor Coverings, Handicrafts Buying Agency In India
Floor Coverings Products

Moradabad India, is a leading buying agent can source manufacturers exporters suppliers and a wholesalers of floor covering products, like Mats, Rugs, Carpets, Slates, Boot Scrappers, Hand tufted, Knotted carpets, Vegetable dyed carpets, Perforated floor coverings, Mats, Rugs, Durries, Jute mats, Floor mats, Feathered flower mats.

Gift Wares, Handicraft Bathroom Products Traders
Gift Wares Products

Moradabad India, is a leading Buying agent can source manufacturers exporters supliers wholesalers of gif wares such as Candle Holders, Votives, Basket ware, Picture Frames, Jewelry Boxes.Halloween decorations & novelties, Holiday & Everyday gifts, Grapevine products, Decorative accessories, Glassware, Brassware, Kotta Bowls, Pick, Easter decorations & novelties, Glass glitter Florentine beaded metal tin mirror / Picture frames, metal candlestick with glass flower, Gilded metal decor, Silver plated, Shell / mother of pearl / MOP covered items, weadwork frame, Regal velveteen items, Hydrangea bloom, Folkloric blooms, icks, Swirl pattern gifts, Opal Glass, Brass pillar candle holder, oblet, Trophy vase, Journal, Gift stationary, Enchanted bejeweled bird, Coral, Love nest, Fairy pick, Russian nesting dolls, Russian poll ornaments, flocked wallpaper items.

Christmas, House Wares Products Dealer, Handicraft Bathroom Products Supplier
Christmas Gift Products

Moradabad India, is a leading buying agent can source manufacturers exporters of Stocking Holders, Wine Bottle Bags, Tree Hangings, Candle Holders, Potpourri, Tree Tops, Trim Garlands, Ribbons, Tassels, Tree Skirts, Stockings, Candles, Candles, Floral iron candelabra / candlestick with stone base, Petite fleur candlestick / reath, Corona, Roman crown, Orn., Snowflake, Starburst, Christmas ornaments, silhouette products, garlands, tassel, starburst, stars, knowflakes, Velvet Sequin Beaded Satin Glitter Glass Tinsel Fabric Star trackled Top Knit folkloric Whimsy Crocheted laced Fruit Vegetable detailed himsy rhinestone bohemian embroidery stitched decorative kugel ball ornaments, eyelet Christmas tree, Clips, Tree tops, Orns., Candy canes, garlands Flower leaf metal Halloween beaded silk string cotton bohemian rocheted glass handspun pom pom 6' garland, confetti ball orn, leaf ppliqué ornament, Beaded stockings, Stocking holders, tubular bead knowflake, Folkloric wish ball orn.
Storage Accessories, Handicrafts Buying Agency In India
Storage Accessories &

We are a leading buying agent of Laundry Bin, Magazine Rack, Boxes, Hampers, Free Standing Shelves, Wall Mounted CD, VHS storage, Laundry Cart, Under bed, Collapsible & Tab lid boxes, Garment Suit Bags, Shelf Storage, Laundry Bags, Trash Can, Containers, Utility, Wire crollwork containers, Scalloped pedestals, Compote, Chalice, pilled anisters, Air tight bowls, Ice bucket with tongs, stainless steel wording storage set like tea, Coffee, Biscuit, Cookies, Pasta, Bread, Cake, Vinegar, malt, Pepper, Utensil, Display dome with pedestal.

Handicraft Hardware Porducts Supplier, Handicraft Products Traders
Hardware Products

Moradabad India, is a leading buying agent can source quality manufacturers exporters suppliers of hardware products like Curtain Rods, Curtain Hold Back, Door Handles, Numerals, Knobs.We are wholesalers of designer Hooks, Curtain & Finials, Fiber glass, Hooks, Metal cutwork hardware, Fleur-de-lis hooks, Copper twisted cabinet knobs, Ceramic Wicker wired knob, Curtain rod poles, rings, Brackets, Holdbacks, finials, dot pinial, pearl globe orial arc finials, Ship bell, Door wedges, Cord pull, fleat hook, Screw hooks, Fdl hook, Rosette hooks, Daisy hook, Gothic hooks, Regency hook, Savile hook, Railway hook, Munich hook.

Handicraft Lighting Products,
Lighting Products

Moradabad India, is a leading buying agent can source manufacturers of lighting products like Table Lamps, Lamps, Wall Sconces (Oil, Candle, and Paraffin Fired), Lampshades, UL CE certified lamps, Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, French garden sconce / wreath, cottage candlesticks, Tole tulip candle holders, Curlicue carpenters lightning items, Candelabrum, Hand painted votives, Fluted candlestick, leur-de-lis votive, Twing taper candleholder, Towering Italian candleabra, kashmiri candlestick, Jeweled votive, fancy decorated votive, bead diorama orn .
Handicraft Vintage Products, Lighting Products traders
Vintage Products

Moradabad India, is a leading buying agent can source manufacturers exporters suppliers of vintage products. Such Everyday products like as Candelabras, Mercury Glass, Tinsel wires items, French beaded items, French Home & Garden ware, Folk crafts, Holiday, French garden & home decor, justic products, tinsel, tin potted items, Christian heroldy religious acred items, Beaded items, Wooden carved items, Silver tinsel bullion items, Tinsel work items, Antique reproductions, Mercury Glass, cast iron orns.


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We have provide the services as Garden Décor buying agent, Bathroom Accessories buying agent, House Wares buying agent, Home Furnishings buying agent, Floor Coverings buying agent, Gift Wares buying agent, Christmas buying agent, Storage Accessories buying agent, Hardware buying agent, Lighting buying agent, Vintage buying agent in India, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Taiwan .
We also provide the buying services in india Garden Décor buying agent, Bathroom Accessories buying agent, House Wares buying agent, Home Furnishings buying agent, Floor Coverings buying agent, Gift Wares buying agent, Christmas buying agent, Storage Accessories buying agent, Hardware buying agent, Lighting buying agent, Vintage buying agent in moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, jodhpur, rajasthan, new Delhi, gurgaon, noida,agra, aligarh, chennai, mumbai, kolkata, bangalore.


Widely renowned Buying House and eminent Sourcing Agent of India, Rashi has been dealing in an extensive & excusive range of diverse products since 1995. Rashi is hugely prominent and popular for its Product Diversity, World-Class Quality, Ingenious Creativity, highly competitive Economical Prices, and Prompt & Punctual Delivery. Our comprehensive and exclusive range of products comprises of all Garden Décor products; various types of Bathroom Accessories & products made up of metals, stones, and ceramics; a wide range of elegant House Ware products; an impressive collection of Home Furnishing products to render your home luxurious & celestial; a variety of Floor Covering products to enhance the décor, luxury, and elegance; an extensive range of diverse impressive Gift Ware products; a wide collection of Christmas Gift products; various decorative Hardware products built of various metals & materials; a variety of cunning but elegant Storage Accessories & products; a sweeping range of enthralling Lighting products; and at last but certainly not the least, the broad range of beautifully striking Vintage products.

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