Galio India

Galio India


Multi Colour
Green Red
Multi Colour Green Red

Red Peach
Red Peach Orange-Gold

Sailent features:
- Enhance interaction of the bike.
- Protect from unwanted scratches & spots.
- One year colour fasting warranty.

Chrome Accessories

Chrome Accessories
Chrome Accessories
New Zen Bolero

Chrome Accessories
Chrome Accessories
New Omni Auto

Sailent features:
- latest innovation and convenient installation
- high quality technology product
- waterproof inclusion assembly
- high colour super bright feel(japeies mark) with low current consumption
- original equipment wiring harness with fuse protection
   available in chrome and body colourpaint finishing.


- road safety device for highway running vehicle.
- extreme protection at the time of low visibility in hight and foggy days.
- extreme look of vehicle.

Lap Tray

Lap Tray
Lap Tray
Lap Tray Lap Tray

-They stays secured on lap by the natural stradding position of the thighs against the underside of tray.
-Holds extra large paper cups, sandwich donuts, fries, chips, canned or bottled drinks napkins and utensils.
-Curved sided designed to fit body comfertably and allows seering wheel clearance for quick removal of the tray.promotes tidiness.
-Fits in any model or style vehicle.

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