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Time & Attendance Software - WINARMS
Time & Attendance Software WINARMS offered by us is a user friendly parameterized attendance tracking based software that is developed on the popular VB platform. In this, the back-end Database is MS Access. Adapted to enhance the efficiency of Time bound operations, it is easy to install & operate. In this range, we offer:
  • Web based time attendance software
  • Web enabled software
  • Time and attendance system
  • Employee attendance system
  • Time attendance system
  • Time attendance solution
  • Fingerprint reader software
  • Attendance time tracking software
  • Web based time clock software
  • Readers
Salient features:
  • Parameterized set- up option for users to select from
  • Any number of shifts can be created
  • Grace period for late marking can be set
  • Early going grace period can be set
  • Option to deduct leave or attendance for late coming or early going
  • Different types of leaves can be created
  • Leave clubbing rules can be set
  • Leave lapse, accumulation, encashment rules can be set
  • Overtime rules can be set
  • Compensatory off rules can be set
  • OD, OT with reasons can be manually entered

Time Recorders Supplier,Time Office Software Exporter
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Attendance Management Solutions-WETOS
Leveraging on our extensive experience, we put forth Attendance Management Solutions - WETOS. This system has been developed with the aim to ease the difficulty of progressive firms to manage employee attendance, when they open new branches or satellite locations. Their investment in corporate office, manpower and equipment is skyrocketing, while they do not have an effective control over the entire time office operation. For such an organization, OT expenses are incurred because records are updated towards the month end, daily attendance, absenteeism reports are received at the end of the week and regularization of absenteeism happens once a month.

In such scenario, organizations can opt for WETOS that is a Web Enabled Time Office System. It facilitates real time leave applications and approvals through the use of a combination of Internet web forms and email system for effective leave management. The time tracking software is developed using the latest technology and is safe guarded against obsolescence.

Specific features:
  • A web-based system for handling all types of leave
  • Works wherever there LAN or WAN
  • Allows staff to apply for leave online
  • Allows supervisors and managers to approve or reject employees leave requested from virtually anywhere across the globe via the web
  • Employees can avail up-to-date information of their attendance & leave status
  • A simple, easy to use system that eliminates paper work
  • Scalable time keeping software for supporting varied users that keeps pace with your expansion plans
  • Well-maintained hierarchy for sanctioning all types of application
  • Empowers employees and minimizes inquiries to HR from Employee Self Service
  • Enables managers to access their departments attendance by using Manager Self Service
  • Identifies attendance exceptions like tardiness and absenteeism and helps in taking action quickly
  • Automates leave requests and approvals
  • Allows, correct and approves employee time cards quickly
  • Reduces redundancy by entering information only once
  • Cost saving: It empowers employees to manage and run the entire Time office operation hence, a dedicated team of time office personnel are not required at central location or at branch locations
  • Employee Empowerment: Employees, in general the blue collar employees, feel left out by being involved in the function that was always looked at with contempt
  • It also helps bring in better discipline at all levels

Time Recorders Supplier,Time Office Software Exporter
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Visitor Management
We are counted amongst the leading wholesalers of Visitor Management software, which is known to ease the task of managing visitors. This is done by ensuring that the visitors are treated as guest at your premises and routed through normal scrutiny & security. Owing to this facility, visitors refrain from misusing the facility of access to the premises. The software enables the client to get request email from the visitee, on the basis of which a Visitor Gate passes gets generated and is tracked till the visitors leaves the premises
Distinguishing attributes:
  • Capture the visitor photo identity
  • Record the ID details of visitor
  • Note the equipment being carried inside the premises
  • Details of the person to whom the visitor would be meeting
  • Access to gates / doors for entering the premises
  • And print a gate pass with all details printed
  • One time registration of visitor and his organization can be done
  • Access control for visitors in the organization is possible
  • Reports can be generated at the end of the day based on various parameters

Time Recorders Supplier,Time Office Software Exporter
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Canteen Management
Our Canteen Management software is widely used in offices and corporate offices, which provide canteen as an additional subsidized facility to their employees as a welfare measure. These normal Card readers or specialized Canteen Readers come with menu option for selecting the dishes from the menu. Apart from facilitating paperless and cashless transactions, these are also reckoned for their customization facility. Based on Smart Card Reader technology - with Mifare Cards, these have an option of entering amount for purchasing items available on the menu card.

Specific attributes:
  • On-line status available
  • Can be linked with attendance management system to assist in quantity of food to be prepared /ordered
  • The amount can be directly deducted from employees salary

Time Recorders Supplier,Time Office Software Exporter
Canteen Management Suppliers,Cctv Camera Exporters India
CCTV Camera
Leveraging on our experience, we bring forth CCTV Camera, which is useful to keep an eye on all the movements in areas of vital importance. Extensively used in offices, factories, public places, residence, societies and places of religious importance, these have proved useful for overcoming majority of the instances, which might came public losses. Moreover, there are also useful in post fast analysis of any unfortunate event. CCTV Surveillance & recording enables security personnel to keep a vigil on the areas prone to come under attack from people with disturbed thinking.

Products we offer are:
  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • CCTV camera systems
  • CCTV security systems
  • Wireless cameras
Salient attributes:
  • CCTV system compress at Cameras
  • Day & Night, Dome, Speed Demo, I.R, I.P, with PAN, TILT & Zoom facilities
  • DVR to record all the images are also available in various configurations & capacities & Cameras, 8 Cameras, 16, 32
  • Comprehending the future through analysis