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Transparent Packaging
We are manufacturer and exporter of transparent packaging, transparent packaging materials, transparent packaging boxes, transparent packaging services and PVC clear boxes. Our range of transparent packaging boxes include:

Transparent Clear Plastic Boxes
We have developed our core competence in the manufacturing of high quality transparent clear plastic boxes. Our plastic boxes are durable, lightweight. We specialize in manufacturing custom transparent clear plastic boxes to suit our clients specifications.

Transparent Plastic Boxes
Our sophisticated technology coupled with hi-tech machines help us manufacture transparent plastic boxes that are in accordance of our clients requirements. Our plastic boxes are durable and are available at affordable prices.

Plastic Folding Boxes
We are engaged in the design, development and timely production of innovative and quality plastic folding boxes. Our plastic folding boxes are available in different sizes and are customized to meet our clients specifications.

Printing Folding Boxes
Printing soft-crease folding boxes - a perfect combination! Enhance your product attractiveness and image through a wealth of design and printing options! Create a transparent effect, allowing the contents of the boxes to be seen through their patterns and colors!

Folding Boxes With Hanging Holes
Save valuable space as consumer goods are hung up for display.

Plain Soft-Crease Folding Boxes
Amazing sale of products due to Clear Advantage
High quality with low price, especially suitable for products of large selling volume Fast production
5 days or less for sampling*

  Blister Packaging Tray,Blister Packaging For Pharmaceutical  
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Clamshell Collar Band is one type of packing that Europack specializes in. This is the packing used in the export markets extensively. We have a huge base of ready to use designs and sizes available with us which will be given to you on demand. Clamshell Collar Band is a packing which can stand alone without any support as a display or selling unit on the counter, we can also hang it with a notch on the top of the blister. Clamshell packing does not require any other machine operations of sealing or pouching to complete its packing thus this is the packing of the future and a more reliable concept in the future. This kind of packing requires good tooling and precision machines to give the right hinge formation and tight locking which is not available in India for now, but our imported machine can give the perfect clamshell with zero defects.
Clamshells tray packagings, Clamshell blister packaging trays are available in different sizes please contact us for your requirements directly.

  Blister Packaging Tray,Blister Packaging For Pharmaceutical  
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Manufacturers and supplies blister packaging services, blister packaging material, blister packaging tray, blister packaging for pharmaceutical etc.

Heat seal blister: The blister is sealed to the blister card by heat and pressure. The card has a heat activated coating. Sealing requires a blister sealing unit.

Cold seal blister: We also provide blisters for cold seal format which is a recent trend in blister packs these days. Cold sealing is used as a tamper proof packing for specialty industries and specific products which are heat sensitive.

The Process- Cold seal blister packaging: Cold seal blister packaging is a pressure sensitive packing using a blister card and a transparent blister. This blister is trapped in between two pieces of board which gets bonded under pressure without the use of heat.
Only pressure is required to make a perfect board to board bond. We can also use materials such as Mearl, Holographic & other laminated boards for sealing solutions.Cold seal is used for packing by different industries which include : agriculture products, food & pharma packing, electronic spare parts, stationary, automotive parts, domestic appliances, batteries, promotional packs, greeting cards, to name a few.
This kind of packing is being largely used in the Gold, Diamond & gems trade in a big way where the product has to be seen but also needs to be tamper proof with an certificate with specific numbers.

Green blister (seal blister between cards): This is an interesting new development. The blister is placed between two pieces of cardboard sealed together. Both two single blisters and a folding blister can be used.

Sliding blister This form of blister pack can be reclosed after opening. The edges of the blister are folded on two, three of four sides. The blister card is inserted under the folded blister edges.

Warp-around blister Warp-around blister are perfect for packaging fragile products. The blister has hinged parts which are wrapped around the contents. In this way the blister fully encloses the product for the best possible protection. Warp-around blisters can be closed without special equipment.

  Blister Packaging Tray,Blister Packaging For Pharmaceutical  
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Frozen Food Packaging
We at Europack Pvt. Ltd. specialise in the manufacturing of food grade packing materials, frozen food packaging services, frozen food packaging materials that can withstand upto -40c. Food packaging trays are made of materials using special additives which makes the product Very tough thus enhancing the durability of the items kept inside in extreme conditions. These trays are a lifeline in the Frozen Food market as the products have to pass through various channels at freezing temperatures. These trays are a great substitute to the otherwise cumbersome packing that was traditionally used. They also give the product great asthetic value.

Fish Packaging
Value added sea food is now packed in trays made of such materials. The seafood along with its glaze is frozen directly in such trays and then placed in master cartons ready for shipment. These trays have become a must in the export segment thus finding greater shelf space in departmental stores abroad. These trays come in various shapes and sizes and can be custom made as per customer specification. We also provide an option of opaque or transparent trays as per the customers requirement.

  Blister Packaging Tray,Blister Packaging For Pharmaceutical  
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Display Stands
Europack designs a venture of Europack Pvt Ltd. was established in 2005 with the commitment of manufacturing indoor and outdoor displays. Our work is simply the art of communication, and our aim is to exhibit your products both in a practical and in an aesthetic way. Display systems we offer, help you carry your message across with a quality that is unique, clear and persuasive. Our commitment to innovation and creativity has helped us to be one of the forerunners in the display industry in the last few years. In this age of communication and information, we try to provide the most useful marketing aids, produced with high quality, and complete infrastructure, with years experience and expertise.

Point of purchase
  • Let USK Balaji guide you through the minefield that is Point of Purchase. What does it mean? How can I gain benefit from it? How do I buy it? Who is it for?
  • Answers to these and other questions are easily found by talking to us. We take the mystery out of using point of purchase to improve your brand awareness and lift sales. The medium is more cost effective than most traditional advertising methods, influencing the customer at that final point before they open their wallet / purse.
  • Either through our designing a solution that is unique to your brand and your customers, or by employing a variety of existing tried and tested techniques we can improve your product performance in the marketplace.
  • Simple techniques include catching the customers eye, using colour, motion, illumination or a striking and meaningful message. Once the attention has been obtained, the experiential element of the brand communication begins.
  • Our designers understand the power of visual tools, Display Stands Manufacturers and the need to convey information quickly to drive that important sale.

  Blister Packaging Tray,Blister Packaging For Pharmaceutical  
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Cosmetic Packaging
The cosmetic industry is one of our core markets. We understand the high quality and visual requirements needed to sell your products to discriminating buyers. Be it Point of Purchase displays, salesperson kits, personal workstation trays or simple clamshells and blisters, Cosmetic Packaging,Europack understands your needs and quick turn around requirements. We are manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic packaging material and cosmetic packaging products / services. Through constant innovation and ongoing investments in state-of-the-art design and production capabilities, Europack has developed a long track record of delivering clean, reliable, high-quality parts to our customers. We specialize in the design and production of high quality cosmetic packages. Through commitment with quality, cutting-edge technology and innovation, we have found a foothold in the industry. Our splendid range of products is of high quality an endurance. We upgrade our technology to face the global challenges and to meet the exacting requirements of our clients.