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Customised beautiful industrial and commercial epoxy flooring.
FRP lining and anti corrosive coating.
Effluent water treatment.
Epoxy Coatings Services
Anti Corrosive Coatings Services
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Coating
Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring
Industrial Flooring
Constant endeavour to customize solutions to specific requirement with latest technologies has always been a corner stone of our business policy.
We proved our core-competence in epoxy applications on most challenging floors all over the country. Experience win-win association with us.
Long lasting epoxy flooring and epoxy coating offered by us are used on floors and wall surface. They give higher abrasion resistance to surface and are very easy to clean and wash.
Epoxy Flooring And Coating
Long lasting epoxy flooring and epoxy coating, offered by us are used on floor and wall surface. They give higher abrasion resistance to surface and are very easy to clean and wash.

Application Area Key Benefits
Automobile Industries
Engineering Industries
Automobile Showroom
Pharmaceuticals Industries
Food Processing Industries
Health Care Center
Chemicals Industries
Electronic Industries
Ware Resistant and Load Resistant flooring
Smooth traffic Flow and systematic layout
Beautiful Glossy Finish
Antibacterial Floor, wall coats, covings and skirting
Clean room applications
Clean and Hygienic floors
Chemical Resistant floors and ease of cleaning
Dust free and conducive work environment

Provides cleaner, healthier, more pleasant place for your employees to work in
Protects your concrete from wear
Controls concrete dusting
Protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation
Cuts down on amount of lighting needed in plan.
Make your plant more appealing to your potential customers
Helps keep your finished parts clean before shipping
Define certain areas, or designate the presence of hazards
Reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs
List of names of our satisfied clients include companies like :

North India West India
- Whirlpool - Pondichery
- Whirlpool of India - Pune
- Piagio Vehicles ,Baramati,Dist-Pune
- Bright Auto-plast, Sanasawadi, Pune
- Kalyani Carpenter Steel, Pune
- Epitome Components Supe - Ahmadnagar
- Parth Electricals - Vadodara - Gujarat
- Endurance - Pune & Auranagabad
- Eaton systems India ,Ahamadnagr

South India
- Bright Autoplast-Dist-Sripemebattur -
- Whirlpool - Pondicherry
- Bright Brothers - Pondicherry
- Karthigeys Plastics - Chennai
- Karthigeya Moulds & Dies ,Chenai
- Key Pee associates Hyderabad
- Farm Implements - Manjur Chennai
- HLL Healthcare - Belgaon ( GOI)
- Metro Store - Hyderabad
- Uniflair India, IMT, Gurgaon

- L & T, New Delhi
- Ensa Vilkas - Faridabad
- Ecocat - Faridabad
- Sata Vikas - Palwal
- Claas India - Faridabad
- Bright Brothers - Faridabad
- Whirlpool of India - Faridabad
- High Polymer Lab-Faridabad
- Sadhu Forging,Faridabad
- Uniflair India, IMT, Gurgaon
- Autoliv, IMT,Gurgaon
- Bright Brothers - Sohna
- Trelleborge, NOIDA-application
- Jackson , NOIDA
- LG electronics - NOIDA
- Indo Farm Tractors ,Baddi
- Omax Auto - Daruhera.
- Dabur India - Pantnagar
- Action Construction equip, Faridabad
- RFCL - Okhala, New Delhi
- Nestor Pharma - Pharma
- Alchem - International - Ballabhgarh-
- Suzuki Motors - Gurgaon
- Stud Helmets
- Panasonic India - NOIDA
- Shova India - Faridabad
- Pooja Forging
- Indo Asian Fuse Gears - Sonipat
- Kanohar Electricals - Meerut.

Sr. No Name App-Area covered - Sq.
1. Panasonic JVC India Limited—NOIDA 40,000
2. Samsung India Electronics Limited 30,000
3. L& T Ltd---Faridabad and IMT Manesar-Gurgaon 18,000
4. Whirlpool of India –Faridabad,Pune and Pondicherry 60,000
5. Bright Autoplast -Faridabad,Sohna,Chennai & Pondicherry 80,000
6. Vikas Group( Sanden vikas, Sata Vikas,Ecocat,Ensa Vikas)-Faridabad 55000
7. Endurance Technologies ( Aurangabad , Pune, Pantnagar) 90,000
8. Dabur India - Pantnagar 18,000
9. Action construction equipments Faridabad 14000
10. Suzuki Motors-Gurgaon 15000
11. Kargigeya Plastics Group—Chennai 60,000
12. Epotome components-Ahmadnagar 30000
13. Aurangabad Motors Group-Aurangabad,Faridabad and Pune 40,000
14. DLF Utilities - Gurgaon 100,000
15. Pooja Forge - Faridabad 15000

Whirlpool - FaridabadEnsa Vikas - FaridabadNertor Frame - FaridabadWhirlpool - FaridabadPressiturn - Faridabad Whirlpool - FaridabadEnsa Vikas - FaridabadNertor Frame - FaridabadWhirlpool - FaridabadPressiturn - Faridabad