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 What is the policy on transfer of technology to Indian companies?

Building Your Dream

A new venture….. It’s enthusing, empowering and nerve-racking…all at once. You’ve had the guts to step up, pursue your dreams and show the world what you can do. At the same time, it’s all on your shoulders – the successes and the setbacks

You may be an expert in your field, but can you operate a profitable business? Unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt you now. New businesses have a high failure rate, and for good reason. We also providing services in following fields such as Software/IT Jobs, Jobs in Manufacturing Industries India, Media & Entertainment Employment Opportunities, Business Consultancy Services, Construction and Distribution jobs, Employment in Financial Services, Hotels Pubs Restaurants career opportunities, Media, Medical / Health, Sports, Transport, Real Estate, Power Sector, Oil Sector, Professional Services (Doctors, Lawyers, etc)......

There are so many details about running a company that no book can tell you. Often, new business owners make too many costly mistakes too soon in their startup phase. And they never recover.

That’s why you need MSN. Our experienced people have worked with number of startup businesses across various fields. We’ve seen the most successful practices and the most debilitating mistakes.

Our Professionals – each with tremendous experience – can guide you through the critical decision points that can determine your success or failure. Our multitude of services help the new venture setting up facilitated.

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What is the rate of corporate taxation? Are there any other taxes on profits?

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