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Chartered Accountants Delhi
Since 1992, we are a professionally managed Chartered Accountants firm in New Delhi India, growing having offices and associates in metro cities. Somani & Co. is a leading chartered accountants India. chartered accountants in india, financial accounting services india, accounting consulting services, payroll accounting services in india, accounting consulting services in india, business accounting services in Delhi india.

Infrastructure and Quality

Somani & Co, Delhi India, has an efficient team who works all hours of the day in dealing with all matters relating to finance. Somani & Co has a wide network under his command. Offering superior quality service is the hallmark of Somani & Co. New Delhi. The Company believes in giving and gaining confidence to and from his clients by offering effective services.

We are CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS in INDIA. We provide all sort of chartered accountants services related to accounting, auditing, taxation, business process outsource, income tax, financial services, company law matters, foreign collaborations, import-export consultancy, sales tax matter, service-tax, industrial advisory, coporate management services etc

Account & Audits

Chartered Accountants Delhi1. Forecasting of Business results
2. Balance Sheet & Audits
3. Internal & Management Audit

Chartered Accountants Delhi1. Direct & Indirect Taxes
2. Individual Income Tax
3. Corporate Taxes
4. Service Tax _Registration &
5. Sales Tax –Registration &
6. Central Exciseand Customs-
Registration and advisory
Industrial Advisory

Chartered Accountants Delhi1. Setting up of Industry – Land purchase, Change of Land use, Application
2. For Power, Water, Registration with DIC,SIA, Industrial Licence etc.
3. Pollution clearance –Application and clearance
4. IEC CODE – Application & Allotment of IEC Code
5. Appointment/Hiring & Interview of suitable Manpower
6. Market feasibility & Demand Analysis- Products & Services
7. Provident Fund and ESI Registration
Corporate Management Services

Chartered Accountants Delhi1. Corporate Advisory &
Financial planning
2. Company Law matters-
Formation & Regulations
3. Company Merger, De-merger
Amalgamation & restructuring
irect & Indirect Taxes
4. SIA APPLICATION – Filing & Approvals
5. Foreign Collaboration & Joint Venture agreements
6. Foreign Direct Investment clearance from FIPB
with Ministry of Finance
7. Sale/purchase of Industrial Estate & Companies
8. FIPB approvals for foreign investments from
Ministries of Finance
9. Project Feasibility Reports for Term Loan &
Financial Consultancy
10. Financial Management Advisory
11. Due diligence reviews
12. Business Valuations
13. Other Corporate Law

Other Services

Chartered Accountants Delhi1. Out sourcing of accounting & pay rolls
2. Arbitration & Settlement of disputes
3. BIFR & DRT Cases
4. Representation in INDIA – Professional representation
5. Valuation of Business for Amalgamation & Merger
6. Insurance Advisory – Industrial & business
7. Fund Planning & Investigation of Accounts
8. Arrangement of Hiring of Office premises and allied services
9. Arrangement of funds & fund management (FDI,ECB & Domestic)

Contact Us

Mr. S.K. Somani
Somani & Co.
Address : 26/3, West Patel Nagar, 1st Floor,
New Delhi - 110008
Phone : 011- 45094630
E mail
Our Partners -

CA S.K.SOMANI , FCA (New Delhi)

Our Offices -

New Delhi
Mr. S.K. Somani, FCA
Mobile : 09312211526
Office : 011- 41501544
Res : 011-45094630
E mail

Our associates at

- Kolkatta Mr R K Maheshwari, FCA & Smt Rashmi Maheshwari, FCS
- Chennai Mr N Sukumar, FCA & Mr Arun Sultania, FCA
- Surat Mr R K Malpani, FCA & Manish Malpani, ACA
- Mumbai Mr Girish Dhoot, FCA & Ms Pallavi Dhoot, FCA
- Mumbai Mr Pawan Soni, FCA & Mr V M Rathi, FCA
- Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh) Mr Rajiv Ahuja, FCA
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