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Coif(hood) This mail article protects top, back and sides of the head, neck and top of the shoulders. The coifs are having face opening for better visibility and approx.26” forehead circumference. The product is available in 4 in 1 pattern and matching with the shirts styles in respect of ring size and materials. The size to the specifications provided by you is also possible.

Bishop Mantle / Aventail Camail
Bishop Mantle / Avental / Camail This armour is 4 in 1 European pattern and protects neck and shoulders. Standard size is approximately 10" long and 23" inner circumference. We are also offering the product to your desired measurements.
Gauntlets (Gloves)
Gauntlets (Gloves) We are offering two styles of chain mail Gloves/Gauntlets for the protection of hands. The first style is complete chain mail Gloves and in other style the Gloves are made of leather with chain mail covering, the weave is 4 in 1 medieval style in standard butted rings . We suggest vertical weave of complete chain mail Gloves as these are more comfortable in movement of hands, horigontal weave is bit tight.

Leggings (Chausses)
Leggings (Chausses) For the protection of legs two type of mail armours are being offered. The length starts from upper thigh and goes up to toes. The first style is back open and tied with leather belts around the legs & at the waist; the other style is complete pant style tied with leather belt around the waist.

Skirt This protective chain mail garment is tied around the waist with leather belt and worn below the plate armour.The skirt is available in all four styles and European 4 in 1 weave. The size offered is 40” in circumference and 15.5” length which fits comfortably up to 40” waist.

Voider / Gussets

This chain mail armour covers and protects those vulnerable areas of the body left unprotected like under arms and arm pits after wearing plate armour and vambraces.This is an ideal alternative to wearing a full Hauberk, use of Voiders reduce the overall weight of armour considerably and it can be easily attached to Gambeson or other under armour garment.

Chain Mail Sheets

The sheets in all desired sizes are available in all regular styles and rings i.e.Butted,Round Ring Riveted, Flat Ring Round Riveted, Flat Ring Wedge Riveted in MS/SS/Aluminium/copper/brass materials

Loose Rings

For hobby or do it your self purposes we offer all four styles rings and rivets in 6mm,8mm,9mm,10mm sizes in MS/SS/ALUMIUM/COPPER/BRASS materials. 

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