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Baby Products
Agarwals soft color baby lotion: Agarwals soft color baby lotions enriched with vitamin-e, apply lotion on to your palm and apply on to babys body skin, which keeps baby soft & smooth moisturized & happy.¬ - Clinically proven mild lotion contains emollients that help moisturize your babys skin. Good for baby, good for you. Use daily.¬ - Apply evenly on face & body. Cream helps moisturize your? babys skin. Keeping it smooth and soft. It contains natural milk protein. It is non-greasy, light and fast absorbing, hence suitable for all seasons. Apply daily on face and body.¬ - Clinically proven mild, safe for use on babies. Good for baby good for you. It helps protect your babys skin from dryness. This ultra-gentle lotion softens and nourishes, for baby softness.

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Petroleum Jelly
Agarwals Soft Color Petroleum Jelly¬ is a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes that, when blended together, create something remarkable - a smooth jelly that has a melting point just above body temperature. The result - it literally melts into skin, flowing into the spaces between cells and the gaps in our lipid barrier. Once there, it re-solidifies, locking itself in place. Agarwals Soft Color¬ Petroleum Jelly¬ serves two functions: First it helps keep the outside world out - it protects skin from the effects of weather and exposure. Second, it acts like a sealant to help keep the inside world in - it forms an occlusive barrier to the natural water loss of our skin. So skin that is dry and chapped is protected from drying elements, enabling skin-softening moisture to build up naturally from inside the skin itself.

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Hair Styling Gel
Our herbal hair gels give healthy and stylish hair while protecting their natural color and texture. Hair styling gel with wet effect, fixing hairstyles while it respects the physiology of the hair. Used for durable long-lasting hairstyles, giving a natural effect without stickiness, dryness or without leaving residue. Preserves the capillary fiber from attack by weather.

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Hand Wash
Rose Hand Soap is a liquid hand wash packed with skin friendly natural ingredients like aloe vera and coconut to cleanse and nourish your hands. This gentle formulation is economical in use and exquisitely scented with devine rose oils. Rose Hand Soap contains 100% natural ingredients, is certified organic by ECOCERT . inspired luxury for your hands, nails and cuticles.

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Bath Soaps
Agarwals Soft Color Beauty Bath Soap sheer radiance is enriched with olive oil. Olive oil is known for its skin regeneration & radiance properties. It is used as a moisturizer to maintain the skin elastic, hydrated and smooth.

Olive oil has been used in skin care for centuries. For one thing, olive oil is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E and K. Antioxidants that keep the free radicals at bay. Free radicals damage your skin, aging it, hence the antioxidants om olive oil have an antiaging effect on your skin. Agarwals Soft Color Beauty Bath Soap - Olive oil based soap are highly valued for their moisturizing properties and gentle nature. These soaps will gently cleanse and moisturize dry or sensitive skins. Olive oil based soaps are unique and luxurious, giving a creamy lotion-like lather, leaving even your most sensitive skin feeling soft.

Pure olive oil based soap a natural cleansing and moisturizing soap .It is mild, moisturizing and does not interfere with the normal skin function. This simple statement should not be underestimated, in modern society our skin is exposed to a range of pollutants and chemicals. The extraordinary sense of balance and nurturing delivered to the skin by pure olive oil based soap is utterly refreshing. Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, it is a superb moisturizer suitable for all skin types. Its simple and pure.

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Hot Oil Treatment
Agarwals Soft color Hot oil treatments for hair are beneficial in many ways.
African American hair has specific needs that must be tended to in order for it to be healthy and vibrant. Dry scalp and dry hair follicles contribute to black hair breakage and can become a problem for some individuals. Agarwals Soft color Hot oil treatments can be used to correct damage and breakage for black hair; however, the benefits of Agarwals Soft color hot oil treatments are varied and not all hair types need Agarwals Soft color hot oil treatments

Agarwals Soft color Hot oil treatments prevent breakage, which is common among people with coarse hair textures, such as African Americans hair. The need to moisturize the hair follicle with extra oil is born out of a desire to promote continued growth and sheen while maintaining the integrity of the hair follicle. Agarwals Soft color Hot oil allows for necessary oils to be deposited back into the hair to prevent over-drying, which contributes to breakage.Agarwals Soft colorHot oil treatments also create extra body and shine, which can be beneficial for black hair because it is prone to becoming brittle or dull due to its coarse texture.

The Agarwals Soft color oil should be applied to wet hair and massaged into the scalp. After this, hair can be rinsed and shampooed as usual.